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Thread: 2019 NARS Summer Series - Championship Point Standings

  1. Default 2019 NARS Summer Series - Championship Point Standings

    The drivers listed in the points table represent anyone who raced in the 2019 NARS Winter Series.

    If you do not want to be listed, please send Don Fryman or myself a PM requesting your name be removed. Otherwise, we will presume you are planning to join in at some point in the series.

    Any "new" driver that did not participate in the NARS Winter Series will be assigned Group A or Group B by Don and myself.

    If you do not think you are in the correct group (A or B), please send Don or myself a PM.

    If your name isn't included in the table, just show up for events and we will add you to the series!

    No pre-registration required.

    A reminder that everyone is welcome to join us for all or part of the series!

    For example, If you like the GT3 carsets but not the Porsche Cup "Flat6" cars, just join us for the nights we run the GT3 cars!

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    As we indicated (Don and Doug) in the NARS Summer Series early announcements, we have reviewed the Group A and Group B entries.

    We have one person changing from Group B to Group A. Colin Moore will move to Group A competition.

    The entire scoring for the first 6 races has been recalculated based on Colin in Group A.

    This will move everyone in Group B up and move some drivers down in Group A (those behind Colin's points).

    A reminder this is a long Series of 24 total races of which the worst results for 6 races will be dropped.

    There will be no further changes in the Groups for the remainder of the series.

    Our compliments to Colin for being such a good sportsman and contacting us as we were about to contact him!

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    Points Championship through Race 9 Toban.

    Points Championship after Race 9
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