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Thread: 2019 NARS Winter Endurance - Round 8 - Bathurst - Results, Replay, & Discussion

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    Default 2019 NARS Winter Endurance - Round 8 - Bathurst - Results, Replay, & Discussion

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    So, this race was probably my best to date, and it came down to the very end as well, which was even better.

    Eric and I brought up the rear of the grid in true Horses Arse fashion, with the usual intent of just bring it home. Things started out pretty well, both of us on medium compound and doing laps fairly consistent with our skill level. Eric makes a few pits for repairs along the way, and I run a clean stint and pit for gas, felt pretty good so far!

    Halfway into my second stint, I flatspot my tires spinning downhill and need to get new tires if I want to continue at a decent pace. I pit, and throw the hard compound on with extra gas thinking I can take it to the end and maybe make up some time... wrong. While I initially thought the hard would take a bit to warm up, it just was never where I liked it, so after a handful of laps on the hards, so I decide to pit again and throw the softs on...

    Lap 34, At this point I have to make a decision:

    1. Get out and take a piss, sacraficing time, its been rising since about 30 min in, naturally..

    2. check the splits to see if its even remotely possible to catch someone... and it was possible, seeing Thomas at about 30 seconds out.

    So I chose 2, and decided to try and push as hard as I could to throw down fast, clean laps and try to catch Thomas, thinking maybe his tires might fall off, or whatever. I could see myself putting a few seconds on him here and there, but it looked kind of hopeless considering the time left..

    Until lap 39, not sure what happened up there, but I could see that he lost considerable time. I kept pushing and found myself up another place right before expired.

    Fantastic season ender, and looking forward to more, thanks for everything guys!

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    Derek Steffeck
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    Roller coaster ride of a race from my seat. Mainly, just glad to have [finally] sorted my little rF2 issues and have everything running smoothly again.

    Nearly ate it about lap 4 I think it was. Was drafting Jon, who was P1 at the time, and I got caught out by the additional speed. ...nearly rear ended him at the chase after overshooting my braking point, had to toss it off into the grass to keep from wrecking the car. Went ok, no big deal, but I did go from P2 to P5 in a hurry considering we were all in a big train at the time.
    Spent time following others, and traffic was great, even letting us by on the mountain at times, which was a bit jarring but worked out for the most part. Few scary moments, but no real troubles.

    Made it through the first stint clean. But somewhere along the line in my second stint I got all twisted up at the downhill essess and got two wheels a bit over the curbing and on the dirt, slid through and pegged the wall track right. Some suspension damage, wheel cocked about 1pm. Was ok enough to drive though, and I was content to just drive it out until my next stop where I'd repair it.
    That didn't exactly work out. Ended up meeting a GTE at T2. He was not problem, was holding his line just fine (thanks for the space) but I was understeering like a pig and got into the marbles and tracked off into the wall. It lifted me up and I did a sweet little wall ride hung for a second but managed to twist the wheels down and get it back on all 4s. Was yelling at myself for it, yelling at the game for it, but in the end it was on me. Damaged car, understeer, marbles, not a good combo.
    So that damaged the car a lot...and off to the pits I went for a long repair. Went a lap down at that point.

    I'd been running a higher fuel setting, but realized that if I was going to make it to the end without another stop I was going to have to back it off. Turned it all the way down to conserve fuel and just tried to be consistent. Eventually, I found Jon ahead of me again and a nice little battle for P3 ensued (I did not know at the time he was running out of fuel)
    That final battle though, with nothing much to lose at that point besides a spot or two, was some of the most fun I've had in a while. I pushed, I slid, I got sideways, and I brushed the wall more than once. In regards to the other car, it was clean, we never even came close to contact...but I was driving elbows out and wide open trying everything I could think of to make a move. It was hopeless, and I could only muster enough speed at Conrod to close the small gap, but I just wasn't brave enough to try to overtake at the chase (which is the only place I could clearly see I was a bit faster...probably the aero, I think I had a slight bit more wing)....I was driving hard, but didn't want to die in the process

    This series was a lot of fun. A lot of intense driving, and this car on some of these tracks is simply insane. Everything moves so fast, decisions are less than split second and it's so easy to make a mistake. The car seems easy as pie to drive, and it is, until you go 10/10ths. At that point, it's on knife's edge and the difference between success and utter failure is razor thin. I've enjoyed it a lot.

