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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - GT3 Rd 1 Portimao - Results, Replays & Recap

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    Default 2019 NARS Summer Series - GT3 Rd 1 Portimao - Results, Replays & Recap

    Race #1
    Race #2

    Race #2
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    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    I think I screwed up

    Last night at the end of Race #1 someone ran out of gas and stayed on the track for a while after the end of the race, I got impatient and restarted warm-up so I could do my admin duties of grid change and race length change. In so doing I think I killed the replay for Race #1.
    Can anyone who saves replays look and see if they have a replay for Race #1?
    If someone has it please contact me so we can make it available for everyone's enjoyment.

    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    I chose the Radical last night.

    Mistakes were made.

    Sorry Don, I have replays off.

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    I chose the car I'm good with and mistakes were still made. in Q and race 1.
    I was lucky Jason got in trouble by himself otherwise he was poised to take 8th place from me (in R1).

    In R2 I stepped on my toes again at start and with another slow start lost two positions. After passing "Struggling-with-Radical" Greg the fight for P1 was on between Matt and myself. I had few opportunities but decided not to force the issue, waited for pit stops instead. Pitted 1 lap early hoping for an undercut and when Matt came out 5 seconds behind I was surprised and relaxed a bit . Taking it easy on the tires rest of the stint, finishing 4 seconds in front.

    I was mad at myself for the mistakes I did during qualy and first race (too embarrassed to explain here), but all worked out for the main race.
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    I was the guy on track out of gas at the end of race 1.
    I wasn't sure whether to hit escape or not. But eventually I checked on Discord with folks and escaped out.
    I record replays, but race 1 was missing for me too.

    I also made several mistakes last night. Bumped Tom Nasella in the first race. Waited for him and then had fun trying to catch him (which I never did).
    Race 2 was pathetic for me. I messed up in a turn and think I collected Tom again and Don. I had major damage so slowly made my way back to the pits. But in the pit, the crew just changed tires and fueled up and didn't repair anything! I tried forward/reverse a few times to try to get a second pit stop initiated but it didn't work. So I had to drive another entire lap with the broken car to get back to the pits for repair. In the process I got a stop/go for speeding. At least I turned off the "serve penalty" so the crew repaired the car on pit 2 and I then ran another lap and came in for pit 3 to serve the penalty. What a nightmare!
    After that I was just having fun trying to keep up to people but yielding whenever the blue flags came out.
    Putting that night behind me!

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    Sorry to Ben Dutton for the contact that ended his race 2. I lost front end grip coming through turn five and couldn't hold the inside line. Cold tires and lack of car control were the issue but I really shouldn't have been contesting that corner in the first place.

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    No race 1 replay on my machine ether.

    I really need to up my pitstop game. Over fueled by 20 liters and sat for a little longer than i should have waiting for fuel. Also lost a couple seconds entering pits because somebody crashed in the pit entry lane. Result Jon got to far ahead and drove mistake free,could not close the 5 second gap. Very well done.

    For the guy or guys who was interested in learning the rf2 new material system,here is a great tutorial.

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    Race 1, had some fun following Dave for several laps but stayed near the back of the pack for the rest of the race. Race 2, I spun after 2 laps in the first corner right in front of Frank and he had no place to go. Sorry Frank, I know you had to pit to repair the damage. I pitted but didn't wait for all the damage to get fixed which was a mistake, so I quit after that.

    Congrats podium

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    I tried Porsche setups from helpful fast guys and I remained back of the pack, but that's my doing and not the setups. So, I totally forgot the two race format and was way heavy on fuel for the first race and for the secnd race I ran out of fuel and made several stops to refill, but ran out on the last lap anyway. Still had some fun and managed to stay out of the way--mostly.

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    Just watched your stream Greg, and best quote from it is; "10 minutes left in this race and I'll never race this car again"
    That's a promise and if you touch that Radical again I will remind you.

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