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Thread: Watkins Glen Post Race Results and Recaps!!

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    Default Watkins Glen Post Race Results and Recaps!!


    Post your race recaps below!!
    Tim Collier

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    Clarke, Paulo and Leif
    Larry and Drew
    AJ, Jay and Paul

    That's all I'm saying about that!

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    Enough said....

    Spotted for my teammates from this point forward, which was great! Kris, Liam and Dave had rough nights as well, but Drew kept the pressure on the top three early, and while nobody could catch Larry, Drew managed to pass Peter after his unfortunate late incident to bring the CanAm Porsche home in second!

    A big congrats to Larry Ford on his class win tonight!!
    Tim Collier

    It's not how fast you can go, but how long you can go fast!

    | CPU: i7-9700k @ 3.6Ghz (4.9GHz Turbo) | GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC Gaming 8GB | MOBO: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 6 | RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3000 | SSD: Samsung 970EVO 512GB
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    This was an interesting race. I didn't practice in advance of the session but my endurance team (vApex Racing Group) had a league race in the IR18 at this same track last night (with the boot). I managed 4th in that race after some contact in the early laps, but learned quite a bit about The Glen.

    First, apologies for my part in that crash in qualifying on my outlap. Not sure what was going on exactly but the car that hit me was starting a hotlap 3 seconds after the end of the group 1 qualifying, so probably should not have been crashing into GTE cars. (I reviewed the replay and the clock read 9:57 to go at the time that 'hotlap' was started....)

    I was pretty flustered and was making a lot of mistakes on my first two flyers in Q. Managed to get my heartrate under control but couldn't come near matching my practice pace. I think maybe the track had slowed down a bit but more likely I just couldn't get the most out of the car in that session. Still, no one should complain about starting P1.

    The race had three phases for me. Phase one was the first three to four laps when Paulo was in the draft. He had a decent run on the first lap of the race but backed out of it before the carousel--thankfully--that is such a tricky part of the track requiring such finesse on braking. The next lap he gained three to four tenths back on the run out of T1 down to the carousel, but after a few laps I was able to eke out enough gap to break the draft. Phase two of the race was just putting in the laps--full concentration--and trying to gap a bit. Very little traffic before the pit stop. What traffic was there was extremely cordial. I didn't lose much time in traffic before the stop and hopefully I didn't cost you guys too much time either.

    The pit stop was good. I had to add 37 liters of fuel and though Leif was able to go one lap more on the initial fuel load the gap was 10.2 seconds before pitting and 10.2 seconds after he pitted. Paulo was obviously much closer as he pitted on the same lap as I did. But at this point phase two was complete.

    The third and final phase was trying to just keep focus and bring the car home. My lap times fell off a bit because the tires were just not what they were. Still was able to run decent times but I couldn't really pull away any more. Was able to come home with 0x on the clock and take the checkered flag.

    I think my most questionable move of the race was passing Jay into the carousel. I did set up early but it was a bit of a divebomb. The GTEs are just able to brake so much less into that corner that it is insane. Like brush brake at the crest of the hill, down to 5th, lightly trail braking, down to 4th, see the signboard on the outside and get to WOT as soon as possible. I love that corner--it is the most challenging on the track. I wish Watkins Glen could just add more runoff and get rid of that stupid bus stop chicane.

    One race to go...basically zero chance to catch Leif in the points but I'm doing everything I can do.

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    First time racing watkins glen, pretty neat track but for whatever reason i just was not competitive at all this round. I could not get a setup stable enough to allow me to trail break or even coast into the carousel without loosing the back of the car and for sure that was killing my lap times by forcing me to break early and then hold throttle through the whole turn. There were other parts as well i'm sure but i couldn't put my finger on what it was i needed to do differently.

    Bit of a performance slump for me between this and mid-ohio. Hoping i can sort it out before next race.
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    Last night's race has been an excellent summary of my season: what could have been.

    I'd been looking forward to the Glen all season.

    Our team had some setup trouble - I don't think any of us were truly happy until Tim comes up with a magical wrench in pre-race practice. The car felt good and I felt good.

    Started qualifying as a mess. Made some simple mistakes in not taking the reduced fuel load into account. Got to the point where I was saying "OK, just get one lap in" and then I uncorked a PB (by 4 tenths - no draft). Easily my most successful qualifying session in CMS.

    Race start was strong. Didn't get the jump on anyone, but that's probably because I was a lot closer to the front and everyone can see the leaders better. First four laps were solid - I was dogging Peter pretty good and we had a back and forth battle on lap 5. Our battling allowed Jimmy to sneak up and he made an aggressive move in the Toe. I had a better run out and Jimmy defended. I stayed wide entering the Heel, planning an over/under, but was surprised by where and how hard Jimmy braked. I went full lock trying to avoid it, but I gave him one of those gentle taps in the right spot to punt him off track. I have since apologized to Mr. Hume. My subsequent off course had me towards the back of the pack, too.

    I set off trying to salvage the race as best I could, but had a slide coming out of 10 and then repeated it the very next lap, except I took some damage clipping the wall. The car became less interested in turning left and my lap times started to suffer. From then on it was just a bring-it-home mission.

    From what I saw, everyone played nice. GT3s were predictable and accommodating passes once you made your intentions clear.

    Congrats to Clark, Larry and AJ for the class wins!

    Is it next season yet?

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    Crazy, intense race.
    As Liam reported not only did I not get back until late Monday from Sebring, could not find a setup that was comfortable and fast. Until the day of and Tim whipped up some magic that seemed to allow stable turn in and early throttle on exits.

