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    I am officially requesting that Anthony James be declared the champion for the gentlemen's class. He was clearly the class of the field with 5 wins on the season and I would not feel right accepting a title that I backed into just for running a couple more races than he did - especially when one of them was to attend Sebring. So as the man said during the race, congratulations on your championship, AJ, it is well-earned.

    I will, however, accept 2nd. I ain't no martyr.

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    Well that didnít go well, but had some fun while it lasted. Had some good racing midpack with Julie and the Puffin/Northwind/UMBC team. I forgot to review the contact between Julie and I, so I apologize if that was my fault for the 0x.

    After working my way up to third, I thought I might have a shot at Leif, and very optimistically Clark, but I ended up speeding into the pits and then getting DQíd on off tracks shortly after. So that was that.

    Iím pretty disappointed I didnít get to run more this season since ultimate frisbee started up on the same day. Hopefully see you guys whenever the next season is!
    ~Paul Darling
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    What a race and what a season! I started the season out on fire and was leading the AM championship. Then about halfway through I started to slump. Peter was closing on me fast at the end of the season. A poor performance by me at Watkins Glen closed the gap down to 18 point going into the final at Suzuka.

    I put in plenty of laps at Suzuka because I knew I was going to have to finish well to hang onto the lead of the championship. As expected Peter was really fast in practice and qualifying. I was starting a couple positions back from him when the race started. I managed to get in front of Julie at the start and slotted in behind Sam Scott. I was keeping Peter in my sites but I was happy to just cruise around for a bit. Unfortunately, I was a little too late on the brakes going into the hairpin and I punted Sam. So sorry about that Sam, that was totally my fault. I waited for him to get going again and tried to get back behind behind him. I then had more contact with a passing car that sent me spinning into the grass. I gathered it back up, took a deep breath, and tried my best to just start clicking off fast laps as consistently as possible.

    I caught back up to Julie and we had a good scrap for a few laps before I was finally able to get a pass done. That was a fun battle Julie! I hit the pits and was able to pull off a quick stop. I came out with Peter about 45 seconds in front of me. A few laps later Peter hit the pits and came out about 4 seconds ahead. I was on a mission now! I put my head down and focused on being as fast and consistent as possible. I ever so slowly reeled him in until the last couple of laps. There was a group of 4 cars, including GTE's, so I knew I had a chance. We caught them on the last lap and right around spoon curve is where things started getting chaotic. I was ducking and diving, looking for a place to get past, but just couldn't make it happen. I over optimistically looked to the outside of 130R but still was in striking distance. As we got to the braking zone of CASIO Triangle we still had three cars ahead of us. Mike Tyler went too deep into the turn and went off track. As we switched back to the left hander he came back on track and pushed Peter wide. I saw a gap on the left side and made it three wide through the left hand turn. I side swiped Mike, but we both kept it straight fortunately! As I powered out of the turn Peter emerged through the chaos just ahead of me for a hell of a win at Suzuka!

    I had the most fun I've had racing in a while, this league rocks! Also had an absolute blast with the CanAm team, Tim, Drew, Dave, and Liam! Huge thanks to Jason and Larry for putting on an amazing season! Can't wait for the next one!

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    My qualifying set the standard for the rest of the race for me unfortunately. Was on a lap that was looking to put me in the top 5 or so until i rolled the car in the last couple of corners. I managed to get out again and do a lap that at least put me mid field just before the time was out so i was thankful for that.

    The race was only my third time out on this track and while i could put down a decent lap on occasion i was still getting familiar with much of it. At some point near the start Kris dropped back in the order then passed me again but i was pretty happy to just follow him for a bit and we were both slowly catching up to Julie over a few laps. But long term that wasn't to be, i got into a pattern of making a small mistake, losing 5 seconds, almost making it back up and then making another mistake. That pretty much continued on to the end.
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    Indicative of the season for me, I ended up making a mistake getting back to throttle too quickly in 130R, and my inexperience with the M8 caught me out. Face first into the wall and blam-o, race done.

    Was nice to battle with Paul, Pete, and Sam the first few laps though. The team had it together for sure.

