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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - GT3 Rd 1 Portimao - Results, Replays & Recap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Uyan View Post
    I chose the car I'm good with and mistakes were still made. in Q and race 1.
    I was lucky Jason got in trouble by himself otherwise he was poised to take 8th place from me (in R1).
    Boy, that curbing track right at T13 can be SLICK!
    ...was pretty proud of myself after that T1 overtake. Mostly because I was hanging on for dear life and it felt risky. Knew I had to take a shot at it though, and it was the only one I was getting.
    All smiles until T13, then Ran over that curb 100 times before, though, not so much with the brakes applied


    Don't think I had enough wings on. The car was a bit of a struggle, though fast in places. Spent most of my time feeling like I was right at the edge of disaster, not so much a fun feeling in the longer main event.
    Still though, was doing ok in race 2...but, I botched the fuel calcs (calculated for a 60 min race rather than 45) so I took way too much fuel on the stop and that done me in.
    Not that it mattered much, tires started falling off pretty hard after the stop, so I was in no position to battle anyways.

    Fun stuff, just some errors to keep in mind on my own part and maybe some improved results next time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Uyan View Post
    That's a promise and if you touch that Radical again I will remind you.
    I've been known to break promises!

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