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Thread: Pre-Season GT3 Series at Monza - Driver's Briefing

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    Default Pre-Season GT3 Series at Monza - Driver's Briefing

    Before we kick off the new season, we need to get a few races under our belt, tune our rides, and get to know each other better along with making sure we have the league format ready to go. For this first pre-season race, as we will do for the full season, the track we're using is the same as both VRS races scheduled this week at iRacing. This is by design, so that everyone who races in those series can also spend Wednesday night at CMS getting more track time in, preparing for the sprint race with a fuel level consistent with that length race, or preparing for the big Endurance race later in the week. But our main drive is to provide a series that everyone can enjoy, regardless of other races you have planned. We hope this format will keep interest high throughout the length of the season, and with multiple classifications, there's three championships up for grabs too...but we'll talk about that as we get closer to starting the season.

    For this race, we are going to relax the rules a little as we get everyone on the track. We're not concerned with classifications and car numbers, just come out and race.

    We do have a few rules we will need to make sure everyone follows, with the most important being the start of the race. As we take our formation lap, please refrain from attempts to warm tires and brakes so that we can avoid any crazy incidents while pacing. As we near the parabolica, everyone will need to fall into formation behind the pace car and the pole sitter will control the field as we head to the start/finish line. The race will start when the green flag/lights come on, and not before!

    Hold your pace and formation, and do not jump the start!!

    Everyone that sim races knows the "Don't be THAT guy in Turn One" drill, so lets keep in mind that this is a 75 minute race, and there's absolutely no reason to try and make up 8 spots in T1 at the start of these races. Tires and brakes are cold, and we just need to work our way through the first lap. This leads to a discussion of what we call the Orange Zone here at CMS. Note the track map below:

    This zone constitutes the outlined Orange Zone area on the track during the 1st Lap. This zone should be regarded as a PASS WITH EXTREME CAUTION area during the first lap of any race. Should an incident occur because a driver chooses to attempt a pass within this “Orange Zone” the driver initiating the pass will likely be held responsible.

    The Orange Zone will run from start of the race to the exit of T3 (Variente della Roggia)

    Notes for tonight:

    Be mindful of cars exiting pits, do not cross the blend line!!

    If you wreck, HOLD THE BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuel Capacity for all cars is set to 75%

    No Incident Count Limit or Fast Repairs (Future events will have an Incident Count Limit)

    Have fun!

    Event Schedule:

    Practice - Server opens at 8:00pm Eastern US/7:00 Central US/12:00am GMT

    Practice session will be 90 minutes.

    The last few minutes of practice will be used for a pre-race driver's briefing.

    Qualifying begins at 9:30pm Eastern US/8:30pm Central US/1:30am GMT

    Qualifying will be 10 minutes, 4-lap, solo event.

    Race - 75 Minutes

    Let's all have a good time, get to know each other (lots of new faces, which is fantastic!!) and get back into the flow of racing!!

    A full series post regarding rules, points and schedule are coming soon....we're just getting started!!

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    How to approach tonights race! Tonights is a preseason race guys lots of things need to be learned as drivers and as series admins. Tonight final position result is not the main goal... we need to do as much clean racing as we can. As drivers get a chance to know other drivers at track, see their tendencies and behaviors.. so be extra respectful and make it clean... get laps in, settle down.. no hero passes and less in T1..

    As admins we need data, we need to have everyone do the most lap posible so we can have better info when making final desicion on classes! At the end the better your classified the better chances of competing for a top position in your class.

    Have fun! Always have fun and respect to others.. if something happens then well nothing is personal so take a deep breath and remember this is the place where we get in to forget of all personal issues and real life stress... at the end getting 1st or last will not change nothing but tu have an awesome expirience drive and compete with the guys around you clean that is awesome!!!

    For anyone that really wants to be a hero or a next pro driver please follow the news in iRacing that they are offering real PRO series with money prices! Go for it we will cheer for you!

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    Very well said Miguel. See you all tonight letís have some fun !

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    Numberplates are not compulsory for tonight since Im still helping those who have reach me... if you can have them ready AWESOME! BUT PLEASE set your number in iRacing to the one assign!! I would really apreciate the effort of it! Thanks

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