This evening I spent some time watching the Microsoft E3 briefing, and while I don't play (or own) any consoles, I'm still interested in the industry...and Microsoft does have PC games as well.

So when they announced the Xbox Game Pass for PC Games, I perked up a little....

What does it give you?

Access to over 100 games in the Microsoft store. Unlimited play.

How much?

Right now, you can try it for $1. Yes, that's one US dollar.

The regular price is slated to be $9.99/month. That's really impressive.

For those of you with consoles, you can do that with the console games in the Microsoft store too.

Then they dropped this bomb at the can get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, with Game Pass for Xbox, Xbox Gold, and Game Pass for PC, for $14.99/month. That's astounding!