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Thread: Excellent rFactor 2 Force Feedback Tips

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    Default Excellent rFactor 2 Force Feedback Tips

    Making this a sticky for reference
    Was shared earlier in a post and I thought was a really good article on FFB for rFactor 2.
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    I have been reading that thread for months now... 1275 posts...

    Reading the OP (Original Post), from top to bottom, is mandatory.

    There are many pointers in there...

    First: It talks about "Clipping", where the game supplies data for the wheel to exert X amount of force and your wheel can't give that... it tops out. That is real bad, you lose what the car is doing.
    Since TechAde's "rF2 Pedal & FFB Overlay Plugin" is DX9 only, with DX11 rF2, it doesn't work. There are other ways to get the data like with Motec or the rF2TelemetryCSVPlugin but those entail some work. You'll have to search the thread for the relevant posts.
    Since I'm still in the dark on this matter, in game, I run my wheel at 75% and I usually lower the "car-specific FFB multiplier" to 0.9 or 0.8.

    Second: It talks about the "steering torque minimum". So not to start from zero, I used WheelCheck and its "Min Force" test to give me a base value and start from there.
    WheelCheck is not erratic but it wont often give the exact same value. Testing Min Force with the wheel as close as possible to center gives me from 6.5% to 8.5%. With the wheel off center, turned one way or the other, it gives me from 7% to 9.5%.
    So I started at 7% (0.07 in my playername.json file). I did my nice 6:54 at the Green Hell in the 991RSR GTE at 9.5%.

    Get WheelCheck from the link under "Edit: 7" of the OP and have fun with your wheel... you payed enough for it... you can play with it and find out how to get the most out of it.


    *** EDIT #1 ***
    Reading more of it; post #947
    Contains a link to a spreadsheet that, as indicated in the post, is a "sweet little page where you can do all sorts of stuff to optimize your FFB".
    That link has moved, it's now at: gid=1651868755

    *** EDIT #2 ***
    "Using WheelCheck linear force tests may be based on seriously flawed assumptions"
    It includes links and... opinions on using LUT for AC; "I went down the Wheelcheck / LUT rabbit hole quite a bit"

    *** EDIT #3 ***
    Force Feedback - how to get a "stiffer" wheel?
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