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Thread: January 21st Open Test at Misano (3 Bonus Points for Attending)

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    Jaguar - 5 laps - 1:42:327

    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    Christopher Snow
    about 1,342 laps (well...75 or so mebbe)
    Ferrari. Best was 1:38.825 I think

    I can't even figure how to chat yet, so it's pretty hard to apologize out there. Hope I didn't make too many enemies tonight.

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    Riccardo Navon
    29 laps

    I didn't even know that ingame chat was working...
    an still have to work on the Discord...

    and on the 45 FPS !!!

    found a better setup at the end although I was 1/2 sec slower today = 2xGuiness (cold and smooth after another long day of work).

    Thanks for hosting the event. Server worked flawless.
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    Great test tonight and solid turnout. Iíll post results ASAP. Iím gonna be out of town for a couple of days so it may be until then. Thanks for posting your times guys.


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    hopefully this will post!20190121220544_1.jpg20190121220554_1.jpg

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    to chat press "ENTER" and it will pop up!

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    Angelo dos Santos
    x laps (honestly I didnt pay attention to that! something around 20 laps I guess.)

    Graphics really bad for me last night.

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    I ran I believe 6-15 laps. Not quite sure for sure.

    Bmw m6,

    Fastest lap: 1:36.935

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    HA Snow I remember you. You ran me off the road twice and I ran into the back of you once or twice! XD

    I remember leaving the pits and being behind you a lot. I was in the white black and yellow BMW M6

    Np man, I was really chill that night and didn't mind the crashes. Btw you press (Enter) to enter the chat then just type a message (Enter) again.

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    Well, I get to be the slow guy again:
    ran 15 laps
    best time 1:45.345
    on the plus side (for me) I'm finally starting to figure out this new wheel :-)

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