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Thread: Race Recap - GT3 Series at Laguna Seca

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    Quote Originally Posted by keener22 View Post
    Jay, regarding the field deciding to run in a lower class.... I thought we were assigned our "class". I don't think anyone opted to be in pro, silver, or AM. or at least that was my understanding....
    keener22 I did not pick out anyone driver it was just a statement and observation for those who know they are in the wrong spot/class its time to man up. And yes many of us opted to be in the right class based on our skill set prior to the season start or just because it was time to move up and challenge ourselves.

    And I forgot one thing, High five to Liam Park for his race, good showing bud

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    Looking at the results, the classes look right to me, if the goal is for the classes to be roughly thirds.

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    Classes where not just made by iR official info.. there was some other factors in it analyzed by few admins here... nothing would be perfect but we should see thru season some drivers being faster and more consistent than others at different tracks! Another thing we cant control or penalize is the effort evvery driver puts into preparing for a race.. while we see drivers that go to a race with 20 to 30 practice laps we see other putting 250+ laps of really analizing and practicing diferent situations, setups and looking in with other drivers where to gain.. thats what really gives you the edge or confidence to perform better at a race..

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    I had already made this, so I'll post's the full race video recap.

    Tim Collier

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    Hello everyone, sorry I didn’t post earlier, but I was a tool and forgot my password.

    I had a great time racing, made contact a couple of times. Once exiting 5 up to 6 and another going into 3 (I got in the dirt and the car turned). Sorry to anyone who I ruined your race.

    Thanks Tim for the vids, I really enjoy them (waiting for me to look kewl ).

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    Question? In the Ferrari is there a particular Gear stack we are using or is it up to us depending on what we want. They have FIA, IMSA Long, and IMSA short.
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    Thanks for putting that together Tim. I agree with David, I think a ten minute highlight reel is a good length if you continue to do this in the future.
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