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    Default 10 years with CMS

    It just found out that I've been a CMS member for 10 years!

    I think it all started when I discovered the ILMS mod for rFactor1 at rFactorcentral (At that time a major site for rF mods). If I remember correctly, you had to be a CMS member to get the full mod - So I joined CMS. Prior to that I had raced with several Danish and Scandinavian leagues - and done some admin work as well. Back at that time, an English member was running an international series using the mod and based on a EU time zones. I soon got involved in some admin work with this gentleman, but it broke down shortly afterwards... At this point my very good friend Brian Farmer joined the show, and we ran the World Division for a number of years. In the beginning it was based on rF1 and the ILMS mod. When that mod was discontinued, we switched to the Enduracer mod. When rF2 popped up, I ran a test series using the Nissan while we still had our main races in rF1. At one point, we switched to rF2 and first ran the payware mod from URD. When the Enduracer became available for rF2, this mod was implemented.

    During all that time we wanted to create endurance events lasting 75-90 minutes. Calendar planning and track selection was a major task before every season. We wanted the calendar to follow real life events - Typically either endurance racing or Formula 1: Watch the race in the afternoon and race the track in the evening. Testing tracks was always time consuming: Grid size, starting lights, pit boxes, lab counting (also in the pit) - and with rF2 also generation of racing line, rain and spray, drying line.

    In the beginning, I was part of Danish Racing Team with several other Danish drivers. When some of these left CMS, Brian and I created Team Espresso - so named to reflect our love of a good cup of coffee. Luckily both Brian and I are dedicated prototype drivers. Interestingly, it very quickly turned out we could absolutely NOT race the others setup!

    Besides the regular racing we also created a number of special events replicating the major real life races: Daytona, Le Mans and The Green Hell (aka Nordschleife). Often these events were testing the sim racere endurance: They would last 2.4 hours, and no substitution would be allowed!

    About 1.5 years ago, both Brian and I felt we had run out of energy, and decided it was time to stop admining. Since then I have followed what is happening here at CMS, but haven't spent much time on track racing. Instead, I have rallied and done some trucking.

    I have had a lot of fun admining, racing and chatting with CMS members on Team Speak!

    During my racing career, I have made skin for several mods and teams here at CMS. I am going to post some of these over the next days (Any recommendation for a good image upload site?).
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    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

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    I had a lot of great times in the World League, Steen. Thanks for everything you did for Champion and all of us.

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    Same here, Steen. Had a lot of fun, and sure miss those Sunday races.
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    -See You On Track!

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    Congrats Steen

    Here is to 10 more years!

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    A handfull of CMS skins reflecting different mods, series and drivers over the years...

    rF2 URD Corvette CMS spring 2014.jpg Doran Porsche CMS 2012 (1).jpg Espresso Nissan.jpg

    A Batmobile for David...
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

    Tom Walkinshaw: "When black goes to green, you are in troubles..."

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    More skins...

    And "No Fear" for John...

    Attachment 12909 Attachment 12910 Attachment 12911 Attachment 12912
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    Steen Nielsen (aka. wheeler)

    Tom Walkinshaw: "When black goes to green, you are in troubles..."

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    Well done on your ten years, Sir! Your thread prompted me to take a look at my own history and beginnings here and I'm about a year shy I found out. So I suppose sometime next year I'll be looking back the way you are right now.

    Always interesting to look back on your own start--that alone was educational and informative--I had garbled in my own mind some of the time-frames. Interesting to look back on what you said then, on what you looked forward too, or expected to see...and see also from CMS.

    Or on what you also hoped to contribute TO it. And you've done your fair share of that, Steen--I congratulate you also for that.

    For my part I have NOT been disappointed in the least with my own years at CMS--CMS is by far the best thing that has happened to me in many years as far as sim-racing goes (and truthfully, probably everything else--I could walk away from most of the rest). Because CMS is real people, and I've ALWAYS preferred online racing over A.I.
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