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Thread: Race Recap - GT3 Series at Monza

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    Default Race Recap - GT3 Series at Monza


    Start Class Car
    Car Class Team Name Car # Out Interval Laps Led Average Lap Time Fastest Lap Time Fast Lap# Laps Comp
    6 1 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO Alcrudo Racing Red Miguel Alcrudo 188 Running 0 12 01:49.633 01:47.424 16 42
    2 1 2 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO Can Am Racing Kris Hudson 143 Running -6.894 30 01:49.675 01:47.674 4 42
    3 4 3 Mercedes AMG GT3 PRO N/A Kevin Santana XX Running -18.87 0 01:49.960 01:47.318 2 42
    4 7 4 Mercedes AMG GT3 PRO SRTe East Jarrod Keen 122 Running -28.771 0 01:50.196 01:47.927 14 42
    8 1 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Can Am Racing Liam Park 214 Running -42.665 0 01:50.526 01:48.168 3 42
    6 2 5 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO SRTe East Kenneth Rodriguez 169 Running -51.103 0 01:50.727 01:48.293 6 42
    11 2 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Can Am Racing Drew D Lidkea 221 Running -52.697 0 01:50.765 01:48.090 20 42
    8 3 6 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO Alcrudo Racing Red Angel Ledesma 162 Running -57.88 0 01:50.889 01:47.748 16 42
    16 3 Audi R8 LMS AM SRTe East Kyle Strycharz 207 Running -1:08.774 0 01:51.148 01:48.350 12 42
    19 4 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Longhorn Racing David Anderson 278 Running -1:11.369 0 01:51.210 01:48.954 15 42
    11 26 7 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO SRTe West Chuck Raymond 160 Running -1:18.289 0 01:51.374 01:48.725 31 42
    10 5 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Alcrudo Racing Blue Rafael Sosa 250 Running -1:37.886 0 01:51.865 01:48.508 15 42
    13 20 6 Mercedes AMG GT3 AM N/A Jay Freels 291 Running -1:40.128 0 01:51.894 01:48.763 15 42
    14 9 8 Audi R8 LMS PRO Puffin Racing Peter Hebron 179 Running -1:43.466 0 01:51.974 01:49.117 19 42
    18 7 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Alcrudo Racing Red Miguel Antonio Alcrudo 288 Running -1 L 0 01:52.189 01:49.051 8 41
    16 21 8 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM N/A Matthew Overton 274 Running -1 L 0 01:53.103 01:48.699 21 41
    17 12 9 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM All Balls Racing Paul Hamilton2 277 Running -1 L 0 01:53.227 01:48.276 15 41
    18 28 10 Mercedes AMG GT3 AM ESSEX Racing Anthony M James 216 Running -1 L 0 01:53.655 01:48.769 31 41
    23 1
    Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER N/A Andrew Cheslock 320 Running -1 L 0 01:54.343 01:50.037 14 41
    20 30 2 Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER Longhorn Racing John Prince 307 Running -2 L 0 01:56.385 01:49.824 31 40
    21 24 3 Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER N/A John Addison 324 Running -2 L 0 01:57.108 01:51.283 7 40
    22 25 4 Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER Longhorn Racing Mike Tyler 345 Running -3 L 0 01:58.087 01:50.679 35 39
    13 11 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Can Am Racing Tim Collier 211 Running -4 L 0 01:52.013 01:48.265 20 38
    24 5 12 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Alcrudo Racing Blue Lowesky D'Oleo 336 Running -5 L 0 01:51.592 01:49.151 23 37
    25 17 13 Ferrari 488 GT3 AM Racer Motors Joey Trungale 333 Disconnected -8 L 0 01:51.482 01:48.078 6 34
    15 5 Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER Can Am Racing David Slee 338 Running -11 L 0 02:31.240 01:48.594 6 31
    27 29 6 Ferrari 488 GT3 SILVER Alcrudo Racing Blue Raymond G Rodriguez 329 Running -22 L 0 02:01.712 01:52.453 17 20
    28 14 X Mercedes AMG GT3 N/A Scott Burke XX Disconnected -27 L 0 01:53.324 01:49.584 4 15
    29 22 9 Ferrari 488 GT3 PRO Longhorn Racing Larry Ford 144 Disconnected -37 L 0 01:53.977 01:50.812 5 5

    Post your stories below, let us know how your night went!!

    Congratulations to the overall winner Miguel Alcrudo, what a way to return to CMS racing!!

    1.Miguel Alcrudo
    2.Kris Hudson
    3.Kevin Santana

    1.Liam Park
    2.Drew Lidkea
    3.Kyle Strycharz

    1.Andrew Cheslock
    2.John Prince
    3.John Addison
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    Man, that was a lot of fun! That is the longest race I have ever done on iRacing, and I think I have proven to myself I can run with you guys. Made lots of mental errors and corrected the car in a spin a bunch of times (did that in front of a bunch of you guys!).

    Looks like I faired the best out of the "silver group," so I will go ahead and register. I had 8 incidents, but those were all off track and no car to car. I suck majorly in T1/T2. I can also be more aggressive in traffic, but just wanted to see where I shook out.

    Also, I never intended to run the full race. I was supposed to review something for an associate tonight, but I guess that will have to wait until morning. LOL

    Looking forward to more races with you guys. This consistent clean endurance racing was exactly what I was looking for in a league.

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    Oh God, so embarrassed to be "that guy" at T1 lap1. I took to the grass to try and avoid a car and slid into the chicane.
    So sorry to Lowesky for putting him on his roof.

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    Solid race for me tonight, was very pleased to pull off a top 10. Had some great and epic battles at times with Miggy Jr. and Matthew Overton and Angel Ledesma. Really excited about all the early sign-ups we are seeing and looking forward to a great season with you all!
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    Thanks for setting up this fun race. It was good to get on track with you guys and learn everyone's tendencies.

