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Thread: Mid(Night)-Ohio Post-Race

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    If anybody smells hot tar and sees feathers flying from the direction of my pit stall, it's a special "party" for my crew chief. I was in great shape at the end of the race, but then I was getting messages on my Z1 Dash that I didn't have enough fuel to finish, even though when I stopped, I always take a 10-liter buffer above my calculated needs. It just INSISTED that I was going to be half a lap short at the end. So I turned down the fuel map, short shifted and all the rest and all it accomplished was to make me a third of a lsp short.

    Since I can never find how much time is left, I pulled in for a splash and go........and the crew changed tires. I'm sure you could hear me cussing all the way over to the Keyhole. Pulled back out in third and decided to put my foot down and at least set a good lap and then the next time around, I saw the white flag.

    WT F-ity F-ity F???

    Got the checkers with five gallons remaining after I took 2.5 gallons on the stop. I would have finished with enough fuel for at least 3 extra laps.

    So for the second race in a row, I've thrown away a stellar result because of problems in the pits. Getting really ridiculous. But I'm going to find something on that Z1 that displays time left in the race and use that to figure how much fuel I need, not the granny who called me in who probably fills the tank in her car whenever it's down to three-quarters of a tank.

    Congrats to Jay for the win - judging from the first half of the race, I had no chance of making an on-track pass anyway. He is the freakin' ice man.

    BTW, when I saw the game time, I turned up the gamma on my monitors. Sure am glad I did.
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    Whew! That was dark.

    The evening started quite well as I was able to sort of drift the car through turn 9 on my best Q lap and gain a lot of time. I think I'm starting to understand how my Majors teammate Blake Reynolds drives the car on every corner of every lap, but it was definitely a very lucky corner for me.

    At the start, the green came out before I was even completely out of 13 onto the front straight. Wish iRacing would start these races between turns 2 and 3 like IndyCar does in real life. I wasn't ready but the green flag waved so I jumped on the throttle. I think this makes for a really poor start setup as only 2-3 cars were even coming out of 13 as the green waved.

    Was able to maintain the lead with Leif basically always 1/2 second behind for the first 15 laps or so, then started to push a bit harder. I was able to build a 1.9 second lead before we started hitting traffic, which unfortunately for me completely erased the gap. I was sweating and just reminding myself that it is impossible to pass on this track. Just don't make a blunder and all will be good.

    I was able to gap about 4 seconds before pitting, came out with maybe 2 seconds of that gap intact into traffic--had a bad pit exit and nearly spun the car. After that mostly uneventful. Traffic worked out better for me than for Leif and so had a 9 second lead with three to go. At that point I closed in on Kris and Larry who were in a tight battle for position so I decided to back off a bit and follow them to the checkered flag. Leif was gaining but I felt it was safer to just sit there and not risk getting in the middle of that battle--they were locking brakes and putting tire smoke all over the place so I backed off about 2 seconds to avoid being a factor in that. A very fun race overall.

    Mid Ohio really needs some lights. Everything was going OK until I came around some traffic late in the race. Then suddenly with the increased shadows from the car behind me every corner became an adventure. I did *not* manipulate my graphics settings so it was very, very dark. I started dropping about a second per lap between turns 4 and 9, but it seemed like everyone was affected by the same issue. Anway, would love to see some lights installed because this is a truly sensational track to drive. A driver's track!

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    It was a race.. it started ok and ended about the same

    I couldn't get the pace that i wanted at all. Where lime rock park makes you feel like your living on the edge mid ohio makes you feel like your driving a whale that isn't much interested in going around corners.

    A last minute setup adjustment made the car a lot more stable on corner entry which helped keep it pointing in the right direction for the whole race so that was a bonus. I qualified in 6th over all and then went out there doing gradually slower laps as the tires wore until i finished also in 6th. The full dark at the end was pretty sketchy in the rift, glad that didn't last long.

