Just something I played around with yesterday, and am amazed at the easy and quick results.

DSR....Dynamic Super Resolution

A few years ago (has it really been that long ago? ) a fellow CMS member turned me on to DSR. (Thank you Mr. Tim Collier!)
However, after testing (at that time with GTX 660) I found it was somewhat out of reach and the framerates weren't acceptable, so I abandoned the idea and forgot about it.

Yesterday, in pursuit of some shadow solutions in rF2, I again ran across talk of DSR.
Started reading about how well it worked with older DX9 game engines. .....hummm, been a while since I tried this, I've got some time to kill and a nice little 1050Ti to work with now. A LOT of overhead in AMS, even maxed out (love that about this sim, btw!)....

So I gave it a go....and WOW!

I was able to negate the performance impact(s) by completely turning off the AA I was using in game. (I did go back to a low AA setup, but only to make it even nicer, and seeing how far I could push it before it impacts framerate fluidity)

Wildly, even at 4k, the performance impact is far smaller than the impact of all the AA I was running before (which was a lot)

This has increased the look and immersion of AMS x10 fold for me, and I am very grateful I rediscovered information that I was previously gifted by Tim.
Lucky for me, when I was first turned on to DSR, I did a lot of reading, so there was no learning curve (which there really isn't much of one anyways, this is REALLY easy to set up) and I was able to get right to it.

I encourage and recommend anyone with some GPU overhead to play with to test this out with AMS.
You won't hardly believe the difference. The clarity of cars around me, hell the clarity of EVERYTHING for that matter.....wow, just wow!

.....this isn't a "how to"...just a "go have a look see thread"...so I'm out for now.
But if anyone wants to toy around with this and needs some help, just toss those questions right on into this thread and we'll sort it if/when we can.

Merry Christmas, CMS family!