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Thread: NARS 2018 Autumn - Fun Race #2 - March 761 & Brabham BT44B @ Rouen-Les-Essart

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    I was banking on yesterday as testing session but couldn't even gey near my pc. If I can get off work on tome to get home and install the track, and turn some laps I might be able to race.
    Always loved GTR2/ P&G version of this track but have no experience with rF2 version.
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    That was amazing.

    My driving, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Whited View Post
    I'm guessing Schlessler crashed heading into (what appears to be) T10? Or perhaps it was T9 at the time?
    I read, "the fast downhill sweeper" was the location of the crash. Can't imagine that being the tight hairpin, but can certainly see how it could happen at T10. :eek
    Jo Schlesser*

    [* NO "l"'s Schlesser]

    ...died against the outside embankment exiting T3, which is why the chicane was thereafter put in place.

    Jo's car turned at least ninety degrees back toward the corner apex (there is no video I'm aware of the actual impact, but only of the aftermath) so it might even have spun a full 360+90. Jo was thrown out of the car to his left and ended up lying on the ground "ahead" of the car (in the direction of travel) a bit further downhill, with (as I recall it) his head closer to the embankment, and his feet out toward the track. He was already then quite dead next to the furiously burning car. He was, later and subsequently, carried back uphill toward the pits along the outside of the track by two Gendarmes (or medical personal--not sure of this) on a stretcher. Quite dead and also also quite burned...and also quite exposed, though the two stretcher bearers probably did their best that day--it is an unpleasant duty.

    As best I recall it.

    I truly can't imagine, to this day, what it was the French authorities at the time were thinking...except this:

    They WEREN'T really thinking at all, hadn't planned at all for the potential of death...and perhaps not even for injury.

    Jackie Stewart spoke of it in his book "Faster," and was (as I recall it) completely appalled at the general lack of preparation and its cost to those most dear to the deceased. But before I go further, I should properly have his book in front of me.

    Suffice it say: He--JYS--was NOT happy about the way Jo's widow was treated that day.

    It was an embarrassment, really, to all involved in racing, whether drivers or mere fans.

    JYS: *and again, I do not have his book in front of me*: "...she knew he had been hurt, and so she made her way down the track to find out what had happened to him. And then she saw him...

    ...and was led away, screaming.

    It's when I read passages like that one ^^^...that I truly want to give up even simulated-motor-racing.

    I love the sport, and even will tolerate the cost among those who participate. But the cost for those who care about them is certainly VERY high.

    Still makes me sick to this day to even read about it.
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    Coming back to "our world"!

    Really good combo indeed. Although would be much better if we could have done the older layout with those cars.

    Very competitive bunch of drivers. Some impressive times from John.
    I managed the 5th best time, third row. Time to race!

    Beggining was good, some hectic moments on the chicane of flying tires. Overtook Jason when he did a mistake, up to 4th, and from then on I settled to see where consistency would lead me.
    Had some good chases and battles with Jon, Greg and specially Jason.
    I was 3th when about 20 minutes to go, John and Don started to drop back towards me and Jason. The last 15 minutes were pure thrill. Great stuff.
    Don had a problem in the "fly" chicane, and that was me chasing down John for the win all the way, with Jason also willing to get past me. Fornunately I managed to stay cool and keep my position.
    John was a bit too fast for me, and I was 2nd because he and Don had issues and gave me a chance to fight.

    Sometimes is like this. Consistency can save your ass!

    Looks like we´re going for a 3th consecutive event with those cars. For me a bit too much, and Im giving the next one a miss.

    But if NARS someday consider give historic cars a chance for a proper championship, I would be pretty much in, surely.

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    RF2 crash for me. Too bad because it was shaping up to be a fun race.

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    For a fun race, the level of competition was simply excellent!
    Very immersive racing and that was a blast, although I'm kicking myself for pushing through the chicane too hard with only 5 minutes to go, trying to pressure Angelo. Up unto that point it'd been a great chase and I was having a blast. Exited the chicane, got the right rear on the grass and gunned it and headlong into the wall I went, lost the nose cone and spent the last minutes trying to nurse it home, losing some spots in the process. a little wild in the opening lap. I got in the grass exiting the chicane (place was tricky to get just right and a good exit)...went through one of the signs (wooden sign is not good for car) and brushed the wall. Thought my race was going to be garbage from there on out, figured I had some damage, but it seemed minimal and I continued on. Next time through the chicane I was NOT expecting the two cars ahead of me to be so cautious, nearly ran over them both

    Very tiring race, not sure I blinked more than a few times. Eyes were burning and very dry by the end, so I must have been focused, which is better than my general habit of losing focus as the race progresses. Also, a very very fun race. Thanks to all those I was able to hang with, might have been a fun race, but certainly one for my memory book.

    ...also, @John Nelson. Please tell me you threw away, tweaked, or otherwise completely changed the setup I sent the night before last.
    I swear, if I got beat with my own set
    (However, I have a suspicion that might not have been the case. Unless I was totally missing something, that set simply didn't have sub 1:41s in it, but I could be wrong)

    Looking forward to Longford in these little beasts...should be interesting

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    Never let up for a second....or that may be where you finish!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Whited View Post
    ...also, @John Nelson. Please tell me you threw away, tweaked, or otherwise completely changed the setup I sent the night before last.
    I swear, if I got beat with my own set
    (However, I have a suspicion that might not have been the case. Unless I was totally missing something, that set simply didn't have sub 1:41s in it, but I could be wrong)
    All I did was add fuel and max the downforce, adjusted steering to 14 degrees instead of my usual 10 because of the brick hairpin. Other than that is was your .

    I was amazed at my Quali lap. I had not tried the high downforce set until then. Well it worked. I thought for sure someone would have beaten me. The race was pressure filled throughout. I made several mistakes that should have cost me the win, but I was lucky to stay close and consistent was the key. I flat spotted my tired after 15 minutes, so I drove the last 1/2 hour shaking like crazy from my T500 !!!!! Lucky to win, spun 3x lost the lead on the 3rd time and was fortunate to get it back. Sweating like a dog the last 10 minutes and pressure was high. Great race from all !!!
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    that was a blast.
    good racing guys... look forward to doing that again with these cars.

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