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Thread: Suzuka Post Race

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    Let me start by congratulating this season's champions....Leif, Kris and Paul (with a big shout out to Clark, Peter and AJ). Best of the best guys, great job this season!

    As for my race, I didn't get much time to practice beforehand due to work, and didn't even have fuel calcs ready for the team....which we were short 2 of our regular cohorts missing Dave and we had to put on a good show for those guys too!

    Pre-race practice, terrible. Qualifying....terrible. Race start...terrible. The entire night? Fun. Why? Teammates.

    As we neared the pit window, I came in first and looked at the numbers Crew Chief offered up and passed that on to Kris and Drew to compare with theirs to formulate a fill level....they were running well and didn't want to give up too much! After their stops they leapfrogged several seconds on those around them (as did I somehow), and I spent the rest of the race trying not to spin in T2 and 130. I managed to save a spin several times, but my luck ran out in 130 and I went sideways to the inside grass, but luckily didn't hit anything.

    In the end, my night was terrible, finishing 8th in class, but I was there to watch Kris take the title with another podium finish, and Drew just behind him in 4th. Great job teammies!!

    A big thanks to Jason and Larry for heading up this season....and I'm ready to get this thing going again!
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    Like Tim, I'll start by congratulating our three class champions. I saw a lot of awesome and impressive driving throughout the season. Yes there, were a few mistakes too, but its those variables that makes racing so exciting at times.

    I also want to apologize to anyone I may have impacted negatively in my long quest to return to sim racing. It's a little daunting to be away for seven years and come back and see how everyone has really progressed. But again, that makes the challenge that much more desirable. I did my best to stay out of everyone's way and not make too many errors and basically just get a feel for competitive driving again. So thanks for everyone's patience.

    I don't think I could have asked for a more fun race to end the season on. Suzuka has always been one of my favorite tracks and I was feeling good coming into the race, but unfortunately I messed up my good lap, by drifting off track at 130R and 1x'd it leaving me with a token lap as my only official qualifying lap. But I figured with time and a few incidents in front of me I might be able to pick up a few spots. So I was content to start at the rear and just let events play out in front of me for a bit.

    I had pretty good races going with John, Randy and Fred at different times through out the race. At one point I got loose at the exit of Spoon and got tapped into a spin, so I decided to go ahead and pit early which turned out to be good undercut move because I got the position back after the pitstop rotations. Later in the race, with leaders and blue flags flying everywhere I found myself right behind Fred going through the esses and trying not to hit him, when Randy pulled out and went around both of us on the outside and then suddenly disappeared. I thought it was a disconnection, but unfortunately it turned out to be (I think) the moment he may have DQ'd.

    With the race drawing to a close I was trying to find a way past Fred and eventually I ran out of options and in desperation I tried a late breaking maneuver at Casio that put me into the grass. Unfortunately it was also in the middle of a battle amongst some GTE class cars and with everyone piling into the chicane it was a bit like trying to pour 5 gallons of beer into a twelve ounce glass. To keep from getting black flagged though, I was more or less forced to make an awkward return to the track which I see unfortunately impacted some of the GTE drivers. It was certainly a chaotic finish, but nevertheless a fun and enjoyable race.

    Thanks again for putting up with this old dog trying to learn a few new tricks. I'm still working on it, but at least a feel like I'm making progress.

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    To everyone that said thank you for the season, You are very welcome. This was a controversial format due to having to assign drivers to a car and I caught some hell for putting a format like this together. It was a pleasure racing with you guys and also working with Jason to put this season together. You guys have a fantastic admin in Jason for the iRacing series and should be proud of the quality of the events CMS puts on. I swore I would never get back involved with being an admin for a sim racing league again, but I made an exception for you guys. However, It was a very difficult season for me for some reasons that were behind the scenes, I think I may have rubbed a few people the wrong way for one reason or another so I will limit my involvement as an admin going forward.

    The racing this season was awesome and the talent here is amazing. I look forward to continuing to race with you guys down the road.

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    Larry thank you for your hard work and great efforts with this season. It was absolutely appreciated. When in doubt just race, don't worry about the admin stuff and hope you'll continue on the track when a new season is announced for sure -- we love having you around in whatever capacity is best for you. -- DA
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    Thanks for all the admin work, and bigger thanks for all your help as a team mate and competitor. Look forward to more racing with you

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