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Thread: Goiania (Brazilian Stocks) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Default Goiania (Brazilian Stocks) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    My apologies if I impacted anyone, and overall for what was probably a big "rookie" mistake, I did not reboot my pc today prior to the race, and found at about lap 10 that it was freezing... on lap 13 it froze for about 4s and I went off straight in a turn... retired and tried to reboot, only to find good old W10 had updates to do, second rookie mistake, I guess.

    I drove between P10 and P13 the 12 laps I completed, so probably not terrible, but I missed race 2 of course...

    Thanks to all admin, great event, see you all at Road America : )

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    These cars a blast to drive, but also quite difficult, for some of us at least. Race 1 I did pretty well, had one big mistake and off track which lost me a bunch of spots but was able to climb back into the top 10 when people had crashes and off tracks. Very happy with that result and finishing 9th meant I'd be 2nd for the start of race 2.

    I had a bad start and lost about 5 spots just on the first straight, I think I was in 10th or so after lap 1. I did have a nice battle with Brette for a few laps so that was fun. Eventually he made a mistake and I was able to get past. Then there was what looked like quite a big incident involving a few cars so I was able to move up to 6th I believe. Then I had a front row seat for some contact between Jason and Todd(?) I'm not sure who was involved. I had to slow down to avoid the the initial contact and lucky for me I locked my tires so I had to go around the very outside and that helped me avoid any further contact:

    Once that dust settled I was in 4th place but there was still plenty of time left so I assumed that wasn't going to last till the end. Unfortunately Jon who was in 3rd had internet issues I think and just disappeared. I held onto 3rd place for a few laps before Jason and Angelo caught up and passed me easily on the start finish straight. My tires were dead and they were still doing faster laps than my PB so I had no chance to stay with them. I kept it clean for the final 2 laps and finished in 5th place.

    One top 10 and a top 5 finish was definitely more than I was expecting so I'm happy with that. Congrats to the winners and hopefully I can replicate this result next time. It's fun being back racing with you guys and see you next time.

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    Added a few screen shots. If anyone else likes to take screens, please add them to these threads or send them to me in a DM and we'll get the best ones up in the OP from now on.

    @Bob Sullivan - I was going to report on my race until I seen that clip you linked. Cannot quit laughing now. My car coming back across the track right in front of you after exiting view track left.....hilarious later. Work time now.

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    Racing was as good as thought would be with this cars! So for me the event was excelent. Good stuff and good fun.

    Race 1: Managed to get PolePosition, which was nice. At the start Tyler almost got me at T1, but I held the inside line until the very limit and managed to stay ahead. Then we had a great scrap for the first few laps, I think the first 8 or 10 minutes of very good fighting. Fortunately for me I was able to put a gap between us and control the race from then. Winning Race 1, my first here at CMS since I left the hospital...was a bit special.

    Race 2: I expected battles and some caos, and that was exactly what Ive got...and by the looks of it, not only me!
    Was really fun battle other drivers and see other battles going on around me. I love this format.
    I was making good progress through the field, coming from 10th. But then I catched Joe for 3th place, who was struggling with his rear tires I think, maybe overheat? I had a very good draft from him coming the big straight, P2P activated, had a look on the inside but there wasnt a gap there, next thing I know Im pushing him into a spin, for what Im really sorry. I think I entered the corner just too fast and misjudged the distance.
    To avoid further contact I locked my tires badly and went off the racing line to wait for him to recover. But then there was some heavy contacts with the incoming traffic, and I saw a dangerous situation in stay there waiting, so I continued. If the stewards feel Im at fault, Im ok with any penalty I may receive.
    After that the tires were in really bad shape, vibration was horrible. And still some good 18 minutes to go. Somehow, I dont know how, I managed to take Brette and Bob on track and also was able to stay ahead of Jason who came very fast behind me in the last stages. Tense moments, as the car was almost on ice in terms of grip. 3th was excelent considering all of this.

    I hope everybody enjoyed the ride with those great cars.
    Certainly I cant wait for Elkhart Lake, a perfect track for them.

