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Thread: F1 documentary on Netflix

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    Default F1 documentary on Netflix

    Netflix has just launched a F1 documentary series here in Denmark. Has anybody seen it? Review?
    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

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    It is 'insider' coverage of the 18/19 season. Watched first episode today - Melbourne. The stories concentrated on Red Bull and Haas, with of course Haas being the great build up and then disappointment after the first pits. It didn't 'grip' me as I was hoping (ie, didn't binge the whole thing in one day), but there are plenty of revealing moments and onboard footage to convey the speed and closeness of the racing. Worth the time I think.
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    I saw the first part today. I think it is welll made and interesting. I am definitely going to see the following chapters as well.
    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

    Tom Walkinshaw: "When black goes to green, you are in troubles..."

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    Yeh watched 3rd chapter Red Bull & Williams. Its worth checking out. Not worth bingen on but some good insights. Makes it really clear if there was any doubt why Ric left RBR.
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    Binged it last night with a friend who has never watched F1. She was fascinated by it, and was the reason we ended up binging the entire thing. Was pretty well made, it was done by the same people who did the Senna and Amy (Winehouse) documentaries.
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    Watched 2 episodes so far. It is definitely well worth the time both as entertainment and a look inside the team operations. F1 in general is not open or transparent as other racing series in the US. It is very good from that point of view.

    Funniest part so far was when Martin Brundel ask Guenther Steiner how many employees Haas had and he said 240, was the dismissive impression on Martin's face, then he replied "Mercedes has that many on vacation at any given time"

    But I agree what Guenther said later in the episode " Ferrari or Mercedes winning races gets old pretty quick". We all know how 2018 ended but I hope we have stronger upper mid-pack teams in 2019.
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