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Thread: WRC Rally d Italia Sardegna 2019

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    Default WRC Rally d Italia Sardegna 2019

    Alrighty, holiday here in germany today, so Ekstatiker and myself drove Leg 1 already.

    Just had one spin on Bisanne where i lost about 10 seconds or so, other than that good pace !

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    Hi! My stable rally finished today. Long race through the classic stages.
    Some time lost in mistakes, but I was lucky to save my car without critical damages.
    Early times and standings in the box.
    Good luck guys!

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    Despite dropping to WRC3 for this event, it’s not any better - in fact I preferred the R5 DS3 and will return to that for the r3st of the season.

    Crashed out in legs 1 & 2, will crawl through the small leg 3 to just try and score some stable points....

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    My stable this week and i'm sorry to report that it was a total disaster already in SS 2. I hit a rail With the back of the car…..i'll guess 1 cm more and i had miss it. But no the car spin round and i hit some people. Much time lost there so of course i trying to gain it back in this one stage...…..very smart...….NO it was not. it had to og wrong...and it did, another spin and i hit a tree and the engine was dead.

    Sooooo stupid.

    Well i drive the rest of the stages day 2 and 3 in the middle of the road, still i manage to spin in one stage but i manage to get to the end and maybe some Points

    Sorry boys.

    Times and standings in the box

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    Also my stable rally, I have not driven much lately and i really want some points for the team so im driving at 90% with minimum risks

    Day one completed

    i also hit back end against a rail but lucky i had no damage , apart from that it went well and i had a good battle with T.Soovik

    finished the day 18th o/a and 2nd wrc-2

    results uploaded

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    Day 2 completed

    I had a massive crash in east-west and was spinning on my roof down the road but luckily it flipped back on to its wheels and had no damage

    no big mistakes after that , so im now leading wrc-2 and 15th o/a

    had some close times with magnar
    results uploaded

    And thats day3 done

    i didnt expect to be with a chance of winning wrc-2 today but its looking good, i was hoping to get top 3 just to get some good points

    provisional results 1st wrc-2 and 11th o/a

    results uploaded
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    My stable and career event with the Fiesta R2T.

    Super busy week, but managed to do the rally.

    Leg 1 and 2 went without any big mistakes. then on the first stage of leg 3, i had big big moment.
    I hit a tree 4th gear speed side first, and stalled the car. when i tried to fire it up, it didn't start.... then i tried again and the engine started running again.

    Rest of the leg 3 i drove carefully and finished 2nd in WRC 3.
    it will (probably) be my 5th top-2 finish in a row in WRC 3, so the R2 Fiesta really start to fit my hand!

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    Finished the rally, okay pace on Leg 2, on Leg 3 i fucked up the first two stages and lost 2 positions in my class.

    10th in WRC2, at least some points and my "Retired" curse is broken with the WRC events

    Just incredible times from Azz and Magnar again, hats off :>
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