    I left about .3 out there on my quali, slotting into 7th and not really knowing what to expect, I just wanted to put in 10 laps or so without contact and stay in the draft and see where things settled out.

    I had a door to door incident with someone after the 2nd chicane and I hope he didn't get too much damage from our touch. I had a wrinkle in my hood but the car felt good. I didn't really have a realistic shot at the podium as those top 3 guys were a bit out of my league tonight. If i could've stayed in Miguel's draft, it may have helped me hide the fact that he was at least .3 faster per lap. At Monza, you can certainly stick with a faster driver due to the large amounts of draft sucking you back up to their bumper.

    I largely lapped without the draft and mostly without trouble... except my pit boss was so quite that I couldn't hear the fuel calc info so an assist to my team for guiding me to 18 gallons for the Mercedes. I brought it home in 4th a good distance from 3rd (so close yet so far away is an apt description of this situation) and a good lead on 5th giving me mostly a stress free final stint.

    Looking forward to the season gang. The field seems like a good bunch of blokes and I appreciate the comments about this place being family. I've been part of these types of communities over the years and I can say for certain that the friendships are real.
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    Enjoyed tonight's race, should be a fun season!

    Fell asleep before race, woke up right before qualifying...only got 2 laps in. Fuel load was wrong for race, I missed grid trying to fix started from pits vs 17th. Didn't get setup fixed so was short on fuel. Worked my way up to 15th (and had saved fuel to finish) and got a BSOD with 8 laps to go. I love computers.

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    Congrats to Miguel on the win. That top 3 were incredible.

    My goal was to get a good start and settle in on the car as I went along and finish in one piece. Pretty much did all that. Was running too much wing for Monza but wanted to keep the car stable. It is really cool to me able to run with such a large grid and not worry about clowns taking you out. Ended up 2 laps down and really should have been 1 lap down but I pitched into the barrier at one point entering the Parabolica. So against the class of drivers at CMS was ok with that. My only issue on the night is what its always been with IRacing.......I hate the incident crap I have never that I recall had that many...20 I think. I looked up after the 1st few laps and there was 7 or something?? WTH is that. I know there were a few taps in T1 at the start and I know I missed a few brake zones but 20?? Whatever I think it was clicking them up everytime I went thru the fast chicane. 2 right side tires over the curb should not be an issue. But other than that I'm in for the season. Going to get this dam Ferrari into the top 10!
    Cheers, Matthew
    CMS Racing #174
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    I'm still beaming! I think this race was the highlight of my iRacing career. It's my second class win (ever) and my first at CMS! And tied for lowest incident count to boot!

    I'm not even sure where my speed came from - I qualified better than expected (8th) and was actually pretty nervous about that at race start. But it was clean, for me. I wound up going fairly wide in T1, which worked out well as my spotter announced "three wide" and then I heard crashing. I was up to 6th and passed at least two considerably faster drivers (Jarrod and Miguel).

    Someone ahead of me spun, so I spent a few laps in 5th as Jarrod tried to find a way by and Miguel reeled us in. I feel I owe Jarrod a bit of an apology as I actively raced him for over a lap before I remembered he was in a different class. Unfortunately, that allowed Miguel to pass him, too.

    I settled into Jarrod's draft for a dozen laps before I slowly lost it, but I kept it clean and steady.

    I was up to 5th before the pit cycle and I took the tank down to bone dry. Tim's fuel calculations proved to be spot on as I finished the race with less than a gallon in the tank.

    After the pits a lapped Paul Hamilton wound up right behind me. He seemed to have faster pace than I and I offered to let him by but he graciously declined. For 15 laps we were nose to tail and he was riding my draft to catch cars ahead of us. My tires started to fall off with about 5 mins left and I was really struggling into Roggia. Paul was sharp to not rear end me twice when I overshot the turn and was slow through the second apex. He/we managed to catch AJ in T1 of the final lap and I felt a bit of a sense of accomplishment for that, too.

    I forgot just how warm I got while racing endurance events. By the end I was a sweaty mess - the champagne shower was refreshing!

    Super pleased to start the season off like this!

    Congrats to the class winners and thank you to everyone coming out!

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    I'm not thinking that you owe me an apology at all, besides the fact that this was a fun race, even if for points, as you still would want to compete for an overall win, correct? Depending on how the point system is constructed, in the normal Blancpain series (with different classes like this one) a silver driver could still win an overall title. Right? Anyway, you raced me clean and I see everyone on the track as a competitor except my teammate.

    Just a note on lapped traffic. Everyone that I experienced last night was super cautious and careful. I'd even go so far to say maybe too careful. You don't owe it to the lead lap drivers to pull over and slow down, I'd encourage you to race your race (within reason) and just be consistent to allow the lapping car to predict the best place to pass you. On a track like Monza, it's easy if the car being lapped is not erratic. If you really want to be obvious, use coms and let the lapping driver know that you're breaking early for the next turn and give them the optimal line. That's probably the best/cleanest.

    I see everyone's intentions to be out of the way and I do appreciate that, but in many cases you'll sacrifice your own battles and not necessarily make it better for the passing car. One example was a driver slowing and pulling over on the back straight... Well, I'd love to have had that draft for the entire straight and then just have you lift before the turn, then giving you my draft down the next straight. I can see a pull over situation when there's a muli car battle for the lead or the leaders coming up behind.... But I just don't think a lapped car owes everyone else on track the right of way....

    Happy to discuss and happy that we're discussing this as opposed to a bunch of guys that won't let anyone thru. I have to say that I do totally appreciate attitude of accommodation by a lapped car.
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