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Thread: January 7th Open Test at Nurburgring GP (3 Bonus Points for Attending)

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    About 25 laps
    Ferrari 488 GT3

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    25 liters
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    Hope for all the folks who think they might be too slow -- I ran maybe 10 timed laps, best was 2:06.246 with the default "safe" setup. :-) To be honest, I had to escape several times in order to adjust my wheel settings ("controls" is grayed out for me while online), and I still don't feel comfortable with this wheel in this mod, as I'm having to put in far too much steering input in several of the turns....and can't find a manual for the sim, so it's all incremental guesswork. And each time I re-entered I had to do 3-4 laps before one would be timed.

    As far as issues with the server, I had none.

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    So far:

    A) 8
    B) Ombra Racing Lamborghini Huracan GT3
    C) 1:57:345
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    Tried all 4 cars 5-6 laps each to get a feel for them
    Settled on the Ferrari for now finishing with about 15 laps and a best time of 1.59.394

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    A) 1
    B) Kessel Racing F488
    C) 2:01.704
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    Where to post? Here or on the Official Test thread?

    Quote Originally Posted by AngeloRacer View Post
    Good test session for me. Had the chance to put some serious seat time with this new sim.
    Lots of things to adjust still. Graphics are not working that great, for instance.
    I think I did 35 or so laps. Most with the Bentley Continental. A few with a BMW also.
    Best time 1.57.927 with the first.

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    about 15 laps
    BMW M6

    Good fun tonight. Cut a little short, had some issues with VR locking up when I went to drive. Couldn't even get single player to cooperate.

    Rebooted and it all started to work.
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    Very successful test tonight, lots of cars results will be posted for review ASAP. in the meantime, lets here some test reports in the recap thread ...the next test will be 2 weeks from tonight at Misano! Again 3 bonus points will be awarded to drivers with a lap logged in the results.
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    About 10 laps

    Didn't have any problems but I hit esc and then selected the pits. When I returned to the track I didn't have any lap times written on my screen. Went into setup and when I returned to the track all was good.

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