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Thread: Watkins Glen Post Race Results and Recaps!!

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    Great track, I just suck here.

    The M8 was a great improvement over the Ford GT. The Ford felt more nimble on corner exit, but corner entries could get sketchy. The BMW was the opposite, very comfortable to drive, though with a bit of understeer on exit. It was nice to have control of the rear end for a full race.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I had a fantastic race. Finally found a setup that work well for me and with some minor tweaks felt I was dialed in. I was a bit worried about the down force level as my Gurney Flap was at Max and wing was a 7 of 8 on the Porsche.

    For the start of the race I had a familiar and trusted name Tim Collier beside me as we go through turn 1 and the esses side by side. We sorted things on on the back straight with Tim leading me followed by Joey Trungale. Tim had a bit of a problem turning in at the laces with Dion Smith in front of him. Tim tried to make it running along the outside line but couldn't hold it and ended up in the tire barrier. His car looked to be okay at that point but apparently that was just the beginning of his problems for the night. By around lap 6, a good sized group of cars led by Peter Herbron who stayed about a second to a second and a half clear of the group followed by Drew Lidkea then Samuel Scott, myself and Joey Trungale started separating ourselves from the rest of the field that was led by David Anderson running about 5-6 second behind.

    As the laps went on, I was struggling to stay in contact with the cars in front of me and Joey Trungale behind me was beginning to sense it and was applying massive pressure on me staying inside a half second and a lot of times inside of 3 tenths of a second behind me. Joey stuck his nose inside a few times but was super cool, fair and a real joy to race with. Joey fought for the position from Lap 1 turn 1 until I he pitted on Lap 19 probably hoping to undercut me when I made my stop.
    After Joey pitted my pace quickened relative to the guys in front of me. Perhaps my tires may not have fallen off as much as the guys around me? Maybe not having the pressure from Joey right on my tail? Iím not sure where the pace was coming from to be honest but I was closing the gap ahead.

    I pitted a few laps later than Joey Lap 22 or 23 I think it was. When I came out of the Pits the first thing I was looking for is where Joey is. He was about 5 seconds behind me so either he had a troubled stop or my new found pace was real. I was now right behind Drew and was able to pass him in the Boot on my out lap. Next lap Samuel Scott comes out of the pits and slots in behind me but in front of Drew whom, I had just passed a few seconds earlier. Yes the pack was tight, Peter whom had been the class of our little pack all race long was still leading but Drew Samuel and myself were now closing the gap.

    By the end of lap 24 we had caught Peter and it looked like I might have more tire left than he did. I was making up big ground out of turn 1 and up the esses. On lap 25 I think it was I really stuck it in hard at the end of the back straight. Peter squeezed me a little and I put the car up on the curbing of turn 5 side by side with Peter but frankly unable to break, Peter and I touched just a little as I slid by him and got on the breaks to get it slowed to enter the boot. For me it was a super tense moment. Now all of a sudden I found myself leading the group of cars I was barely able to hold onto in the first half of the race and we still have 20 minutes to go.

    I seem to be holding the gap to Peter pretty well and maybe even able to pull out a bit of a gap at times but I was always reeled back in during the draft down the back straight. Now with just a few laps to go, I have the slightest bit of confidence coming over me that I might be able to pull this off when I realize we have a little group of GT3 cars ahead that we are going to catch before race end. I was lucky to be able to navigate past them in Turn 9 as we exited the boot and rejoined the cup circuit. Peter on the other hand had contact with one of the GT3 cars giving me a comfortable gap of 3-4 seconds for the first time in the entire race that lasted the remaining two laps before getting a massively welcomed checkered flag. Awesome Race for me at least. I can only hope to be able to race with these guys at the next one!
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    Yeah Larry I must've blown the pitstop. I need to check the replay and see what I did wrong. I had no draft after the pits and was *slowly* getting back to you guys when I had an incident overtaking a GT3 that gave me aero damage...kind of limped it to the end after that.

    It was great having the confidence in my car and in the drivers around me to race that close. I kept giving you opportunities to make a mistake and you just wouldn't do it! Great stuff! Glad you all finished well.

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