    On to the next..
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    Im one pissed off dude. I usually dont take this to seriously but I really put effort into this car and practice for this race. I ran plenty of laps set in late afternoon. I was logging mid 22's to 24s and when I got to quantifying I said ok only 5 of us in class so good race to pick up points. Then the race starts and it may as well be a night race. The entire week I never ever not once spun that dam Ferrari around. Last night I spun it 5 laps out of the 1st 7. ......seriously what was up with the track conditions? Why are we starting a race at sunset? Why cant we just start a race at a normal start time.

    This is and always was the best place to group of drivers. I know I dont get the time to invest like I used to but something is wrong Im not this bad? Maybe Im not paying enough attention to match the posted track conditions I dont know but enough is enough last night the car was like racing on ice after a week of having plenty of grip and feeling fine.

    Maybe time to go back to racing F1 cars in rf? Seem to be the only time I enjoyed league races....Had to just leave the car on the grass after the last spin and get out before I started throwing stuff. I do this to relax, its not working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket951 View Post
    I did *not* manipulate my graphics settings so it was very, very dark.
    Just to clarify, I didn't turn the gamma way up, just from 1.00 to 1.30 or so. The effect of that was to make the headlights brighter, as they are in real life. Anything not in the headlights, though, was still way dark. FWIW, the very worst driving enviroment isn't dark, it's that 20 minutes or so when the sky is bright and the track dark. Or when the sunset light makes the track orange. Both of those are just about impossible for me and there is no way to fix it with monitor settings.

    iRacing really needs to tweak their headlight and environment settings. Real-world darkness isn't just universal black like it is in the game. I'm doing the same thing for the Le Mans race this weekend. It's up just enough so that the sky is just a tiny bit lighter than the trees, which is the way it is in reality. And the main thing is that it gives the headlights a little better reach and spread so corners don't just pop up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ Addison View Post
    Last night I spun it 5 laps out of the 1st 7. ......seriously what was up with the track conditions? Why are we starting a race at sunset? Why cant we just start a race at a normal start time.
    I posted something about starting the race at 6:30 game time, but I guess the idea was rejected. Day night transitions should be limited to special events like Le Mans or Sebring, not regular tracks like Mid-Ohio where iRacing hasn't put un cats eyes like Sebring or lighted trackside objects to help out.

    As for the track conditions, the only thing I can guess is that since it was sunset, the track was very cool and didn't help the tires come up to temperature like they would in a race held in daylight. We've had discussions before about how iRacing's track temperatures aren't quite right. There is no Goldilocks zone - it's either too hot or too cold, and changes can happen over just a few minutes.

    I've learned to keep the differential numbers low so the car doesn't get too excited under throttle. But even so, you have to really be patient in long corners like the Keyhole or Yumps like whatever that right-hander at the bottom of the esses is called. Mid-Ohio is a really tricky place - all those quick elevation changes can catch you out in a hurry.

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    Last night started really rough for me. After the start of the race I slotted in behind Drew. I got by him when he made a slight mistake and started trying to catch Dion. I don't know what happened next, but for some reason around china beach, I just completely lost front end grip. I'm not sure if I overheated the tires or what but for the next lap I could not get the thing to turn. As I was looking down at my black box trying to figure out what was going on I unfortunately got into Jay (Sorry about that man!). After a lap or two the car started to feel normal again and I was fine. I've never experienced anything like that in this car though, it was really weird.

    When I pitted I decided to go ahead and do the 20 seconds of optional repairs I had and came back out and tried to start chasing people down. Eventually I ended up behind Larry and had a battle reminiscent of Lime Rock! I was all over the back of him, ducking and weaving, putting on as much pressure as I could. I just couldn't find a way around him and he beat me to the finish. Awesome race Larry! Also, huge thanks to Clark for letting us battle to the end! Congrats to Drew on the well earned victory in am!

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    First of all I heard something about the GT3 cars did not have limited fuel for the Mid-Ohio race. If that is the case, I apologize, it was no doubt another mistake on my part. When the BMW came out I looked at adding it to our series. As it turns out using the normal user interface, we are still limited to 6 cars, so it would not let me add the BMW. I made several attempts by trying to rework the car classes and in doing so, I might have forgot to re-set the fuel correctly. I am very sorry for the mistake. I went back and checked the remaining races to ensure they are using the correct fuel loads for both the GTE and GT3 classes.