    Grats to the podiums and to the season champs! Looking forward to putting this one behind us and starting fresh.
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    A bittersweet race. Though I was able to hang on for the win at the end, I was not able to make up the points deficit to Leif. Congrats to Leif for taking the championship trophy in GTE Pro.

    The race itself was intense. In the warmup I felt like I had pace but wasn't able to complete a clean lap until the last five minutes. I had some contact here and there or made a bad mistake or caught some cars on their outap at bad places etc. Finally was able to run my first ever 53 at Suzuka on the single clean lap of the entire 40 minute warmup. It was my next to last lap and I was on Q fuel getting ready for Q and that was a glorious lap.

    In Q, wasn't able to get anywhere close. I think the track slowed down as I noticed the GT3 pole was also much slower than the warmup best lap for that class. Still, hung on to take pole by about 100 ms or so. Good enough.

    The race was straightforward. I was able to slowly build a gap to Leif in second but every so often I was looking at my F3 because I knew that Paul Darling was back there somewhere and I knew he would be on a charge. Somewhere around lap 10 I saw him and he was only about 11 seconds back despite clearing several cars and now running in third. Before my pit stop he was only a couple of seconds or so behind Leif and I wondered what might happen. I didn't do all the math but I'm pretty sure Leif could have just let Paul go without putting the championship in danger, but after the pit stops something happened and I saw that Paul manually disconnected.

    I had two big worries in the race. First, Leif made up about 2-3 seconds during the pit stop. I had a decent entry and hit my marks but the P1 pit box is tricky at this track. You have to launch through the pace car and then the wall juts out so I had to lift during exiting my box. I think also I am horrible on fuel for the most part generally pitting a lap early vs. other 488 drivers and Leif has both a lighter foot and the 911 RSR which I suspect does better on fuel. At any rate, I pitted with a 4-5 second gap and at exit the gap was only 2.5 seconds.

    From then on it was just trying to stay clean, get through the traffic, and manage the gap. At first I was able to build the gap back to about 3 seconds but then slowly but inexorably Leif started to catch me. My tires were not good and I didn't really want to push. Particularly I was losing a couple of tenths every lap braking into the hairpin. The turbo V8 was strong on the run down to the spoon curve but the gap was definitely coming down.

    In the end I think the winning gap was less than 1.5 seconds. A great battle with both of us getting through traffic well. Thanks to all the GT3 cars for helping out here and there and playing fair with the both of us.

    I had a blast this season and hope we can attract even bigger fields for the next one.


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    I'd just like to say a big thank you to Larry , Jason and any other admins responsible for this season.

    Congrats to Leif, Kris and Paul/AJ on taking the championships.

    I started the night hoping Kris didn't turn up so I had a chance to catch him for the AM championship. That didn't work though

    Quali went good and got the AM pole with Sam beside me but there was Kris filling my mirror. For the first time in a long time I anticipated the leaders going and got a slight jump on the cars behind. Everything was going well until the pit stops when Sam got ahead as I left the pits. Chased him for a while and noticed Kris closing in.

    The last lap was crazy, coming up to the last chicken I was watching mirrors and forward as we were in the middle of lapped traffic. Noticed one car go way to fast into the chicane and onto the grass, slide straight through and come out the other side as myself and Kris came through the last left turn. I had to dive on the brakes to avoid, shouting nooooooooo!, luckily he managed to turn out of hitting me but touched Kris which gave me the jump on him to the finish..

    Way to go Kris on taking the AM championship. You were just too fast and consistent for me. Especially at the ring where I think the championship was decided. Ah well enjoy Pro next season, lol.

    I'd also like to add this season was special, making new good friends at Sebring, thanks to AJ and Mark for hosting as well as Paul, Sam, Jimmy (and Kyle), Drew(and Steve), so much fun, see you next year.

    Also like to thank all the guys at Northwind Puffin Umbc and whoever else racing team, soon to be known as Pn......
    Jason, Jimmy, James, Paul, Sam, and of course Robert, great season guys.
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    Can someone post the results link? I'll get the points done ASAP.
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