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Thread: Historics Fall/Winter Season - 60's Coupes

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    Default Historics Fall/Winter Season - 60's Coupes

    CMS Historics is ready to warm your fall and winter with some door-banging tiptop fun in Assetto Corsa!

    Drivers will choose from the following 60's small-bore coupes:

    Porsche 356B
    Alfa Romeo GTA
    Lancia Fulvia
    Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ

    Of note, CMS members contributed to the development of two of these cars, the 356B and the TZ. CMS Historics offers special thanks to Patrice Cote (Swordsman) and Brian van Beusekom (Brian B) for providing versions of their work for us to enjoy! Please do not publicly redistribute these versions.

    Porsche 356 Spa Classic

    Join us on Sunday nights at 9pm US Central time, preceded by a 15 minute qualifying session. Races will be one hour in length. Pitstops will be required this season- you must stop during each event to take on at least 1 liter of fuel.

    Points will be scored per event using the following point system based on finish: 20,18,16,14,12,10,8,6,4,2,1.

    We will be signing up for specific cars for the season- please provide your car selection and Steam ID in the car selection thread. Drivers are free to change cars between events by adding a new post in the selection thread; however, once you leave a car, you cannot go back to that model again for the rest of the season.

    This season we will assign a weight-penalty based on championship standings. Starting with the second race, the top 2 drivers will carry an extra 40kg, and the next 3 will carry an extra 20kg. The intent is to keep the field close, not dramatically change the outcomes, so admin reserves the right to adjust the weight amounts and brackets as necessary.

    Pre-season testing suggests that the car set is well-matched; however, admin reserves the right to apply an additional weight penalty to all drivers of a specific model if it should become necessary to keep the racing fair.


    Oct 14 - Croft - download link
    Nov 4 - Cadwell Park (Full) - download link
    Nov 18 - Mas du Clos (Full) - download link
    Dec 9 - Charade (4km) - download link
    Jan 13 - Feldbergring - download link
    Jan 27 - VIR (North) - download link
    Feb 10 - Pau '74 - download link
    Feb 24 - Putnam Park (GP) - download link

    (Car download links are in the car selection thread)

    Server Name: CMS Historics
    Server Password: loudandproud

    Typical Race Schedule
    Practice: 8-8:45 p.m. Central Time (US) - 45 min
    Qualify: 8:45-9:00 p.m. Central Time (US) – 15 min
    Warmup: 9:00-9:05 p.m. Central Time (US) - 5 min
    Race: 9:05 p.m. Central Time (US) - 60 min

    Drivers must complete 50% of the race distance to receive points.

    Join us on Teamspeak for voice chat. Connection information here

    All CMS Rules and Regulations are in affect for this series.
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    ... working on download links and sign-up thread ...
    Michael Kolar (aka Hutch)

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