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Thread: Screenshot Competizione! (Monday night ACC series poster)

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    Lightbulb Screenshot Competizione! (Monday night ACC series poster)

    Hey everyone!

    I'm working on the promotional posters for our Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) series, coming Monday nights in early 2019.

    Jon Uyan had the idea to have a screenshot contest for the main series poster (and who knows, maybe the individual race posters in the future, if there's enough interest).

    What Can I Win?
    Absolutely nothing but the priceless awe of your peers! Your winning screenshot will be featured in our main series poster, which will be used for months to come.

    How Do I Participate?
    Capture your winning screenshot and send the original file (PNG format preferred!) to Ryan Thompson. I suggest sending it via a PM on Discord (find my name in the list of Members on the right), but a PM on the forums is OK as well, as long as you attach the original full size image.

    You may send in as many awesome screenshots as you like.

    Technical Bits
    Screenshots must be:
    • Full screen
    • Size at least 1920x1080 (1080p); but bigger is even better
    • Free of all HUD/UI/overlay elements. Cars and track only, please.
    • Original screenshot only, please. No modifications, filters, or cropping
    • Recommended: Highest graphics settings in-game

    What Makes a Good Screenshot?
    For this little project, I'm looking for a screenshot that captures the spirit of ACC, while also showcasing the juicy graphics and car models in this new sim. The rest is really up to you, but a few creative ideas to get you started:
    • Action shots are more exciting than a parked car or static view of an empty track
    • I need to cover about half of the poster with text and logos, so be sure there is enough "negative space" that is free of cars and other high-contrast elements.

    But don't get overly concerned with details! The important thing is to have fun and submit great looking screenshots. The winning shot might not tick absolutely every box but might be so good in other areas that it wins.

    Not a hard deadline, but before the end of December would be great.

    Thanks again to Jon for this fun idea.

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    This is really awesome and creative!! Thanks Ryan and Jon for the idea here. I hope to see some CMS folks partake in helping with this. - sweet!
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    Hi everyone, please read the first post.
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