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Thread: CMS-TXL 2019 Season 1

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    Awesome Miguel!!!! Welcome back, great to hear from you
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    Great to see you back Miguel

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    Thank Pete!

    My .02 cents on the series even do we have always guys that like to get faster cars the majority of drivers that show to every race what they really like is the expirience of the race and what i mean is having cars around to fight with or just appreciate that close racing expirience.. with that said GT3 offers lots of check marks on what the most of the drivers ( that show every race ) easier to control, close racing, abs, tc, decent power... also this will give you a full field bunch up together....

    So I suggest running a gt3 series just like blancpain gt series with PRO, AM and SILVER classes... overall points system and for AM and SILVER +3points 1st, +2 2nd and +1 third for class or in that line...

    I volunteer myself for the series decal layers of every driver, points managing, series practice and tests organization and with helping design and be part of a review committee for incidents reported for evaluation!

    Dont know whos runing things now but just pm me and let me know how i can help!

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    I like the GTE, but I support a unified car set. GT3 makes sense.

    Need to understand more about classing/scoring but you are on the right track.

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    I think the answer is MX-5 cup cars
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