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Thread: CMS-TXL 2019 Season 1

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    Default CMS-TXL 2019 Season 1

    CMS-TXL Sports Car Series

    2019 Season 1

    CMS and TXL are proud to partner together and bring you another exciting season of sports car racing! This time, the world's premier GT manufacturers will go wheel to wheel in an 8-race season - over three classes.

    Similar to what we've done in the past, drivers will be categorized into 3 categories: Pro, Am, Gent.

    Our seasoned Pros and highly skilled Ams will drive quickest of the GT cars - the GTEs.

    Choosing between the ethereal-sounding Porsche 911 RSR, the spaceship-like Ford GT, and the bellissimo macchina, the Ferrari 488 GTE

    The Pros will compete in their own class, GTE-Pro as they battle for the Pro Championship, while the Amateurs will fight in GTE-AM for the Am Championship.

    The Gents class will certainly drive in a gentlemanly manner, but have no doubt, no quarter will be given here. They will choose from three of the pre-eminent GT3 manufacturers - the Mercedes-AMG GT with its thunderous soundtrack produced by the 6.2L V8 and excellent chassis dynamics from its front mid-engined layout; and the famous Il Cavallino Rampante will grace the side of the Merc's fellow competitor - that's right, the prancing horse marque will be represented by the Ferrari 488 GT3; as well as the German with Italian ancestry, the Audi R8 LMS. The Gentlemen drivers in this category will battle fiercely for the Gents Championship.

    6 blue-riband sports cars, 3 classes, 8 races, 2 leagues, 3 incredible championships!

    Join us for the first season of 2019 in the Lone Star Sports Car Series!

    In addition, the CMS-TXL Champions Cup will return on off weeks of the Sports Car Series. This time, we will step it up a notch with the Formula Renault 3.5! More downforce, more power, more grip - experience the thrill and rush of open wheel grand prix racing at its finest. More news forthcoming on this front soon.

    2 Car Classifications

    3 Driver Classifications

    3 Championships

    Schedule (link)

    Standings (link)

    Dec 19, 2018 - Sunset - Non Points - 2019 Season 1 Tuneup @ Sebring - Sports Car

    Jan 2, 2019 - Sunset - Non Points - The Roar Before @ Daytona RC - Sports Car

    Jan 9, 2019 - Sunset - Sports Cars @ Daytona Road Course - Sports Car

    Jan 16, 2019 - Morning - Elkhart Lake Road America - Sports Car

    Jan 30, 2019 - Morning - Bathurst 1 Hour Mount Panorama - Sports Car

    Feb 6, 2019 - Late Afternoon - Green Hell NŁrburgring Nordschleife - Sports Car

    Feb 20, 2019 - Sunset - 1 Hour of Sebring @ Night - Sports Car

    Feb 27, 2019 - Morning - Northeast GP @ Lime Rock - Sports Car

    Mar 13, 2019 - Late Afternoon - Sports Car challenge @ Mid-Ohio - Sports Car

    Mar 20, 2019 - Late Afternoon - 1 Hour @ Watkins Glen Classic Boot - Sports Car

    Apr 3, 2019 - Morning - Japanese Sports Car GP @ Suzuka GP - Sports Car

    Car Classifications

    Ferrari GTE
    Ford GT
    Porsche 911 RSR
    BMW M8 GTE

    Ferrari GTE
    Ford GT
    Porsche 911 RSR

    Audi R8 LMS
    Ferrari 488 GT3
    Mercedes-AMG GT

    Edit 03-19-2019 Manual BOP removed
    BMW M8 GTE car added to GTE class

    Driver Classification

    - New drivers not listed under the driver classifications below, with an iRating over 1600 will be assigned to GTE and should drive a GTE car for their first race. Classification to either Pro or Am will be determined after further review and race performance. -

    Gentlemenís Classification

    Adam J Young
    Anthony M James
    Anthony M James
    Bill Brehm
    Brian Luyster
    Clint Ford
    Daniel Lopez4
    David Hiles
    Doyle Lowrance
    Fred McIntosh
    Jacques Richard
    Jay Dargert
    Joey Trungale
    John Addison
    John Prince
    Lawson Christy
    Mike Tyler
    Paul Hamilton2
    Randy Drumhiller
    Rick D Smith
    Scott Burke
    Scott Roeder
    Steven Hardy

    Amateur Classification

    AJ Herrera
    Alan Hesebeck
    Aldo Villamil
    Benjamine Freel
    Cory Mitchell
    David Anderson
    David Slee
    Dion Smith
    Drew D Lidkea
    Jack Ulstad
    Jay Freels
    John Navara
    John-Taylor Tami
    Julie Redmon
    Kris Hudson
    Larry Ford
    Liam Park
    Marco Calabi
    Michael Lane3
    Peter Hebron
    Phil Elmore
    Russell Gordon2
    Samuel Scott
    Tim Collier

    Professional Classification

    Amjed Yamin
    Blake Reynolds
    Brett Stephens
    Chris E Pence
    Clark Archer
    Daniel Johnson
    David Weiss
    Humberto Roca
    James Stacey
    Jason Lundy
    Jimmy Hume
    Jose S Gomez
    Kevin Santana
    Leif Peterson
    Miguel Alcrudo
    Mohamad Ballout
    Nick Harwood
    Paul Darling
    Paulo Martins
    Robert Tarbox Jr
    Sheldon Rosenbaum
    Victor Tanaka

