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Thread: Race Recap - MX-5 at Sebring Club Circuit

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    I see you checked the replay, thatís exactly what happened

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    JJ, dont give up! These cars don't require too much time, only test in the practice the night before. Plenty of time to devote to the Ferrari, especially with our Enduro teams working on great setups.

    I had a blast, lots of great driving, I think I fought 6 or 7 different people at various points in the race. That said, a lot of time was wasted attacking each other for the lead, we got to save that for the end haha. Thats 2 races where Ive been able to run towards the front of the field and dice it up against better drivers. I hope it continues through the season.
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    The beauty of this series in my opinion, is the lack of prep needed to participate, and that you will always have somebody to race against come race night.

    Plus, it's not about hot lapping but consistency, and those who take it easy on the equipment will usually fare well by the time the checkers come out.

    That said, there is a learning curve to finding the proper way to drive these cars, and it starts and ends with the clutch as discussed in another thread. I'm not the fastest guy, and I'll attribute my half second or more at Sebring to a combination of not using a clutch when braking, as well as just not keeping my speed up in the turns like those ahead of me. My goal is that before season's end, I will learn to drive these cars without Auto Clutch, as well as gain some time and be more competitive.

    This is a learning series, and I guarantee that everyone from Humberto, JT and other front runners on back have gained racecraft just by being in these races. If not just racecraft, consider that it's not your racing actions that you're building up, but your ability to assess the other drivers around you and find a way to pass them. That's a skill that separates hot lappers from racers.

    So I really hope to see a big group at the first race of the season, June 19th, at Brand Hatch GP in what should be a great race in these cars!
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    It has been quite a while since I've posted here at the cms iRacing series...
    I have been waiting for an opportunity to get back involved with this great community. It is evident that the same camaraderie and desire to assist all to become better in all facets of the sim racing continues to be fostered, and that is a cool thing.

    First, I just wanted to say how cool it was to just be on the server with this group and to see the many familiar names that have been the core of this series...
    Also, wanted to give a shout out to Tim Collier and Miguel Alcrudo for continuing with the series that provides us with a place to get away from the world and all it's responsibilities if only for a few hours...

    It has also been quite a while since I have driven the MX-5, but I did enjoy the fixed-setups and just driving something with steering and throttle... Of course my limited time was evident as I posted the slowest time on the grid, but that was to be expected. It allowed me to get on board with a few of our faster drivers and see how they managed their way around the circuit, taking note of how the initiated turn-in, apex, and track-out as well as braking and gear shifting patterns. I was able to turn this into consistent laps in the 1:17's and actually posted a person best in quali (1:17.6), so I has new found confidence for the race and just wanted to drive clean and consistent laps and figured to have a nice result just being around at the end of 30 laps or so, well that ended abruptly about 3/4 of the way of lap 2 when my trip monitors all went black and my rig shutdown. This was the first time that I had a graphics card driver error on the iRacing servers.

    Looking forward to the season, although due to vacation I will miss the first 2 events on the calendar. Good luck to you all and see you on the tarmac!!!

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    I completely forgot to post! What an oversight on my end.

    I had a great race last Wednesday, there was some really great fighting with Andrew, even if we were at the back of the field. This just makes me that much more excited for the real thing! Let's get this season going!

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