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Thread: Cadwell Results & Discussion

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    It was another up and down race for me.
    First, I was super happy about the BoP of the 356. I sure was in front but I ran an unhealthy amount of laps to test the physics and didn't have any ballast, so yeah pretty much perfect match, for this track at least. And that early qualifying lap was just flying, grip wasn't even 100% at that point I think.

    I knew I wouln't keep 1st place long. The 4 gears in the 356 are forcing the use of a super long 1st to keep the engine revving high, so it takes foreever to take off the line, at some point I almost went out give the car a push...
    I was sure I had the pace to keep up with anyone, so things looked good, just had to be patient.
    Got into a close battle with Brette after a couple of laps. The 356 larger engine had a top speed advantage in sector 1, so I figured the place to pass was at the end of the long roller coaster straight. As it turns out, it's not that straight and there was a door to door contact with Brette. I'm sure he was just trying to keep the car on the not-so-straight black stuff, race incident. But the end result for me was falling back to last place after a long excursion in the grass.

    The good thing is that we had a pretty nice grid, so there was a lot of other drivers to race, which I did. Really good fun with everyone. Eventually, I even got another duel with Brette. Got in front cleanly this time, only to spin the car by myself a few moments later....

    I hoped for a better result, but I was either chasing someone or was chased 75% of the race, so real good time overall.

    Congrats to the 3 top drivers, looked like solid driving from everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hzamora View Post
    In the 4th picture posted by Mihaly, the Porsche ahead, the Alfa with a power slide and wait, what is that?????, the Lancia is front wheel drive, how in that point I had those wheels loking for the wrong side??
    That picture is right after the moment you gave me a little tap from the back, that's what threw your car (and mine too) into that position. It caught my eye when watching the replay, I found it cool, so I took the screenshot

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    A little late to the party but I'll throw my two cents in.

    My return to the track was a little short of epic However my expectations were met.
    With the talent on the grid I couldn't expect anything more than not making contact with anyone!!!
    Thankfully goal met.

    At the start I thought I might be able to hang with Ray, or at least keep him in sight and for the first few laps I did. Fun stuff.
    Then my worst section on the track, Gooseneck, got me and got me and got me.

    Over the course of the race I was able to get somewhat more comfortable with the car, if that's possible and enjoyed myself
    trying to settle into a rhythm.

    Congrats to the podium!
    Understeer, you SEE the tree you crash into. Oversteer you HEAR the tree you crash into.

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    @Mike, race review final is ready.
    __The view is great from moral high ground__

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    Previous Penalties
    - B. Brooks Stern Warning
    - H. Zamora Warning

    - No issues.

    - D. Slee contact with B. Arthurs twice going thru T1 (2:16 & 2:17) forcing him to half slide. NQ for avoidable contact.

    Penalties Summary
    - D. Slee, NQ
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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