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Thread: Rallye Vosges Grand Est

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    Default Rallye Vosges Grand Est

    My stable in a Renault Megane Maxi (A7K)

    It was a good event, just a small mistake on SS2 where i slide off the road a bit but could reverse back up on the road and continue. Just a few sec gone so no big drama.
    The rest of the stages was good but a bit slippery on the first day where i had wet tires all day. That was a good Choice for me even if it was 2 damp stages befoe one wet.

    Times and standings in the box

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    One wet is all it takes to make them all wet. Iíll go dry on damp, but not damp on wet.

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    also my stable rally, I had a power cut on the very first stage because of thunder and lightening

    i tried day 2 but with no motivation because of power cut it did not go well, sorry guys , rubbish result again

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    Finished the rally, 2nd in Class and 13th overall, but i was 6th .... in the second last stage the car flipped to its side over a little jump, lost the brakes and due to that i hit the spectators as well, lost a lot of time there.

    In anger i drove then the best stage time on Sorica, at least something lol

    Nevertheless some good points will be achieved.
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