    Thanks to Doug and Don again for hosting this. And special thanks to Doug for directing these races as he's done. Really adds a bit to the whole thing, imo. A lot of dedication to organize and operate a series like this, and not even be driving. Lot of respect for that!

    Looking forward to the summer series (especially that Flat 6 )
    Can't wait, and I'll be there with bells on roaring and ready to go. Hope to see everyone there.

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    I want to apologize for my out burst after the race. My fault for bring in my own personal problems into someplace they don't belong.

    There was no particular event that occurred, or driver involved. Think I'll take a few weeks off.
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    Well I had a great 1/3rd of a race. And then my internet messed up and thankfully Doug booted me before I ruined it for everyone. Still not sure what happened, but my pings went from 40 ms to over 1000!
    But for the 25 minutes or so that I was in the race... what a blast!
    There obviously weren't as many GTE's last night as usual. I qualified 3rd which really surprised me.
    At the start, I watched as Tom beside me launched when the lights went out. He must have thought he was in a GT3 sprint race! But I think he figured it out after turn 1. :-)
    I was driving in 3rd, following Don and Bill. And to my surprise I was managing to almost stay with them! I think I may have had an unfair advantage though. I had planned a two stop strategy so I was on softs with less fuel.
    Why was I on a 2 stopper you ask? Had I done a bunch of calculations with tire degradation and fuel weight vs lap times? No... I simply figured I was going to be smashing into the walls so much over 90 minutes that I'd need to fix the car at least twice!!!
    Anyway, I found I was sneaking up to Bill. And coming into the Chase, I took the inside. I think Bill may have braked late and ended up wide which gave me plenty of room to get through. Thanks Bill!
    So then I'm looking at Don way ahead of me and thinking "this isn't right, I shouldn't be able to catch him. But I'll give it a shot!"
    And so began my demise as I pushed too hard and scraped walls left and right.
    At the top of the mountain I lost control coming over the crest. I locked the brakes but ended up skidding out on to the track. I unfortunately clipped an LMP car and he ended up pointing up the downhill side of the mountain. I waited off track for him to get himself turned around. Kudos to everyone for avoiding him. It was a blind corner and he was stuck in a bad spot. Apparently my Discord wasn't working but hopefully someone was warning all of you.
    After that I was just starting to figure out where I was in the race when my internet connection got hosed.
    Unfortunate. But I suspect that I may not have fared too well in the last 60 minutes. I didn't really have the consistency to keep it up to the finish.
    However... great time while I was in it! And congrats to the winners.
    I'm really looking forward to the next GT3 and flat 6 series.

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    awesome night for me, started out with the intentions of just trying to keep from dropping too far down in the series standings and ended up finishing second on the night and third for the series. My strategy seemed to match that of the guys i was close in points with think we all were watching each other. Had some good fun runs with Thomas and Jimmy at different points of the race, but i was realliy looking forward to a race-long battle with Tom N for the third podium spot in the series. unfortunately that never happened. Tom sorry for your bad luck, we were only two points apart going into the race. It would have been epic if we went nose to tail at bathurst for an hour and a half to finish the series .

    Hopefully i gave less of you LMP guys fewer scares as the series went on and especially last night in your battles for the series points final standings. This was my first experience racing multi class and i hope over the course of the eight races i got to be less of a rolling speed bump. i felt like this was my best effort in doing so. If i ever leave you shaking your head and wondering "what the hell is he doing", dont hesitate to correct me. have to learn somehow.
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    Glad to have just finished this race. I had some fun following Frank early in the race. I wasn't able to make a pass but he let me by and I tried to open up a gap. Well after hitting a few walls Frank was able to take the position back. I made repairs during the pit stop and that took a long time. Tried to hang on to 3rd but with only a few laps to go a few walls jumped in my way. I had a pretty good lead on Derek but my car was just barely drive-able. Derek was closing the gap quickly and with 1 or 2 laps to go he passed me. Nice racing with you, Frank and Derek.

    Looking forward to next season.

    Congrats Podium and all who finished this tough race.

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