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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - Rd 2 - Porsche Cup @ Portland - Results, Replay & Recap

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    Default 2019 NARS Summer Series - Rd 2 - Porsche Cup @ Portland - Results, Replay & Recap

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    Woke up from my nap about 10 minutes from quali so no pre race worm up for me. Came away with p5. Not bad for being in a bit of a sleep daze still.

    Sorry to Jon for the bit of contact in turn 1. I slowed down to let him have the spot back but we then hit again as he came back on track. Not really much damage for me and the car still drove fine. Hopefully Jon had minimal damage as well.

    Messed up my pit stop again. Meant to take no tires but accidentally took rear tires and no fronts. Not sure if it helped or hurt me but i would have liked to get out of the pits 15 seconds quicker. It set me up for a battle at the end with Jon again and Jason in the mix to. It was really dicey the last several laps as guys get unpredictable when the tires are almost gone. It was good fun but a bit hard on the old ticker.

    Conrates to Greg for the win and Colin and Norm for the podiums.

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    I really need to practice before qualifying.

    I didn't this week, so I got to learn the car and track during my 9 minutes of qualifying, getting to mid field pace. Race strategy was to save fuel and tires while trying to stay with the group infront. Neither worked well, and I was running consistent 1:10s, but following Jason helped me find pace before everything clicked. Had a good pit plan to take only fuel, but I botched my rushed math, and ended up being short a good 25 liters. Had to take a 2nd pit stop with 10 minutes left. The brightside was my tires lasted, and I managed a decent result.

    Once again, I found excellent pace halfway through the race, too late to mount an effective attack at the front. I need to do better
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    Had a talk with myself before the race, went a little something like this......"you better not push it in T1". "I know, I know". "No, seriously, do NOT push it in turn 1. It's very easy to go off there. Brake early there at all times, even if it costs you. Don't do anything stupid!" ...."ok then. I'm not going to do that. No matter what, I will leave room for error and not push in T1"
    Less than 20 minutes into the race....

    ...."Aaargggh. I told you not to push it into T1. Now look at you. Just look at what you have done!!!"

    From P2 to P8 in a heartbeat.
    Well, at least there's 14 miles of grass over there, no real danger of hitting much.
    Spent the rest of my time trying to play catch up. But, I'm still unable to keep the tires on this car and I still cannot understand why. (Perhaps it's the wings, maybe coupled a bit with setup? I hear Greg in his stream talking about having wing trimmed at 1...?....Ok then, I think it's time to reapproach this thing a bit differently next time around. It must be that I'm overloading the tires. I thought it might be my driving, but watching that stream, I'm confident in saying others are driving the car a bit harder than it's got to be something else!)

    I burned up 2 fulls sets of tires, again.

    Trouble did lend itself to some fun laps later on though.
    But, I have some apologies to make. First off, sorry to Brian (who'd just let me by not long before) and Matt, for yet again getting in the grass in that T1 area, later in the race. I thought we were goners there. Figured at least one of you would collect me. Sorry about that, I had no real control over the car and it sort of slid back into the road (luckily just a touch left of race line) before I could regain it.

    Then to Matt again for the slight contact at T6. Really thought I had an inside line and could clear it. Car was planted till it was not. Lurched across the track a bit and banged drivers side door. Glad there was no damage besides some paint and whatnot. Would have been a bummer to hear you screaming about having to fix damage repairs over that minor thing, but I was worried that would happen.

    Perhaps another slight apology for the (probable) divebomb at the final turn. Jon was a bit out of whack, I saw you both slow, then realized just how much. It was go for it, or risk shunting the car ahead (was Matt at the time) so I shot down the inside and went for it. Risky, but not all by choice, just a reaction to what was happening ahead of me mostly. All for nil though as I didn't have the tires left to get the power down out of the corner and actually do anything.

    LOL...those last laps wore me out though. Felt 'violent' and semi out of control (I dig it )

    Fun race, but frustrating as well. Going in I was quite happy with the pace I had, and even knowing I'd need tires I thought a better result was possible.
    It was, just have to keep it on the black stuff to get it!

    Definitely need to figure out how to manage the tire wear better in this car. It's going to be a must do considering those at the very front seem to have no issue doing it. The cost of tires in the pits is just too much to overcome, so I think I'll spend 99% of my practice time next round trying to resolve that, rather than just "go fast".

    Grats to winners and podiums. See ya next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Whited View Post
    Had a talk with myself before the race, went a little something like this......
    Talking to one's self is a sure sign of something..........just can't remember what it is at the moment

    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    I do turn anti lock assist on, perhaps that's helping? No idea... Tires had 30% remaining at the worst? There is no grip dropoff that I can tell, almost set a fastest lap on the last lap of the race but pushed too hard into the final corners.

    I think I was the only one not to run wide at T1 or run short on fuel (shout out JT!). That's where the win came from. Good fun though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doughboy1013 View Post
    I think I was the only one not to run wide at T1 !
    I never ran wide in turn one either way too cautious going in there, but that's probably why both Colin and Norm caught me after they did............

    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    Great Race last night! I had a decent quali(for me) again, but this time I had intentions on keeping up as best I could with the front runners. While I was able to hang behind JT for a while as he was still learning the track, I made a call to stop pursuing the front guys and start managing my tires better. This seemed to be working for me, until I noticed Frank coming up behind me steadily. At that point I decided to try and make more time, forfeit the possibility of keeping the tires the whole race, and would pit towards the end for tires and a sip of fuel. Frank and I seemed to be matching pace for the most part, until I threw it off track once, and a code brown shortly after that. Went to pit, took tires and headed back out in P10. Looks like Frank had the same idea as I did, he looked to go in the lap after me putting me in P9 where I finished. Grats to podiums guys, Greg nice stream, I checked out the VoD last night, smooth stuff.

    Personally I felt I've really made good progress in consistency, pit strategy, tire management, and racecraft coming up to this race. It's almost as if I'm learning or something.. =) Feels good.

    Thanks to everyone for the patience and racing, the series has been outstanding for me!
    Derek Steffeck
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    Well, at least it's not my fault....
    I started 14th and made my way up to 10th in the first few laps. But then all of a sudden, I was driving by myself as all the other cars disappeared. This was followed quickly by a "lost connection" message and I was promptly dumped to desktop.
    I don't know why my internet quit, but a few minutes later it came back. So I logged back into the server and found myself in the pits. I hit race and low and behold I was able to go back out on track. But several laps down.
    It seems I came out onto the track chasing P10 so I was more or less where I was supposed to be, but just several laps down.
    Anyway, I had fun chasing folks. My one pitstop worked fine. Although I didn't even consider trying to run a single set of tires. I changed all four and took on fuel. I guess I'll have to try a full race distance on one set for one of these races.
    I was very proud of myself to not run wide at T1 once. I was lapping in the 1:10's so not too shabby for this backmarker. I may actually be improving!
    Great race everyone and thanks to the admins for running this league!

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    I hated to miss last night, was at a concert. Planning to race this coming week.
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