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Thread: Race Recap - GT3 Series at Laguna Seca

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    Default Race Recap - GT3 Series at Laguna Seca

    Post your race stories below!!!

    Race Results

    Fin Pos Class Finish Start Pos Car # Name Car Out Interval Laps Led Average Lap Time Fastest Lap Time Fast Lap# Laps Comp Inc
    1 1 1 117 Victor Tanaka Mercedes AMG GT3 Running 0 56 01:21.709 01:19.980 3 56 26
    2 2 2 111 Humberto Roca BMW Z4 GT3 Running -13.496 0 01:21.950 01:20.014 14 56 18
    3 3 4 129 Marius Valiokas Audi R8 LMS Running -38.451 0 01:22.396 01:20.703 2 56 14
    4 4 8 121 Leif Peterson Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -45.795 0 01:22.527 01:20.802 7 56 0
    5 5 9 143 Kris Hudson Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -59.383 0 01:22.770 01:20.943 2 56 8
    6 1 7 236 Lowesky D'Oleo Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1:15.141 0 01:23.051 01:20.894 6 56 13
    7 2 15 215 Samuel Scott Mercedes AMG GT3 Running -1:15.450 0 01:23.057 01:21.358 32 56 27
    8 3 16 260 Chuck Raymond BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:23.700 01:21.545 15 55 3
    9 6 21 169 Kenneth Rodriguez Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:23.708 01:21.821 15 55 14
    10 4 19 297 John-Taylor Tami Audi R8 LMS Running -1 L 0 01:23.858 01:21.736 21 55 3
    11 5 17 214 Liam Park Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:24.102 01:21.603 6 55 3
    12 7 20 102 James Stacey Mercedes AMG GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:24.303 01:21.639 15 55 26
    13 6 10 211 Tim Collier Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:24.325 01:21.666 8 55 19
    14 1 24 398 Vincent C. Marsh Audi R8 LMS Running -1 L 0 01:24.590 01:22.216 10 55 13
    15 2 18 349 Jay Steffey BMW Z4 GT3 Running -1 L 0 01:24.601 01:21.783 10 55 23
    16 7 29 279 Peter Hebron Audi R8 LMS Running -1 L 0 01:24.663 01:22.282 20 55 10
    17 8 25 291 Jay Freels Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -2 L 0 01:25.228 01:22.523 21 54 9
    18 8 26 106 Joey Trungale Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -2 L 0 01:24.078 01:21.947 18 54 16
    19 9 23 277 Paul Hamilton2 Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -3 L 0 01:26.536 01:22.406 6 53 10
    20 10 38 242 Adrian Herrera Audi R8 LMS Running -3 L 0 01:26.794 01:24.300 42 53 11
    21 3 32 329 Raymond G Rodriguez Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -3 L 0 01:27.155 01:22.361 12 53 29
    22 11 33 244 Larry Ford Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -3 L 0 01:28.088 01:23.526 35 53 22
    23 4 35 320 Andrew Cheslock Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -4 L 0 01:24.990 01:22.807 22 52 12
    24 5 36 305 Phil Hopkins Mercedes AMG GT3 Disconnected -8 L 0 01:27.499 01:22.771 6 48 23
    25 12 27 221 Drew D Lidkea Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -10 L 0 01:24.202 01:21.823 18 46 26
    26 13 22 257 Jay Dargert Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -11 L 0 01:42.163 01:22.239 19 45 16
    27 6 39 307 John Prince Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -14 L 0 01:46.046 01:23.557 11 42 12
    28 14 30 250 Rafael Sosa Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -15 L 0 01:53.518 01:22.113 10 41 14
    29 9 3 162 Angel Ledesma Ferrari 488 GT3 Running -18 L 0 01:23.453 01:20.474 17 38 20
    30 7 37 304 Edwin Martinez Ferrari 488 GT3 Disqualified -22 L 0 01:26.687 01:22.315 10 34 30
    31 8 40 399 Rick D Smith Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -33 L 0 01:33.924 01:23.973 5 23 16
    32 9 13 528 Paul Slavonik Audi R8 LMS Disconnected -40 L 0 01:25.885 01:20.853 15 16 12
    33 10 6 188 Miguel Alcrudo Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -43 L 0 01:23.835 01:22.063 10 13 9
    34 15 34 218 Scott Roeder Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -45 L 0 03:11.737 01:23.449 3 11 5
    35 10 41 324 John Addison Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -46 L 0 01:31.185 01:26.453 6 10 10
    36 16 11 288 Miguel Antonio Alcrudo Ferrari 488 GT3 Disconnected -48 L 0 01:24.273 01:23.419 8 8 9
    37 17 12 207 Kyle Strycharz Audi R8 LMS Disconnected -48 L 0 01:23.094 01:21.777 3 8 12
    38 11 14 149 Dexter Castro BMW Z4 GT3 Disconnected -50 L 0 01:23.857 01:21.263 3 6 7
    39 12 5 100 Jimmy Hume Mercedes AMG GT3 Disconnected -53 L 0 01:23.973 01:20.896 2 3 2
    40 18 28 224 Anthony M James Mercedes AMG GT3 Disconnected -55 L 0 01:40.177 1 3
    41 11 31 315 Tyler Holhubner Audi R8 LMS Disconnected -56 L 0 0 0 4
    42 12 42 342 Kyle Millikin Audi R8 LMS Disconnected -56 L 0 0 0 0

