Apologies for the bad start tonight. I was trying to load the race setup, but I did not make it in time.

Moving around the menu in VR it's not an easy task. Every time I need to reach out to the keyboard and I take off the headset I am going dark for a bunch of seconds being disconnected from the lighthouse.
More problematic is the Accuforce wheel spinning full force 180 degrees each time I press esc and I go into the menu. Imagine trying to use the buttons while the motor is banging at 9Nm on full lock.

When I was finally able to move, I got first a rear damage message from the box, then after few laps I realized the brake duct setting was toasting the LR tire, while I did not even realized I messed up with the TC set on 2 instead of 4 way too late.
Wondering why I could not handle it at Ascari…

On a good note the FFB from ACC is superb, especially at Monza.

@davidan -

- would be possible to have at least 1 min break to catch up with some homework in the garage between each session?
- are we going to have a brief before the race on Discord? For my understanding only two people including me were on the radio channel tonight and I think would be nice if we can make it mandatory (push to talk), so we can report issues/accidents before and after the race.

Looking forward to get back on the CMS server next Monday!

Thank you for hosting !!!