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Thread: ACC Problems?

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    (I figured there may be some who have issues other than myself, hence the broad heading)

    Ok, guys, I downloaded and installed ACC, no problems, but when I go to open the sim, I get an error saying I can't play because I am missing "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Runtime." I checked my files, do not have the C++ 2015, but do have C++ 2013 and C++2017 installed. Got a copy of the 2015 version, but it won't install, perhaps because the 2017 is more recent? Have any of you had this trouble with this sim, and if so, how did you fix it?

    I suppose I could uninstall the 2017 version, install the 2015 version, then re-download and install the 2017 version, but I'm not sure if that would hose up any other sims. :-(

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    Problem solved: uninstalled the 2017 version, installed the 2015 version, all is well with the world!

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    Other things I have noticed that folks might run into (I have much to explore still, and NOTHING ever works well for me straight out of the box!):
    I adjusted the resolution to match what I run in Automobilista and rF1, which is 2560x1440. This made the sim bomb. Went back to the default, and that problem was solved.
    Hopefully this problem has already been reported and will be addressed; however, the graphics were pretty darned good using the default setting

    Two other times I ran into an error that kept me from entering the track, but both resolved themselves by exiting and re-entering the sim. So before you go looking into error messages, just exit and re-enter, and you might save yourself some time.

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