    Congratulations to tonight's class podiums!!!

    Pro Class:

    1st - Victor Tanaka
    2nd - Humberto Roca
    3rd - Marius Valiokas

    AM Class:

    1st - Lowesky D'Oleo
    2nd - Samuel Scott
    3rd - Chuck Raymond

    Silver Class:

    1st - Vincent C. Marsh
    2nd - Jay Steffey
    3rd - Raymond G Rodriguez

    GT3 Points Standings

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    Tim Collier

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    Great race tonight! The main problems seemed to have been a lot of bad internet connections for a bunch of us, and the massive genocide that was the hairpin right at the start. I had the delicious experience of both!

    To be fair, I did not consider how difficult it was going to be for the back half of the field to go through the hairpin at the start. A lot of people saw green either at or right before the hairpin. I guess we maybe should have thought that through a little more given the size of the field, and talked/conferred about that instead of T1.

    I ended up getting throughput dropped, which has never happened before in the nearly 5 years we have owned this house. Weird. I saw others drop like flies too. I ended up rejoining and getting back on track, only to have to keep Larry behind me as the car I would have had to pass to gain a position. That was depressing. Still a good learning experience, and I can see my race pace is not that far off (average 1:24). And, even if I put a better lap together for quali, I think I still would have been part of that hairpin meat grinder.

    On to next week!

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    I hate this place, or rather it hates me. In actuality, I just can't figure this place out, and I've relegated myself to just focusing on finishing the race here.

    Qualifying...not sure where that came from. Managed a Purple PB, starting 10th on the grid. Freaked me out because my setup doesn't come in for a few laps. The start was fine, I just tried to focus on my line, whenever anyone got beside me I let them go, and again just wanted to survive this place, er, I mean race. Then T5 bit me hard...first time in the days I've been practicing for this race that I lost the backend out of T5, went inside, caught the wall softly, but wrinkled it enough to make me wonder what was wrong. Lost about 7-8 positions when that happened, and now I'm just hoping that I can handle the car.

    The answer was barely, which was about where I was before I wrecked it!

    In the end, entirely due to the misfortune of others, I finished 13th overall, but more importantly 6th in AM.

    My teammates faired decently, with Kris taking 5th overall, Liam 5th and Jay in 8th in class, and Drew had a horrible netcode event that put him on the hook and finished 12th in class. I'm ready to leave California.

    On to Donington in 2 weeks!! But first, the MX-5's at Brands Hatch next week!!
    Tim Collier

    It's not how fast you can go, but how long you can go fast!

    | CPU: i7-9700k @ 3.6Ghz (4.9GHz Turbo) | GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC Gaming 8GB | MOBO: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6 | RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3000 | SSD: Samsung 970EVO 512GB
    | PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G2 1000W | OS: Windows 10 Pro | Wheel: Fanatec CSL Base/Formula Wheel | Pedals: Fanatec V3 Clubsport | Monitor: DELL S2716DG 27" G-Sync Monitor @2560x1440 144Hz | Oculus Rift CV1

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    Qualified okay for how rusty I was. Moved up a bunch of spots on the first lap without even pushing the issue really. Then I got a Ferrari netcode'd into the air and onto my hood out of the penultimate corner. Lost a couple of spots in that, but the car was okay enough. Started to settle into a rhythm and build a gap behind... and then C meter went full red and I was gone. Didn't feel like coming back at that point, my knee was kind of sore to begin with.

