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Thread: Am I crazy, or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tyler View Post
    I have a question for VR users... What about the real buttons on your wheel, how do you cope with those? I was thinking a VR setup would be cool, but then I realized that with 13 buttons on my wheel and 25 assorted buttons and knobs on my button box a VR setup would never work for me.

    Anyway... I've started my journey through the looking glass. I took delivery of my new Core i9, 500 GB M2 drive and 1000W modular power supply today. Tomorrow I'm expecting a new case, which will handle the the new water cooling radiator, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and a new ROG Hero XI motherboard.

    You know.... I could say I hate racing and this shouldn't be like this, but that would be a lie. I started racing 1/4 midgets at 7 years old and I've seen this all my life. You get real close on a finish and you realize that you if you only had a new set of tires, or if you had that special ________________ that your competitor, who edged you out at the last race had, you could go a little faster or be a bit more competitive or even just flat out beat that SOB! LOL!

    Tires, rims, shocks, magnetos, batteries, injection systems, engines, cars.... OR.... CPUs, video cards, RAM, SSDs, VR sets... its all the same never-ending quest for just a little something more on the track.
    Surprisingly, I'v gotten pretty used to where all the buttons are on my wheel. I have 11 buttons plus a joystick and d-pad/rotary switch.

    I don't really use my button box anymore, as that's a lot harder to find the right button. 15 buttons arranged in a 3*5 grid aren't very user friendly when you can't see crap LOL

    I use the CrewChief app to help take the workload off and use vocal commands to it to replace some buttons.

    Your new build sounds very exciting
    Jason Lundy
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    Before moving to VR, I had been using a 7" tablet for a button box. When I went to VR, that went away, and talking with others mapped what I needed to my Fanatec Formula wheel. I have mapped buttons for the essentials (limiter, lights, pit messages), then using a rotary stick, I can flip between the black boxes with my right thumb, change values up and down with the rotary dial, up and down to move between selections. Change TC, Brake Bias, all of that's in a Black Box!

    That still leaves a few buttons, which I have recenter VR with one, and a preset pit macro for another that clears all pit stop settings before I enter. Really, I didn't run out of buttons...I found I just didn't need that many.

    But the thing that has made it easiest has been Crew Chief. After Daytona, I decided to switch to letting the program put in fuel automatically when I pit, and I have it add 1 lap extra, and it's been great. I know there's so much more you can do with Crew Chief, but having it for spotting, lap times, pit functions and that stuff has been perfect, but I also love the coaching side of it too, gets you fired up!

    In the end, you'll just have to try it out. Here's the good news, people are selling VR headsets on iRacing so if you buy one and don't like it, no sweat, there's plenty of people wanting one. Plus, you don't have to use it for racing, there's so much more you can play (or work), that the price isn't so bad by comparison of the pedals and other stuff you can buy!

    Hope this helps answer your question.
    Tim Collier

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    Thanks for sharing your VR experiences! I definitely want to try one some day. We have a four-person HTC Vive Pro setup in our customer experience center at work that is really kick-ass and I've thought about borrowing one those over a weekend, but I think I would need the IR emitters with it. Although that may be strictly limited to the stand-up experience that they're intended to support. Anyway, I could definitely see using a VR setup for a sim that is a bit less button intensive, like dirt track racing or the Lotus 49.

    I'm using Crew Chief too. In fact, I've used that almost from day 1. I always start the race by clearing all for my pit stop at the beginning of the race or stint, then I adjust on the fly adding just enough fuel to finish the race plus one lap or deciding whether or not to change tires. It's also great for keeping track of the gaps ahead and behind. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without Crew Chief. Especially since my rig isn't really setup for me to keep my keyboard siting out and to the side. Instead, it sits on a shelf above my knees.

    Hopefully the build goes smoothly.

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    It is suspected that the new Oculus Rift S may release soon, it will likely have inside out tracking so that you dont have to setup external cameras around the room, a bump in resolution + optics improvement + other improvements and it is likely cheaper to make then the current version so not really expected to be any more expensive. Oculus haven't said as much yet but they have let current stock start to run out over the last month or so and the S is expected this year. For anyone thinking seriously about VR id wait a little longer and see what happens over the next month or two.
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