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Thread: 2019 NARS Winter Sprint & Endurance Series on Discord

  1. Default 2019 NARS Winter Sprint & Endurance Series on Discord

    Don't have Discord yet?

    Download the app (Click "Download for Windows" and do not use the html version):

    Create an account (be sure and use your real name)

    Use this link to join the CMS Discord server:

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    invite invalid-says i need to claim account and when i do it says email already exists
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyer23 View Post
    invite invalid-says i need to claim account and when i do it says email already exists
    Open Discord in a browser window and log in. Click the invite. It'll get hung in some loop trying to "sign in"...let it sit there a few seconds, then open another browser tab and open discord like normal. The server should be in your list now, even though that invite is still "looping"'ll appear nothing is happening, but it does.

    It's some kind of Discord bug because it's not just this invite, it's all of them I've ever received.

    ..that's how I do it, anyways.

    ETA: I just sent you an invite to the CMS server at Discord. Should show up somewhere there (probably private messages...think you click the "home" tab to see those conversations)...maybe that one, sent from within, won't hiccup like these invite links tend to....then again, maybe it does the same thing. Not sure.
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