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    I had a marginal race, I completely messed up my fuel calculations and ended up losing too many positions after the pit stop, so the race went from a hold the gap race to a push race with worn tires. I was able to get back to the AM lead right on the last lap.

    I have to say, the lapped cars need to do a better job when being shown the blue flags, the majority behaved, but we had a few "I am racing everybody monsters" out there, we had an all black Audi that was defending as if he was leading the race when he was 20 seconds away from a fight for position and about 3 laps down, part of racing is being aware of your position in the race at all times and who to and who not to race, letting people by without making him/her lose too much time and losing that much time yourself is sometimes kind of an art form, and other times you just have to bite the bullet and let the faster driver by. I am in no way being a cry baby, this is part of racing and something drivers on the lead lap have to deal with, but what I experienced in this race was at another level entirely.

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    @Jose D'Oleo

    I’d PM the driver in question to get his take on it. Assuming what a person was racing “like” isn’t a fair assumption.

    I’m still new around here but have been in the sim racing community since 1989. Calling other drivers out in a public forum for their performance on track (even if by describing their car as I can always go back and watch the replay and see who it was) just isn’t cool.

    Just saying.

    Race Report
    What can I say, I suck!! Laguna is not one of my stronger tracks and it shows in my qualifying effort. P21 on the starting grid.

    The start of the race was a hodge-podge of uncertainty. I knew from previous races here that given my starting position, we were going to get the green flag just as I approached the dreaded final turn 11. Fortunately, the cars around me were extremely patient and everyone gave each other room to race. (Having the orange zone I believe helps with this). The beginning laps were pretty uneventful. Saw a couple drivers suffer offs so I thank you for the freebie positions (you know who you are ). I had my teammate Jay Steffey behind me up until about lap 8 when I finally told him to take the position from me as he had better pace. And also, we are in separate classes so no harm no foul right?

    So Jay has an off rounding the uphill kink turn 6 and gets relegated to following me again. A few laps later, I let him by at turn 5 and lo and behold, Drew got a run on me too going into the kink that Jay had his off in. This was totally NOT my intention and despite my best efforts to hold Drew off, he got along side me in the kink turn 6 and side bumped me to let me know he was there. Thankfully I only suffered a small off track but quickly got back in line behind Drew. At this point I start to think to myself that I can fuel save a bit and not push too hard. Drew had very similar pace to me so staying behind him didn't cost me anything.

    At about lap 30'ish or so, I saw that Drew dove into the pits. I quickly made a few calculations in my head and realized that I had saved about a lap of fuel just driving behind him so now it was time to push hard to be able to come out ahead after my pit stop. I pitted on lap 36 and took just enough fuel to finish the race (thank you KAPPS!!!). After the pit rotation I was behind John-Taylor and my other teammate Chuck Raymond. I felt I had decent pace to start racing for overall positions at this point so Is started to push. Much to my despair, my tires were pretty worn. Braking had to come incrementally and the markers became further away from the corners but still managed to hold race pace for the group that I was racing with. Got by John-Taylor and tucked it in behind Chuck who was running P8 overall. That's essentially where I kept it. My tires were just too worn out by the end of the race to try and attempt further overtakes so we came across the finish line in P9.

    In Closing:
    I'll take it. This was a very fun race for me. It's not always the case but the one thing I'll say here is this; qualifying well is a good thing as when you start towards the front of the grid, 7 out of 10 times you avoid wrecks and the over-anxiousness of other drivers. That said however, qualifying well does not always guarantee a good race outcome. The one thing I've learned over the many years I've been sim racing is that putting together the complete package is what satisfies me. You may not qualify in the top 10, but that doesn't mean you can't finish in the top 10. I started P21, I finished P9. 12 positions made up over the course of a 75 minute race. That's a win in my book. Like Victor Tanaka, he placed his car on pole, raced as cleanly as he could and came away with the victory. Again, putting the whole package together nice and tidy like.