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    Finished 4th in first race, which was very close right till the end and I was fighting for second, just didn't know it was the last lap when 3 of us at the last corner and I was a bit too generous with Tyler and Jason thought white flag to come at S/F line. But I'll take 4th, have to watch the time and "in-game-adjusted" lap count more closely from now on.

    But really gutted with 2nd race result. Started having screen freezes again while I was comfortably in 3rd. Long freezes like 4-5 seconds. AMS is the wost sim in my pc atm due to thid problem, even v0.4 ACC behaving much better !.

    I had the task manager open and have been monitoring disc activity since qualy. I confirmed it again that while during first race all was good second race there was disc activity again, and started having long freezes in game. I have AMS (and all other sims) installed in my SSD (F) drive, and Win10 resides in c: drive which is a regular 7200 rpm HDD. As far as I can tell AMS triggers some activity in C: drive that it causes 100% work load in that and I think robs too much cpu power that slows tje game in return. This happens only when AMS is played! I don't have any problem with rF2, AC, ACC. Not sure what it is, the program that shot to the top of the list in disc activitu was "system.xx" cant remember full extension of it. But if I remember correctly there are several "sytem" programs listed in windows processes. Hope I will have enough time to investigate.

    Congratulations to podium finishers. Really close and enjoyable series.
    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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    First of I would like to thanks all involved to get this league up and running, well done.
    I am one of those seniors at the back of the pack and absolutely enjoyed every moment.
    It is so rewarding being able to have your own little battles where ever you are on the track, (Tony, aaron) , great fun. I was so nervous.

    I am sure you have been suggested many things but here is another.
    Superfetch and prefetech are windows services related to SSD drives I believe. They have for sure caused issues with Iracing, might want to google it you have not seen this before

    Again thanx group for well done job.
    Windows 10 Pro---I7-6700K---16GB Ram---Logitech G27---GTX 1080 Gaming X 8GB---Triple monitor,

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    Whew! This is one tough mod to drive (for me), but quite a blast.

    In race one, I had screen issues on a couple of the early laps, but nothing horrible (although a bit scary because I don't like running over somebody), and had a blast racing the guys in the back third of the pack. Speaking of which, great to have a couple of guys honoring us with their first online race (both of whom did better than I did in my entire first season :-) Anyway, I had added too much wing, so was a sitting duck even without P2P being used against me, something I forgot to change between races. And then at the 19 minute mark the fuel icon came on, and I thought, "No big deal, I'll just milk the last minute," forgetting that it was a 25 minute race. sigh. "Pit this lap, pit this lap," the spotter yelled, and I did so, getting fuel....and getting a speeding penalty. Served the drive-through penalty, and got another for too fast entering. rrrrrrrrrrrrr. Finished the race as I exited the pits.

    Race two went much more smoothly for me, although I was still down on speed on the front straight. Had some fun with Jerry, Scott, Garry, then found myself alone, trying to maintain a gap during the ending laps. Saw Elliott catching up to lap me and decided to start using the P2P just to finish on the lead lap. I think he must have backed off to allow this --- thanks!

    Concerning the discos/memory issues, I suggest that folks having problems disable any automatic updates and restrict Windows updates during the hours you race. Also disable anything on startup that isn't essential to your daily computer needs. (also, using Ccleaner -- once known as crap cleaner -- keeps everything nice and neat).

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    I was ready for this race and this new mod.

    I qualified 7th, 3/4 of a sec off pole, a quarter off 4th, it was good enough.

    Right off the start, I was able to steal Joe's 5th position but Todd went around the outside and for 5 laps, in 6th, I kept up with Jason and Todd. " Maybe " I ate too spicy but I started to have stomach cramps. I actually thought of stopping. If I needed to run to the dumpster then that would be the "out of my hand" decision maker.
    I went off and lost 2 position and then It really punched and I don't even know when or how I crashed but after bouncing off the wall, I had no more engine.

    The stomach ache runs in the family... all is OK... it was just not at the right time. I went on throne and all was right for the 2nd race.

