Here is a list of what pre season points drivers have earned for showing up to our early recruitment 3 official practices. A driver by participating in all 3 of the practices, could earn up to 9 bonus points towards the Championship, which starts on 6/3. This was an incentive for joining and committing to the league early. There will be one additional bonus points earning opportunity at a special event on Memorial Day (more info posted in separate thread) . Table is sorted by projected class of driver. Classes will be finalized after the conclusion of round 2, expect for new drivers coming into the league after that time.

Note if you are not listed in this table, that's ok -- it just means that we did not track you as a participant in any of the pre season official practices that counted towards this incentive.

DRIVERS Projected Class Pre Season Bonus Points Memorial Day Points Final Bonus Points
Jorge Rivera AM 9 9
Tom Dilibero AM 3 3
Aaron Page AM 3 3
Ian Jacobs Pro 9 9
Austin Vicari Pro 9 9
Riccardo Navon Pro 6 6
Tyler Camp Pro 6 6
Vincent Marsh Pro 6 6
David Anderson Pro Am 9 9
JT Tami Pro Am 9 9
Jon Uyan Pro Am 6 6
Devon Ryce Pro Am 6 6
Ken Baldwin Pro Am 3 3
Angelo dos Santos Pro Am 3 3