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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - Rd 1 - Porsche Cup @ Portimao - Results, Replay, & Recap

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    Default 2019 NARS Summer Series - Rd 1 - Porsche Cup @ Portimao - Results, Replay, & Recap

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    Kudos to top 3 (including Matt here) for going the whole 60 min w/ same soft tires. I didn't think it was doable before the race. When I was getting ready for my pit stop around 33 min mark I had 55% on LF, other corners were doing better. I thought about not taking tires but then decided it was too risky. Now we know it is possible, the cliff must be really close to 0%.

    Congratulations to Greg for the win and Norm for P2.
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    Congratulations to Greg for win,Norm for p2 and Jon for p3.

    Quali was a nice surprise for me,i didn't think i had a sub 46 in me. The race started out well and it seemed like i was a little quicker than most guys witch i found strange. I now realize it was because i screwed up my fuel strategy and started with 65 liters when everyone else probably started on full fuel. This meant i spent an extra 10 or 15 seconds refueling when i didn't have to. Then i thought i was taking to much fuel and cut back by 10 liters. I cut back to much and ran out of fuel 100 meters from the finish blowing a podium finish. Didn't change tires and i wasn't to sure about that because i didn't test for a full stint to see if it could be done,but i didn't want to spend all that time sitting in the pits so i tried to save when i could. I don't know were they were at the finish but i know with 15 minutes to go the worst tire was down to 40%. They never went over the cliff but they were close to it i would say.

    It was good fun tonight even if i f'ed up my fuel strat. My first race in probably almost two years this short and a nice change from long VEC races.
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    Full race on a single set of tires was definitely not doable for me, at least not with the setup I was running. I suspect I was eating away at them more than I should have been due to running low wing (2) and a few other things. After 30 minutes, my left front was already at 28%...every other tire about way I'd have made it. Was shocked when I saw the front runners didn't take tires....even more shocked when I watched Greg's stream and realized his tire wear rates in comparison to my own

    Good racing though. Big long 6-7 car train for at least the first 30 mins up front.
    I didn't take a full fuel load, but close. Still, should have filled it up and reduced some of that refuel time. Felt like it took forever, and then forever more for some tires (hurry up guys!)

    Towards the end, became content with P5 after nearly eating it on some curbing and losing contact with Jon, who I was driving fairly hard trying to find a way by.
    Don damn near snuck up in the closing laps. Kept closing the gap and my tires kept falling off. Fatigue set in to (long day) so it was all made that much harder (lose of focus)

    Stroke of luck in the end to capture P4. Heading through final turn, see Matt sputtering for fuel (that sucks)...but yeah, I'll take it

    ....this series is going to be golden!

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    Honestly, haven't looked at where my tires were at the end. But ask Jon, he knows how kind to tires I am! Even moreso since I was sliding around a lot (think I used wing 3). Settled on that after... 45? minutes of testing. Never drove this car before then.

    The beginning of the race was a struggle. It is difficult to set someone up for a pass, and sure feels like you need a mistake to be made! I made that mistake early on by not knowing Don's braking points, and think I scared Jason.

    Figured that the tires could go the distance though, since Norm and I were trading fastest laps just before we pitted for the final splash.

    That was super fun though! Congratulations to the finishers, and can't wait to see what Ernest brings through a full race.
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    Great race last night, definitely not my best outing but still had a blast. Barely made it in time for quali, and I was in such a rush I blasted past the red light and gave myself a nice 10 second timeout to start quali... oops. I ran under 1:50 for quali which surprised me and put me in kind of an awkward spot with people around who I felt a were bit faster than my comfortable pace. Shortly after the green flag, I had an embarrassing spin coupled with an awkward rejoin. You can pretty much see me panic... I take a look, no cars, start my rejoin, look in the rear mirror to see my teammate sliding sideways blocking the only path around my rejoin.... oof. After that incident, I was in a bit more of a comfortable place, and it was mostly quiet. I did manage to forget about 2x fuel and mismanaged my pitstop forcing 2 stops instead of 1, but it may have been necessary due to a flatspot from another spin... I lost focus while taking the last big right turn, grabbed the green area on the inside and threw it into the gravel.

    While I wasn't too happy with my own performance, the field was great, everyone seemed to race clean and fair, and I had a great time as usual.

    Big thanks to Doug and everyone for making this happen, time to get practicing for the next round! =)

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    I thought we were supposed to run Donington! I should check the forums better!

    Got home late from work and would join after qualifying, was glad rF2 was up to date. Picked my car, then a track that wasn't Donington loaded up. Good news is I had driven this version of Portimao before, so I just had to learn the car here.

    Started 20th, spent the first few laps trying not to drift. Worked my way up slowly as I gained speed, mostly due to others misfortunes though. Once I got a handle on how the Porsche behaves in certain corners, I was able to start to piece together the right driving style for me, and started to get fast. I pitted with a bit less than 10L remaining, but the front right tire was at 2% left

    Came back out on softs and 45L. I bounced right back into the rythem and put in some really good times, eventually resetting the fastest lap of the race. However, there wasn't enough time to catch the guys infront, and ran out of time. I got 7th I think because Matt ran out of fuel before the line.

    I'll make sure to practice Portland next!
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