    Qually went ok, and started 4 or 5 rows back, with Peter setting an awesome time for GT AM Pole position. Liam was super impressive setting p2 in Am and was pretty stoked.

    Race started well, although Jimmy driving the new BMW caught me out a few times breaking earlier than expected and I was lucky not to plow into him.
    The whole first stint Sam and I were nose to tail, super clean and tight. I just could not shake him to be able to get him out of the draft. Ended up having to defend up the straight each lap and then hope to hang on the inside through the carousel and keep him behind. Mega concentration and I'm sure I was giving Sam fits as he was so much faster through the Esses but then I could pull a bit of a gap on the latter half. Pete was always just a bit too far ahead to get in his draft.

    Pitted a lap early, which Peter decided to come in as well. I gained a bit of time and we left pretty much together.

    Came out just in-front of a flying Larry all over me and he was keen to get by. I didn't realize until Tim advised he had already pitted and we were fighting for position. He tagged my diffuser going up the Esses but I managed to hold on and didn't seem to cause too much damage.

    Sam and I then went side by side for half a lap as he came out of the pits just ahead of me.

    Climbing up into the Toe I ran Sam up wide as I had the inside and he held ground and inevitably turned in and bounced off me. A little aggressive on my part, but I was holding the inside through the braking zone and was more worried if I backed off I would have gotten loose and taken us both out.

    Sam only dropped back 1 spot and I continued on trying to track down Peter and Larry who were fighting it out hard.

    Followed them for the rest of the race and while it looked several times like there was going to be fireworks ahead.

    3 laps to go and it didn't look like I would catch them and had pretty much decided I was going to pull over and let Sam by at the line. Then 2nd last lap coming out of the Heel, Tim yells look out GT3 has spun and Peter has hit him! Sure enough I weave to miss a sitting R8 and Peter is just getting back up to speed.

    Follow him tight through the Esses and with the draft pass him into the carousel and held on to take 2nd place.

    Need to go back and watch the replay, but crazy finish indeed.

    Tough luck for my team mates. They all had a hard time of it enduing different issues. Chin up boys, 1 more to go.

    Congrats to Larry on the win in Am, and to all of the podium finishers.

    See you in Japan.
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    Well I got back from Florida Tuesday night and missed the last chance practice to catch up on rest. Woke up Wednesday morning with full intentions of practicing for the race in the Porsche.

    Fast forward to 620 and I was still getting things situated around the house and finishing up my days work for my new job when I saw the clock. "Better get to gettin'!". Logged in and realized I hadn't updated since the new build, then saw the ad for the new BMW and thought, "Why not?!" After watching them all weekend in contention @ Sebring I was chomping at the bit to see what it could do in sim.

    Updated, bought the M8, updated again, found a set (not that great I might add) and entered the server 10 minutes after practice had started. 30 minutes to learn a new car and not embarrass myself... Hmmm, challenge accepted.

    Found myself mid-pack pace off the rip and a decent Q run landed me starting P9. I was still tinkering with my personal markers, and found a few times that if I broke too hard, the BMW would skirt and push a bit. Once I started backing off the brake zones just a tad, the car really hit a stride. I was coming off the corners much faster than I was able to with the Porsche (at least seemingly), so I started braking a little earlier to take advantage. (For the record, I never broke early enough to be considered outside the brake zone). With two respectable Can-Am drivers mentioning my braking habits here, I'll have to see if maybe I'm lighting the brake lights before I'm actually hard on them or not - maybe that was throwing you guys off? Judging by my pace with the cars directly in front of me though, there was nothing erratic or unpredictable with my execution - I just wasn't keen on staying on the ragged edge in the first 8 minutes of a 1 hour sprint race.

    Sam made a mistake coming onto the front straight and I took advantage, putting myself between him and Liam, who was chasing Pete. I followed Liam for a couple laps trying to size him up and realized I was carrying more speed into the Chute, having to check up both times to keep out of his rear end. On the second lap I had a run into the Toe and took advantage of a wide open inside lane - I kind of sent one on Liam there, but got through cleanly and aggressively. That left me vulnerable into the heel as he would have had a better run out and up the hill. I took the defensive line and broke around the 300 marker to compensate for the short entry (and making sure I didn't go too wide on exit in case Liam tried to make something stick), but the next thing I knew I was in the wall in pointed the wrong way. Limped back to the pits with 4 minutes required repairs and decided to call it.

    First 5 laps were really tight and great racing, wish it could have continued! ...also ready for next season already...

    Grats to the poduims!
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    I can explain in great detail what the rear of Larry's car looks like. Fun race!

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    Like Jimmy, I got in from Sebring in the afternoon and was still recovering so I took a nap.

    Thanks to Mark Ruggiero, I was able to turn some laps on his rig in Florida to get close and ship a setup home.

    Unlike Lime Rock, Watkins Glen is all about speed and SPEED RULES HERE!
    Before the race I made a rear toe change to increase the cars stability, but slowed me down a little. I was close in lap times, so stability overruled. I quailed second to Jay Dargert, and he had the GT3 field covered. At the drop of the green Jay and I started at pace lap speed to the last corner and then it was on. I was hoping to clear jay in turn one but he held me off and we started up the back straight nose to tail with Paul Hamilton in close pursuit. Although Jay and I had a hell of a hammer and tong battle going on for the lead I had one eye on Paul as he can be a sneaky one and trounce at any moment. Jay went a little wide in the boot and I took advantage of it and thought Paul may make a go on him too, but he stayed the course. I was delighted because I would rather have Jay chasing me then Paul LOL. After Pit stops cycled through I still eked out a 4 second gap and it stayed that way give or take to the end. Fun race, but it could have swung to any of us with a little mistake.

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