    What about the late afternoon start time slot? Did you like it or hate it? I found it incredibly difficult myself. When I set the time slots for the season, I had no real reference as to how things would be because we never had the changing of sunlight to deal with before. I thought late afternoon might take us to sunset during the race, but I really didn't think it was going to take us to total darkness. I have Watkins Glen set to late afternoon again, but would certainly be willing to change it if you guys want. I was 3 or 4 seconds off pace once it got dark. It sure seem to affect me more than Kris Hudson and L Park whom ran be down from 8+ seconds back after the pit stops. I made a mistake that let Park by. Hudson would have got by if there was daylight but I'm sure diving into a corner for a pass when you could not see the corner would have been a very daring move.

    Lots of fun, but I could use a little more sunlight myself.
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    I came into the race not really knowing what to expect. I knew it was going to be tough to pass and I wasn't very excited about the sunset start. I don't have the graphics dialed up so sunset, to me, is just a dimmer afternoon with cooler temps. Then stir in the bit where light is supposed to be breaking through trees or clouds (it looks a lot more like a beam from the heavens is supposed to be shining on a pot o' gold or a RPG quest-giving cat or something) and then it just clobbers my frames in a way not unlike Mr. Hamilton's crew chief got it last night. Until I get a new video card, I'd be super content to never race sunset (or sunrise?). I did just a new power supply so I can upgrade my video card (which then leads to VR) so...

    Anywho, racing.

    I am very thankful that I attended the Monday practice and spent time following Paul around. I was surprised at where the GT3s were able to keep up and where they got blown away. I don't know how much that would have changed my race, since I so rarely interacted with GT3s in the race - just seemed to pass them in the pits - but I was definitely a lot more comfortable for it.

    [As an aside, I'm super grateful to the GT3s that show up to practice and don't mind or even encourage being chased around. I've learned a lot about the car from my teammates, but I'm learning more about being the faster car from these practices. This league and the 2019 Roar B4 24 are the only time I've been in a faster class car in any multiplayer racing game, ever.]

    Race start from 8th went well as it could for getting it mid-corner. That hurt because I'm strong at the green flag. I was also sandwiched between faster teammates and I spent the first two laps really just trying to stay out of their way. Had an exciting moment going two-wide through Madness and the esses when he had his aforementioned handling issues. Then spent several laps trying to lose Larry, who just would not leave me alone. I seemed to be faster in the Carousel and the Keyhole, but he had me in T1 and China Beach. After several laps of cat and mouse, I dropped a tire just after Madness and looped it at the bottom of the hill. Fifteen seconds behind but otherwise no worse for the wear, I set off again, now back in 12th.

    The next thirty minutes was boring for anyone watching my cockpit cam. Fairly smooth and steady. A few laps before pitting, I ran wide on T1 as I was trying to calculate changes to the fuel. Was definitely 4 or 5 laps up on what pre-race strategy was and confirmed that my fuel is "add" x Gallons and not "fill to". So that cost me two seconds. Though it really just acted as though I hadn't adjusted the strategy. I wish I'd thought of boosting my brightness during the pitstop, but I took those 8 seconds to stretch instead.

    By this time it had really started to get dark. In the last ten minutes I couldn't identify the apex points in T1, Keyhole and Carousel from the inside - all of my points of reference came from the outside of the track. Lots of trust in my ability and the car. "Ok, braking marker, off throttle, turn in, apex should be... there!". My times were about 1-1.5s off 'sunset' pace, but I was suddenly really quick compared to most of my peers - Clark wasn't gaining on me anymore! No lap down for this guy! (I now realize he was in traffic). Not sure what happened to Larry at the end, but as I caught him, I was trying to figure out where one could pass in the pitch black. And how cooperative was he going to be? It was just a few laps from the end. There was no cat-and-mouse battle this time, as he let me go without any resistance. Not sure if he was damaged, struggling with the dark or just on a fuel economy run.

    Very pleased to have a contact free race.

    Congrats to Clark for the win, Drew for AM win (and third overall!)!

    And thanks to everyone who showed up!

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    Haha! What corner is that? Haven't heard that name before.

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