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Thread: Watkins Glen Driver's Briefing - 3/20/19

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    Default Watkins Glen Driver's Briefing - 3/20/19

    This season's penultimate round is at the internationally renowned Watkins Glen.

    Briefing Notes
    • The Orange Zone will run from start of the race to the exit of the Esses
    • Be mindful of cars exiting pits
    • If you wreck, HOLD THE BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 50% track state
    • Fuel: GTE, 65%; GT3, 60%
    • 17 inc limit & no fast repairs
    • GT3 polesitter leave gap of 5 seconds to GTE
    • GT3 class can accelerate after final corner
    • Orange Zone rules are in place for the race start for both classes!
    • Time of day: Morning
    • Have fun!

    The "ORANGE ZONE POLICY EXPLAINED" This zone constitutes the outlined Orange Zone area on the track during the 1st Lap. This zone should be regarded as a PASS WITH EXTREME CAUTION area during the first lap of any race. Should an incident occur because a driver chooses to attempt a pass within this “Orange Zone” the driver initiating the pass will likely be held responsible.

    Outside of the Orange Zone, clean and responsible driving is the order of the day. If you begin to spin, hold the brake down so your car's actions will be more predictable to drivers attempting to negotiate the track safely. Please take the utmost care and use your Relative Black Box (F3) to safely rejoin the track if you have an off.

    Lone Star Sports Car Series 2019S1 Master Post


    NO PASSWORD FOR THIS EVENT - The session is only open to members of the CMS and TXL leagues on iRacing

    Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
    Practice: 8:00pm - 8:40pm CT, 9:00pm - 9:40pm ET, 0200 - 0240 GMT - 40 minutes

    Qualify: 8:40pm - 9:00pm CT, 9:40 - 10:00 ET, 0240 - 0300 GMT - 20 minutes

    Race: 9:00pm CT, 10:00pm ET, 0300 GMT - Duration 60 minutes


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    Are we sticking with Late Afternoon for this event? The reason I ask is for hosting a practice session Monday night. Want to make sure I have the time correct, and Larry had brought up the question.

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