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    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Apologies for bailing out so early last night, guys.

    I suffered another back injury, first part of last week. So I've been nursing that.
    But, yesterday morning I ended up throwing it out completely.
    A simple cough, standing in the wrong position, was all it took. I hit the floor, literally.

    Sitting in the rig, I'm fine. My seating position has most of my weight much higher up towards the middle/upper region.
    But, smashing around on the pedals seems to cause aggravation, especially if I sit in one position too long. And that's basically what happened last night.
    Was fine for a while. Got up often, moved around as much as I could, stretched what I could.

    But, with 20 minutes I was hurting. And I started developing a nauseating headache because of it.
    I did about another lap after that, and just pulled over and parked it. Just didn't want to deal with the aftermath of continuing, and wasn't feeling the "let's see if we can press through this" type of thing last night., initially, the challenge of pressing through pain and such. But, when there's something dancing on a nerve, running all the way down my right leg, not so much

    Grats to any and all finishers, and whoever won (will take another look later when results are up)
    Hopefully this'll heal up quickly (again) and I will be a bit more willing next time around.

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    Hope you are feeling better, Jason! Long day for me, and well, I just wrapped the car around a tree. Watched you guys for about another 30 min, then went to bed. Some good action, and congrats to all that finished this difficult test!

    -See You On Track!

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    During practice I was trying to figure out how best to use the boost in the C9. The long laps at full throttle meant I couldn't just leave the boost at 90% and get away with it like I did at Spa- the engine turned yellow within a few laps and it was clear it wouldn't make it race distance. I ran with the wing down to 1 at 70% and was a few seconds slower than Jason, so that wasn't working. I loaded up the 962 with like 20 minutes to go, but it was just too late to start from scratch, so I went back and mapped boost up/down buttons and tried to figure out where to use it. Right at the end of practice I arrived at the strategy of running 0 wing and burning full boost for the length of Mulsanne. I was banking that I could make up some ground when I had to, maybe even get in front of the next car and defend for the rest of the lap until I could do it again and make a gap. And based on the opening lap, it just might have worked! Unfortunately I wasn't careful enough on cold tires- I bumped into the inside and then the outside of T2, which cost me a couple of spots. On Mulsanne I absolutely flew, and passed right back like nothing at all. Then at the end of the straight I locked up right behind Jon (I think), had to jink left to avoid, went across the grass and into the barrier, and wrecked my aero. Next lap I was down at least 20kph and my strategy was down the tubes. From there it was a matter of trying to keep my nose clean and take it to the finish- I was lucky to get 2nd due to Jason & Jon having trouble.

    Hats off to Patrice who ran a nice clean race, and really figured out how to make the 962 compete against all that C9 boost! Great run, and a well-deserved win!

    @Jason, hope you're feeling better soon! I saw you park it and figured something uncomfortable must be going on to make you pull over.
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    I spent a fair amount of time trying to make the C9 work for me (being sure it was the fastest car available). All my setups attemps failed miserably, couldn't make 2 clean laps in a row.
    So I went for plan B - the 962 Long Tail in which I was immediatly more consistant and lapping under 3 minutes.
    I squeezed everything I could out of the setup for top speed (wing set to 1, very low toe setting, ride height, fined tuned gearing) but I was still limited to 364 kph (no wind and low fuel).
    The boost at 100% didn't make that much damage (but not low enough for 90 minutes I suspect), so I gave a shot at repairing damage to see how long it takes. Turns out it's was pretty close to re-fuel time (done in parallel by the crew). So I ran full boost on the 2 main straight section, cutting back only between Mulsanne and Indianapolis and also dunlop bridge-Tertre rouge (helped on tight corner exit).

    That was a fine plan on paper, but could have ended pretty soon. I dodged 3 cars in the first couple of laps. The scariest was when I was following Tom at the Maison Blanche corner at 330 kph, *really* a close call.

    I was hyped for an uphill battle with Jason's C9, but that was not to be. I hope you get better soon, I know how bad it can be (I have my share of back problems too).

    Anyhow, I kept going and my concentration held, really felt in control of the car all the way. Running the hard tires helped avoid car behavior change on the long run.

    It will be interesting to see if the Long Tail can have a shot at Daytona or Hockenheim.
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    I can almost feel your pain Jason, when you work as a mechanic for a long time chronic back pain is part of the package. But yours sound serious, hope you get better, and fast, we need you on track.
    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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