    Race Night Detailed Information

    Wednesday Nights (US)

    Practice Combined class - 8 :00 pm Central/US (Dallas)- Duration 40 minutes

    Qualifying Bottom 50% of practice times - 8:40 pm Central/US (Dallas) - Duration 10 minutes

    Qualifying Top 50% of Practice times - 8:50 pm Central/US (Dallas)- Duration 10 minutes

    Race - 9:00 pm Central/US (Dallas)- Duration 60 minutes

    Fuel Settings
    GT3 60%
    GTE 65%

    1 pit stop will be required

    Race Starts

    Rolling Starts grouped by car classification 1st and then by qualifying times

    A 5 second gap should be maintained between different car classifications once we start rolling towards the green flag.

    Minimum Driver classification

    iRacing Class D 4.0 Road License Required

    General Information

    8 Race Season with 2 Provisionals

    Open Setups

    No Fast Repairs

    No Black Flags cleared

    Random Weather

    Random Time of Day & starting track rubber (Will be announced prior to season start)

    17 INC DQ

    No intentional wrecking or car contact. No foul or abusive language. Donít be a jerk!

    -25 points each time you change cars


    3 Championships, GTE Professional, GTE Amateur and GT3 Gentlemen. This should put a championship in reach of almost every driver.

    This series has grouped drivers with similar skill levels with the intension of giving everyone a chance to win 1 of 3 championships. You are encouraged to stick with the classification you have been assigned. However, if you wish to move up in class to compete and drive a different car you will be allowed to do so with the understanding that you will be grouped with drivers with a higher skill level. You will not be allowed to move down in class to compete against drivers with a lessor skill level.

    Drivers have been classified using a mathematical formula that considers each drivers iRating, Race performance, fast laps and qualifying times from CMS-TXL Lone Star Sports Car Series 2018 Season 4

    Any driver that feels they have been miss classified should contact Jason Lundy with CMS or Larry Ford with TXL via private message within iRacing and ask for specific consideration regarding their reclassification prior to the start of the season.

    New drivers we are not familiar with will be classified based on iRating alone and may be subject to reclassification mid-season. If we are familiar with a new driver, we will attempt to classify them to the best of our ability.

    Assuming this format is well received, driver classifications are subject to change between seasons based on historical performance data.






    5 thru 20 - 26 to 11 [reducing by 1 each position]

    21 thru 60 - 10 points for every position

    Provisional - 8 points

    Must complete at least 1 lap to be considered as a Start and to score points.

    Drivers will earn one [1] 2019 Season 2 Provisional for every 2 starts made during 2019 Season 1. If a driver can't make a race they can use a provisional for that race and score 8 points that week.

    Points Standings
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    Awesome! Super keen for both of these series!

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    This is gonna be awesome!!!!!
    david anderson | champion motorsports
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    It's an interesting idea. For me personally, I'm not overly excited about driving the old, outdated GT1s. It's too bad we don't have any modern slower prototypes on iRacing. The HPD is OK but also sort of old and boring.

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    Wahoo! I am really looking forward to running a full season! I'm back baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tyler View Post
    Wahoo! I am really looking forward to running a full season! I'm back baby!
    It's awesome having you back with us Mike!!!!
    david anderson | champion motorsports
    @info_cms | cms facebook | cms blogs

    my personal motorsports blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket951 View Post
    It's an interesting idea. For me personally, I'm not overly excited about driving the old, outdated GT1s. It's too bad we don't have any modern slower prototypes on iRacing. The HPD is OK but also sort of old and boring.
    I have to agree with Clark on this one. I loved driving the Aston back in 2015, but looking at some of the names in the AM class compared to the speed disparity (or lack there of) between the GT1's and the GTE's - It seems to reason that PRO/AM should all be in the GTE.

    This would serve two purposes:

    1) It would showcase the driver skill between PRO and AM designations more accurately and,

    2) Remove any chance of missed classification due to lack of a constant variable in the equation.

    I think some of the guys here, depending on the day, could be interchangeable between PRO/AM. I feel being forced into car that fits into some vintage road racing categories today is a severe disadvantage and basically equalizes any extra preparation effort or race craft advantage I may have. As it stands, I can easily see GTEs being faster on some tracks requiring more down force and there being some serious impatience and frustration in traffic when battles are heated towards race end.

    /2 cents
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    2016 Season 2 CMS iRacing AM Champion
    2018 Inaugural CMS/TXL Lone Star Sports Car Series Champion

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    Iím glad the partnership is continuing so we can keep up the good combined grid sizes. However, GT1 and GTE donít really mix well.....weíll very likely have some problematic overlap.

    I think we discussed this before in CMS, but I really donít like forcing car classes with driver classes. Unfortunately I despise the GT1 cars after a rough season in another league, so not sure I would want to return to them.
    ~Paul Darling
    CMS iRacing League #155

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    Substitute the Highcroft P2 and/or Corvette DP for the GT1s. As others have said, GT1s are dinosaurs and these protos aren't ridiculously faster than the GTs and won't cause issues like the Audi and 919 Porsche.

    Also no random time of day. If an event is going to be run at night, people need to practice at night.
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    Great idea Paul. Replace the GT1s with the Corvette DP and I'm all in.

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