View Poll Results: What Cars for the 2019 NARS Winter Series?

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  • LMP2 Endurance Cars (Studio 397)

    3 12.50%
  • LMP3 Endurance Cars Again (Studio 397)

    1 4.17%
  • GTE Endurance Cars (Studio 397)

    18 75.00%
  • Something Else (please explain in the thread)

    2 8.33%
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Thread: NARS 2019 Winter - Okay, Now What?

  1. Default NARS 2019 Winter - Okay, Now What?

    5 races completed and 3 to go in the Autumn Series, but it isn't too early to start asking what we run next.

    Please add your comments what you think is working and what isn't working as well in the Autumn Series, and what you would like to see next.

    We planned to stay with the Studio 397 Endurance cars package.

    Presuming everyone realizes there are not enough entries to run a true multi-class series, should we run GTE, LMP2, or LMP3 again?

    Also, is 8 races with 2 drop races too many events?

    Should we drop back to 6 events in the next series and 2 drop races?

    What tracks would you like to see in the Winter Series?

    In the poll, please only vote if you ran the Autumn Series, or are serious about running the Winter Series.
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    Voted for "something else".

    I would like to compete with Studio's GT3 pack. It was the initial DLC release most of us bought it but did not get the use it because never had a serious run here at CMS. There were few fun runs I think.
    It is more fitting to draw bigger numbers as LMP2 cars are more complicated to setup and LMP3 is not easy to drive.
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    Damn eyeballs. Doug, can you correct my vote? I clicked on LMP3, when I meant to chose GTE. Sorry
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    Is the fact there are 2 replies to the thread and 12 responses out of 100 views an indication of interest?

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    I'm not going to vote. I'll basically drive anything with 4 wheels on it.
    Seems GTE is a popular option, I could easily be happy with that.
    Track selection, not too picky, prefer to track the cars in places they are tracked real world side.

    8 races with 2 drops is a good scheme. I could personally do without the points increase throughout the series, but I understand the scheme and agree that it perhaps keeps some around later in the season that may have bailed earlier if points didn't build up the way they do in the current series.
    6 races with 2 drops is not enough, imo. That only leaves 4 races counting towards total, and that feels "incomplete" to me.

    Other than that, I think the autumn series has been going quite good. Numbers could be better, but they could also be a lot worse, and considering the numbers drops I'm seeing everywhere I race and/or lurk around, the numbers here have stayed fairly steady (all things considered).

    I think you (Doug) and Don have done a wonderful job with the series. It's organized, easy to follow, streamlined in many ways.
    Come race night, there is always admin there to answer a question or 100. The "live race steward/admin" deal that is done here, I like that.
    The series has life, you two definitely resuscitated NARS (or perhaps just my own view of it, sitting on the sidelines until a few recent series) after taking over, and I've had fun with it for sure.

    It's in good hands. Perhaps that explains some of the lack of posts here?
    I didn't intend to post here, I was/am content with letting series admin do their thing here. I trust that your decisions will bring us fun and enjoyment, no matter what the selections, cars/tracks alike.

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    I like the 8 races with 2 drops. 6 doesn't seem like enough to me too.

    I'm usually good with the tracks that are selected. I like longer tracks if I had my choice.

    I'm with Jason when he says you guys are doing a great job with the series.
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    I feel a bit out of place commenting , given that I've been AWOL since race 1, but I agree with Jason and Scott just the same. I like the 8/2 drop format--six does not seem enough.

    If this were extended even further...even to 10/2 or 12/3, etc, I'd be happier still with it. Anything longer than that, though, and people's lives start colliding too hard with any series, IMO (and even with a few allowed drops): For example, I'm anticipating another semi-retirement in the winter and spring for leg rehab...and I'm certainly not the only one with issues.

    In my case, that may extend until early July too, as there are other plans, entirely unrelated to health and rehab also already set in stone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Atkinson View Post
    Is the fact there are 2 replies to the thread and 12 responses out of 100 views an indication of interest?
    Not really. A worthy subject must be pondered, IMO. I deemed it worthy of thinking it through for my own part, and I hope I did it justice.

    Or, to put it another way (perhaps pertinent in time): "Don't believe [all the] the polls."
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    Havenít voted yet, but Iím in agreement with Jon. GT3s havenít been used at all.

    I do think the inherent difficulty in driving these LMP3s does make it difficult for some. The GT3s are more forgiving, and are much more simple to set up.

    Of course, a poll to see who owns or would buy the Gt3 pack would be the next course of action if thatís the way Spring 2019 would go.

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    As requested tonight, please add which tracks you want to run the GTs on and which tracks you do not want to run.

    We had a couple of drivers request we run the 1955 Rouen version in 2019 NARS Winter Series. What else?

    More feedback the better guys!

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