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Thread: Special Event - CMS 2.4 Le Mans

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    I never wanted to be, "that guy."
    Lets all move on from it. I wasn't that annoyed during the race, but credit to you for holding your hand up.

    If anything it made the race more interesting at the start as I got to pull off some cracking (in my mind at least) over-takes for the next few laps. This race was only ever to be a setup test ahead of the VEC race, so from that point of view it was a success as I found a few faults with it. Better to find them now, than 1 hour into the the 24.

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    I have not commented anything because I have not had time, the day after the race began in my new job: new schedule, new location, colleagues, etc ... so for me this first week has been somewhat complicated.
    Thank the organizers for the event and a short summary:
    I had trained, but with the QLY set I could not get down from 3:28, so I was surprised to get the pole position with the time I did, I was inspired by the morning races at Jerez (Grand Prix motorcycle) jaaa jaaaa
    I guess at the start I was overtaken by several cars using the turbo, so I did not worry and decided to keep my pace without forcing, and still I got a good scare when I got to Indianapolis on the first lap.
    I tried to focus again and go recovering positions and after my 2nd pitstop I made my calculations of time differences and how to make the last pitstop, because I knew that I would not need any more refueling, I applied my strategy and in the end it went well.
    The first time in RF2 that I start in pole position and win; a good joy to immediately go to dinner something and soon after to sleep satisfied.

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