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Thread: What Car Will You Decide On?

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    Default What Car Will You Decide On?

    So as per David the owner:
    "btw, unfortunately I still see nowhere near enough progress to warrant league play
    so we are in a holding pattern
    biggest and most critical issue right now is lack of additional league admin functionality needed to control server and show stopper #1 is the lack of ability to save results
    until we get that unfortunately we can't race
    but we can be hopeful
    I will keep you guys updated
    right now at a minimum this seems like a really fun single player game
    that will have some likely fun esports contests, hotlaps, etc.
    sponsored by them
    not sure in it's current state it will have any broad appeal to private leagues unless we see a lot of progress
    on a positive note I saw an ACC server manager being developed which was a real useful took for AC
    so hopefully that will be something we can use once we get more configuration options and parsing results from the developers"

    Im sure he wont mind me quoting him

    but we are of course holding off the league for a little while until he has admin commands to better equate our league, which right now there are barely any which hinders how are racing will be done

    So for the time being i ENCOURAGE everyone to play around with every car and find one that you like and suits you!

    Me saying this is so you will know what car you WANT to stick with when the league starts, once you pick your car race one you will have to stick with that car.

    So since we are waiting get out there and try out a bunch of cars!

    NOTE: If and When you decide on a car please direct message me or david so we can update you in the driver list! So day one we can expect who will drive what

    Thanks for your patience guys, i know this league has kept getting delayed and it does annoy me but the game just isnt ready yet. Hopefully within a month it will be a bit better

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    I love the 911. But wow does it ever drive differently than the other GT3's I've driven. It bites back!

    So as I keep trying cars I may not end up with the 911, but I do love it.

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    I'm switching from the Porsche to the Lexus...thanks

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    At this point, testing is ongoing, currently driving the McLaren 650S, just because it looks cool!! However, I am really interested in custom liveries for this sim...
    I initially wanted to drive the Hurican GT3 and then moved the the Nissan GT-R GT3... Here's a couple of liveries I created using the AC templates...

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