    I say this as an encouragement to everyone here at CMS. We are a community of racers, but I also like to think that we are a community of "friends" and the emphasis here is on that pivotal word. Friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. It takes friends to build a community. It takes patience and mutual respect to build friendships. We are fierce competitors out on track, but the one thing I love about the culture here at CMS is that a lot of emphasis is placed on having fun and building friendships. Yes, you may have an accident with a fellow racer and in the heat of competition you'll be angry, want to lash out or get revenge. We are human after all. But the one thing I'd like to encourage each of us, myself included, is that we are building a community of friends here that share a common passion that is motorsport and that, you cannot place a price on!

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    Not sure anymore what the deal is. I'm so slow?? Then cars paint job didnt load when i got on track?? And never showed up ?? In a straight line cars are flying by and I have the dam pedal pegged thru the floor?? Started dead last and made some progress picking my way around some early wrecks. Car felt great in some places but it just was unable to get down the hill once out of the cork screw. Every time I clipped the right side curb going down the hill I went flying across the track. Very frustrating and seriously concerned.

    Great to see such a large field hope it stays this way but it was tough with that many on this circuit. There just not many places to get out of the way and back of the field was getting lapped after just a few laps.
    Well head down and back to the garage.
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    Well I loved to see how many showed up!! Racing was great while it lasted!! I had my fair practice for this race and felt I had a strong setup/ pace to be a top 5!! My week at work has been way to stressful and yesterday had an issue with a car just after leaving work that thru the ball out of the park so I get home, take a shower, set my mans cave all up! get into practice all going beautiful and just before drivers meeting BOOM! power goes out! It came back and gave me a chance to qualy! not my best again jajajaj! and there we go to race!

    Green flag comes and everything went well into T1I come out behind my teammate and I say well this is perfect, lets settle here and be cautious... going into the corkscrew I put a tire into the dirt inside to give room to everyone and here it goes a 3.8 second slowdown!!! WHAT!!!! i go almost all down the corkscrew with my left foot on the brake and gasing only to get out of the way of everyone and staying off line and that thing wouldnt go down... after the next right hander I decided to get all the way to the right out of everyones line and brake almost into the dirt to leave room and it was going down so slow!! and then it happen... I think it was Dex that had a good run and came out of his line, obviously he couldnt see me, and the I was going slow!! The impact was huge!! I try to keep going and pass start finish line 14th from 5th .. Anyways tried to keep racing but cars where flying by me on the straights, tried doing a couple of laps but at the end was creating issues to other drivers that wanted to advance so I pulled into the pits and a 10minute repair so I decided to park it and not affect anyones race!!

    After it I went to see the replay and honestly at most that should have been a 1X and not a 3.8 second slow down!!

    So now lets get ready for next one!!

    About traffic this is an issue that will always happen! We all just need to by aware that as we practice to develop our driving skills, track and position awareness is as important!! We have to go into races with that in mind and we need to practice to have the knowledge of What position I'm in? The guy behind me what position is he in? Is it from my class? Is he lapping me? Then be a gentleman if the case applies! tomorrow may be the way around !

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    Without question one of the worst races I have ever had in over 20 years of sim racing. (no ones fault but my own) Before ever reaching the start finish line but after the green flag had been thrown and in the approach to turn 11 (the last turn) I was on the inside line and we are basically still in formation lap mode rolling nice and slow 2x2 and the traffic came to a complete and sudden stop (remember we are under green), I had just said not 15 seconds beforehand to John Prince watch out for the rubber band effect at the last turn, and I slammed right into the back of the guy in front of me scooping the back of his car up into the air and watching it slam back down on to the front of my Ferrari and I think bent every front suspension part on my car and no telling what kind of damage I did to the guy in front of me. It was so sudden I don't even think I made it to the breaks before I hit the poor guy.

    Sorry, I have not watched the replay to figure out who I hit but I sure owe you and apology. So I have not even made it to the start finish line to start lap 1 and I have total screwed the guy in front of me as well as myself. A few laps later, I think I am settling in and trying to come to grips with a car that is damaged but still questionably drive able, when I stick my nose inside of Rick Smith to attempt a pass on him and he closes the door but I was not able to back out of it so that put him in a spin, so now I have managed to have contact with two people in the same race.

    I am completely lost for a setup for the Ferrari. It does not seem to matter what I do, I am loose entering the turn and tight on exit. I have made wild swings with the setup but the car just does not seem to respond well to anything I do. I could use a good base line set to work from if anyone is willing to share.

    Sorry to everyone affected by my poor performance last night!
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