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Thread: Brazilian Stock Cars 2019 Series Details and Car Selection

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    Default Brazilian Stock Cars 2019 Series Details and Car Selection

    (MNRL Presents) The Battle of the Brazilian Stocks 2019

    January 8 - Goiania

    January 22 - Road America

    February 5 - Ibarra

    February 19 - Velo Citta

    March 5 - Cordoba

    March 19 - Laguna Seca

    April 2 - Road Atlanta

    April 16 - Interlagos
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Car Selection Details: This series will use the Brazilian Stock Cars (2017) cars in AMS. (this content is base game content, provided by Reiza Studios)

    All drivers are welcomed and encouraged to join!

    The 2017 cars come equipped with various skins for us to choose from.
    Selections are first come, first serve. Please make selections as soon as you are able to ensure you get the skin you desire.

    Link for Automobilista (AMS) if you don't have it: Automobilista on Steam
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Series Details: (additional details with specific instructions for each race included in each race briefing posted app. 5-7 days before the event)

    All races will contain a formation lap followed by a rolling start. (further details in each pre race briefing)

    Race format: 2x25 minute races. Tire wear x2. Fuel usage Normal. Top 10 finishing order of Race 1 will be reversed in Race 2.
    The finale race at Interlagos is the only exception. Format for that race will be a single race, 75 minutes in length. (Points awarded for this race will be tripled!)

    Race time: is 8:00pm CDT/9pm EDT
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Points System:

    Also you can optionally sign up for the Seniors Championship if applicable.

    Seniors Points System:

    Note: A driver's worst two results will be dropped from this series points
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________

    Registered Drivers

    Janes Junior - Cimed Racing #0

    Jon Uyan - Prati-Donaduzzi #01

    Elliott Budzinski - Full Time Academy #3

    Mike Napoli - Prati Donaduzzi #4

    Bob Williams - Cimed Racing Team #5

    Tyler Alan - Cavaleiro Racing #08

    Tony Boynton - Bardahl Hot Car #09

    Jason Whited - Shell Racing #10

    Jerry Hamilton - Full Time Academy #12

    Brette Brooks - Full Time Sports #18

    Jorge Rivera - Ipiranga Racing #21

    Vic DiPrizio - RCM #25

    Juan Salas - Ipiranga Racing #28

    Todd Alan - Eurofarma RC #29

    Bob Roberson - Blau #30

    Bob Sullivan - Blau Motorsport #31

    Garry Lamb - Full Time Bassani #44

    Scott Beck - Shell Racing #51

    Nick Picciotto - RCM #65

    Bruno Mancebo - Full Time Bassani #70

    Skip Alan - Bardahl #73

    Angelo dos Santos - Eisenbahn Racing Team #77

    Aaron Page - Cimed #80

    Pete Holm - Vogel Motorsports # 83

    Ryan Soucy - Cimed Racing Team #88

    Matthew Overton - Eurofarma #90

    Luis Almeida - Cavaleiro Racing #110

    Joe Miller -Full Time Sports #111

    Gilles Lalonde - Team Vogel Motorsport #117
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    Chad Bartrum
    Cimed Racing Team #5

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    Full Time Sports #111

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    Shell Racing #10

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    Shell Racing #51
    Scott Beck
    Rothmans Racing

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    Team Vogel Motorsport #117

    *** EDITED ***
    Team Vogel Motorsport is the team name of the "Full Repel" sponsored car. THX J.
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    Is possible to join today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mancebosk8 View Post
    Is possible to join today?
    Please use your full name in forums and in any sim, making sure both matches.
    You need to select a skin first I beleive (to be able to race - first post).
    Last edited by Jon Uyan; 01-23-2019 at 05:05 PM.
    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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    Quote Originally Posted by mancebosk8 View Post
    Is possible to join today?
    State your name and a car selection from the 2017 Stock Cars .
    Take a look at the first post in this thread to see the cars that have been chosen already.
    Chose a car that has not been selected by another driver.

    Like Jon said Make sure you use your real name on the race server
    In the forums - log in and click Settings at the top right and then on the left click Edit Profile under My Settings, enter your real name in the Custom User Title box.
    Make sure you click Save Changes at the bottom right when done.

    If you need help let us know. Once all that is done you are ready to race.

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    Sorry i change my name with same name in automobilista server. Bruno Mancebo.
    Eisenbahn #46

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