    Second race, starting from dead last, I had my work cut out. I began going up too aggressively, braking for the chicane, I tough to stay on the inside after the kink and out brake Scott, but the gent also kept to the inside so I had lots of momentum but nowhere to go. I bumped in the pack that sent Scott bumping into Garry. So So sorry guys. I festered myself at my poor driving... I'm better than that so I gave myself a penalty on the spot, I waited for everyone to get back on and then some, I rejoined after every body had went by. Luckily, I did not plowed in too hard and there's a lot of offs there so Gary didn't careen in to anything hard. Scott must have found some asphalt in the grass because he rejoined right away.

    So I started to run again, when I got up to Skip Allen, I tip-toed around and ended up using P2P to go by. Hey! I passed one without killing him... I can do it! I passed a few guys with P2P then I got to Scott again. I was just following, surely wasn't going to bump him again, half a car length in front of me, we both went wide in the in Bico de Pato, the hairpin left, corner 6, and he just spun in the dirty stuff... ooofff... not my fault!

    When I got to Jerry, I got mp/h on him so going toward the last corner, I advertise my pass, I move right and fully got beside him and he did not know I was there. We kind of got stuck together and I could not get the car to turn. we both went on the painted off and I waited before applying throttle... that stuff is slippery... and continued on. Jerry tried the "Accelerate on slippery stuff " part and went around. Sorry dude but there was a car on you right.,,

    From then on, lap 12 to the end, I had a great scrap with Matthew. Our tires were gone, turning in was arduous, exiting was hazardous and P2P was key. Thanks Dude.

    For all the other dead bodies I left by the side of the road, my heart goes to ya.


    Passing Jerry
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    What a blast!

    Race 1 got off to a bit of a rocky start and saw us have to restart the session a few times to get all the t's crossed and i's dotted. Thanks for the patience and cooperation, everyone!
    When it finally did get underway it was an intense start for me. Flying down the front straight, watching at least 8 or so cars in my rear view bouncing back and forth, up and down....4 and 5 wide! .....yeah, I was a bit nervous about T1.

    Low and behold, apparently others were too. And apparently I wasn't the only one watching the mirrors more than the road ahead.
    I took a fairly good shunt from Joe, who immediately backed out of it...but by that point I was sideways and really thought race 1 was all but over for me.
    Somehow, miraculously, I managed to hang on to the car...and even more miraculously, no one behind collected me as most of the speed I was carrying came to a blinding halt as the rears regained grip while I was about center of the track WOW...that was scary. I was at least a few laps getting the nerves shook off.
    Dropped back, can't remember how far, but wasn't long before I was back in the top 5, and from there it was a nice race long battle with a few cars, ending with me trying to get past a partially crippled car that was in P2 on the final lap.
    Most of the race I'd spent over driving the car. It was pushing it a bit and I had some rear aero damage from the T1 bump. So by the end, I had roasted the tires off and was working on about 25% of the tires. Tyler (that car running in P2 that I just couldn't get by in the end) said he had a front tire down. Hell of a job holding onto that car, Tyler! Nice enough defense to keep me behind. Just couldn't get the car to do anything at that point...touch throttle and she lurched and shimmied, just had to keep backing out and didn't want to risk losing P3 trying to acquire one last position....wasn't worth it.
    So P3 it was.

    Race 2 saw me a bit better off. No damage in the opening laps and I was having a good battle with Jon and a few others for a while.
    I was dead set on preserving the tires a bit, hoping for a press at the end...and, it worked for the most part. Tires FAR better off in race 2 than at the end of race 1.
    The final 5-8 minutes I was dead set on catching Angelo in P3...I closed the gap, but just couldn't get by in the end. Tried for a race finishing P2P for the pass, but hit it a bit too early and it engaged about midways through the final corner, forcing me to back out slightly..and we finished nose to tail in P2-3.

    Overall, exactly the kind of excitement I expected...very good stuff!
    This track was particularly hard on tires, so what we saw here is not fully indicative of what we will see in the future.
    It was surely good practice for tire conservation, and if one can do it here, one can probably do it almost anywhere we'll be tracking these cars.

    Road America should be a blast...can't wait and see you all there!

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