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Thread: Historics Fall Season Race 8 - Putnam Park GP

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    Default Historics Fall Season Race 8 - Putnam Park GP

    Join us on Sunday, February 24, for Race 8 of the Historics Fall Season - Putnam Park GP

    Our season finale sees us back at another ideal track for our nimble coupes. Putnam Park should be just the formula for a great finish!

    This event will be standing start. AC now allows gear selection before the green, but be aware that it also allows (and penalizes) false starts! So don't go before the green!

    This season we are requiring all drivers to pit for at least 1 liter of fuel, even if you could make the race distance (most cars will not be able to go the distance anyway).

    The server is set for 2 minutes between the Qualifying session expiring and the start of the race. Be sure to check the remaining time when the session advances so as not to get caught out.

    The Orange Zone for this event will be through T4 as shown on the track map.

    Download the track here

    Race Schedule
    Practice: 8-8:45 p.m. Central Time (US) - 45 min
    Qualify: 8:45-9:00 p.m. Central Time (US) 15 min
    Warmup: 9:00-9:05 p.m. Central Time (US) - 5 min
    Race: 9:05 p.m. Central Time (US) - 60 min

    Note that AC supports timed races, so the lap count will not be pre-determined.

    Password and server connection information here

    All CMS Rules and Regulations are in affect for this series.
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Server is up!
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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    Really enjoying this track, never really drove a lot (or even fast) before. Nice place to end the season.

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    Racing tonight!!
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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