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Thread: CMS-TXL Season 2 - Wednesday Night Racing Returns!!

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    Default CMS-TXL Season 2 - Wednesday Night Racing Returns!!

    CMS-TXL Wednesday Night Racing Series
    2019 Season 2

    To continue the success of Season 1, we are kicking off Season 2 with pre-season events that are already in progress, and a change in the format…some of this has already been posted in the forums, but the following will outline the upcoming season format as well as links to registration and rules threads.

    This season is different because we will be combining two different series, running on alternate weeks, with points titles for each series as well as an overall combined championship!

    Drivers can enter and race in one or both series, although we would love to see as many cars on the track each week as possible!

    One series we are racing is the GT3 Sports Car Series, a 10-race season that will follow the official iRacing VRS Endurance Series schedule.

    For the GT3 Series we will separate entrants into three classifications: Pro, Am, Silver

    All drivers/classifications will race a GT3 series car, which includes the following:

    Audi R8
    BMW Z4
    Ferrari 488
    McLaren MP4-12C
    Mercedes AMG

    Each classification will have a Driver’s Championship, and points will be awarded each race to entrants based on their finish within their own class. The classifications will race with assigned car numbers to aide in distinguishing the classes on track during the race, as outlined in the Sign-Up thread found HERE, and number plates for each class that can be downloaded HERE. Use these plates on your personal paint scheme in place of the iRacing default number plates that are located in the templates. Resize the new plates as needed for your vehicle, checking alignment with the existing iRacing plate, and make sure to hide or delete the iRacing plates from your skin prior to the race season. If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact myself or Miguel Alcrudo, we're always ready to help out!!

    We will also have an overall Team Championship for this series. Each team is limited to 4 drivers on the roster, and must be set before the first race of the season. Team Points in each race will be awarded using the awarded driver’s points of the top two finishers for each team regardless of classification. Each team must be registered prior to the first race of the season, and a thread has been made outlining the team based on registration. That thread can be found HERE. Teams with more than 4 drivers need to break up their teams if they want all drivers to be a part of the Team Championship, for example, Alcrudo Racing has created two teams, Alcrudo Racing Red and Blue, and listed their members for each team. Please post in that thread any changes that need to be made regarding the Team Championship. Drivers will not be allowed to move between teams during the season, but a driver that is not part of a team can join a team and score points moving forward at any point in the season.

    This series will race every other week beginning on June 12th. You can change your choice of car up to the first race of the official season. If you change to a different car during the season, you will receive a 25 point deduction to your Driver’s points (and Team points should you belong to a team).

    All races in this series will be 75 minutes long, and will require a pit stop. Fuel tank capacity will be limited to 75%, so everyone will be forced to stop for fuel at some point, with tires being optional.

    On the weeks between GT3 Series races, we will run the MX-5 Club Series, a 10-race season using the Mazda MX-5 2016 Miata with fixed setups, and a schedule that follows the iRacing Official Advanced Mazda series. There will be a Driver’s Championship for this series, but without classifications. All drivers will be scored in the same class each race. The first points race of this season is schedule for June 19th. The idea behind this series is a throwback to the Driver's Development Series here at Champion Motorsports, where drivers can focus more on racecraft and less on setups and pit strategy, as well as enjoy themselves racing in a spec series!

    All races in this series will be 40 minutes long, with no pit stop required.

    The rules for both series will follow the Champion Motorsports General Competition Guidelines which can be found HERE

    *The rules linked to above are required reading by all participants, and must be followed, no exceptions*

    Additional rules and or race information will be added to each week’s Race Briefing, which will be posted during the weekend prior to the upcoming scheduled event.

    The points system for both series will be as follows:

    1st place - 35 points

    2nd - 32

    3rd - 30

    4th - 28

    5th thru 20th - 26 to 11 [reducing by 1 each position]

    Remainder of field - 10 points each

    Each driver’s two lowest point results will be dropped to decide the Driver’s Championship.

    A driver must complete at least one lap to receive points for a race

    Season Schedule:

    Date Series Track Minutes TOD
    6/12/2019 GT3 WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca 75 Sunrise
    6/19/2019 MX-5 Brands Hatch GP Circuit 40 Morning
    6/26/2019 GT3 Donington Park Racing circuit - GP Layout 75 Morning
    7/3/2019 MX-5 Lime Rock Park - Full Course 40 Morning
    7/10/2019 GT3 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - GP Pits 75 Sunset
    7/17/2019 MX-5 Watkins Glen International - Cup 40 Afternoon
    7/24/2019 GT3 Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace - GP 75 Afternoon
    7/31/2019 MX-5 Road America - Full Course 40 Morning
    8/7/2019 GT3 Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course 75 Sunrise
    8/14/2019 MX-5 Autodromo Nazionale Monza - junior 40 Late afternoon
    8/21/2019 GT3 Silverstone GP Circuit (2019 Release) 75 Morning
    8/28/2019 MX-5 Circuit de 24 Hours du Mans 40 Afternoon
    9/4/2019 Off week
    9/11/2019 GT3 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 75
    9/18/2019 MX-5 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 40
    9/25/2019 GT3 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 75
    10/2/2019 MX-5 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 40
    10/9/2019 GT3 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 75
    10/16/2019 MX-5 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 40
    10/23/2019 GT3 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 75
    10/30/2019 MX-5 TBD - Season 4 Schedule 40

    The final word regarding this series is simple....we want everyone to have fun, enjoy themselves, be respectful of others, and be prepared come race night.

    Let's keep this simple for everyone involved (including the admins!) and if you have any questions as we head towards another exciting season of racing, please don't hesitate to post them here!!

    Thanks everyone, we appreciate everyone's interest in the upcoming season and look forward to racing with you!!


    Miguel Alcrudo
    David Anderson
    Tim Collier
    Liam Park
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    Guys dont be shy! Please ask any question of what you dont have clear enough, have any doubt of any topic related to the series! Tim and myself are more than available to help everyone to have the most fun and have a really good series.. numberplates, rules, help with your driving thru the season, classes, hardware settings, anything and we will look how we can help you! We are a community and helping a fellow racer and creating great group of guys that want to have fun driving race cars is our goal! We create really good bonds here and we want you all to feel open to everyone! You dont have to agree on everything but with respect we are all adults an can comunicate!!
    Cant wait for the season to start!!!

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    The Season 2 schedule has been released, see the first post in this thread!!

    There was one alteration from the official schedule....the week of 8/21 the official series scheduled Summit Park (I know, I can't believe that either!), but the CMS admins decided to replace it with the new Silverstone due to be released next week!

    Note that the schedule only contains races through iRacing S3, and that the final four races in each series will be posted when the S4 schedule is released.

    Don't forget, we have an MX5 series pre-season race next week at Sebring Club Circuit!!!
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    Sick! *sprints to test car at Latina seca*

    DAT cork screw!

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