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Thread: Opala '86, Salvador (Round 5) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Default Opala '86, Salvador (Round 5) Post Race Data, Standings, and Discussion

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    Race 1: Start: I overdrove into the first turn and ran into Luis in the 8 car and caused damage to Jerry and Nick. Bad error. Sorry guys, penalty accepted.

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    Awesome race!

    Not a particular fan of this track. But provided a good challenge with those cars.
    I fought a lot to get Pole Position, as track position would be crucial. And the lap that got me this Pole was really good. Happy with that.

    Race1: Good start, and controling the race after that. Brette and Jason pushed me really hard, sometimes was quite tense, but I managed to keep it together and take the win.

    Race2: Unfortunately we had to requaly for this one, which for me was difficult, giving the importance of Pole for this track. Also pain started to hit me, so I had to deal with another factors. This time Jason took Pole, and I knew that I had a difficult one ahead.
    My only option was to push as hard as I could and keep the pressure on at all times.
    Was a great fight. I bumped him slightly in one of the hard braking zones, my mistake, but fortunately he kept together.
    Then around mid race, on that awful chicane of hell, Jason hit the kerbs a bit too hard, went sideways, and I had my chance to take the lead. I went for it and was great, sideways action. Move done!
    Jason never gave up and pushed me really hard for the rest of the race. But again, managed to keep my head and take the second of the night. Phew...that was really intense!

    Really nice be racing again, but at the same time, realizing how much off my health is atm and with much uncertainty. Im a shadow physically of what I was like 3 months ago. Tough times.
    Lets keep racing while is possible!

    Cheers everyone. Good crowd tonight!

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    Apologies for the delays and the need to re qualify last night. We have altered the length of time after the leader finishes the race so that more time will be given for us to restart the warmup session, thus saving our initial qualifying results. (I also botched setting the grid manually. Thanks to Jimmy Regan for hooking me up with that link again, I was stumbling around trying to find it. But, once I got it I was hurrying and the stress caused me to make a dumb, very large mistake. I did not have the rF grid tool in AMS. I had it on desktop, know I understand why it would load the file. ) We'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again, and thanks to everyone for sticking around and being patient while we attempted to solve the issue. Good crowd, especially given the season. Thanks everyone for showing up and glad it was enjoyable.

    Personally, I had a blast fighting with Angelo, mostly. We ended up in the exact same situation in both races. We crossed the line to an announcement of "final lap" both races, nose to tail.
    I pushed him about as hard as I could without running over him, though I do owe one for that "love tap" into the 180 left hand hairpin That was a.....ride, for sure. Nearly lost it, ended up in a HUGE drift all the way through the corner, not sure how I managed to hold on to it. My gear certainly wasn't happy about my roughness in those moments, and few others for that

    In the end, I just couldn't do anything to actually overtake. I was about as aggressive as one can be while keeping it clean. I shoved the nose in a few times trying to force mistakes. Yes, I had some paint trading on my mind...hehe. Never happened though and as much as we fought it was really clean racing. A few times I thought for sure I was going into the rear of Angelo's car as we'd both brake hard into the tighter turns, tossing the cars around. TON of fun. Not sure though, was that a "race" or a drift event? Almost felt like the latter to me.

    Thanks for the hard racing and congrats to Angelo on both wins (at least I captured the second pole...hehe...though, I still didn't top Angelo's fastest lap from quali 1. So, bit disappointed about that)

    Points battle is nice and close. No pressure or anything, to finish well at Curitiba, Brette
    We'll see.

    Curitiba is a blast in these cars. A welcome change from the last two tracks, though I really enjoyed the tight quarters and the technical aspects of both Velopark and Salvador.
    Velopark might not "have any soul", but we damn sure took some to it. Salvador as well.

    Always enjoyable and awesome racing here.
    See you guys next time

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    This was a lot of fun. Lots of drivers showing up on what I think was our toughest track with these cars to date.
    What close fun driving,with no where to pass but to take any advantage on the guy in front of you offers up.
    I drove a safe and conservative race in race 1. Race 2 I messed up by taking 2 gallons of fuel out of the car, made it snap happy at the 1/2 way mark and I was hanging on until I spun then with 3 minutes or so to go I hooked the bumps on that last chicane and killed the engine at the wall.
    What a fun races with different drivers I had.

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    Not a great night for me. Somehow I qualified 6th and knew I couldn't keep up with Joe or Gilles but early on I messed up and they were gone. Marcelo then caught up to me in a hurry but I was able to get away after a few laps. I then spun and ended up getting in Marcelo and a few others way. I got out of the way as fast as I could and I want to apologize for that. I almost caught Frank by the end of race 1.
    Race 2 was a Clusterf&^k for me. I spun myself again and then kept over driving the car trying to catch up. I ended up spinning again and facing on coming traffic. When I tried to get myself turned around I hit the wall and I could hear drivers coming around the corner so I just escaped out. I hope I didn't mess anybody up with my dumb ass.

    I will need to put in more practice for the next event so I don't keep spinning myself.

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    I have to appologise for what happened last night (for me is still today), Tony says he hit me but I didn't noticed, I started to brake for the chicane and felt a big lag, when back to normal I was hitting the rear of the car ahead and a few seconds later a huge thunder shut the power. It's been stormy since then till a couple of hours ago. During the day to switchboard went off for about half a dozen times (conting only the times I went to switch on). It's been a pitty, as not only I was feeling comfortable both with the car as I'm starting to get used to the new driving position on my old new Playseat.

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    Wow, this was one tough track -- I always am intimidated by street courses, because a mistake is usually lethal, and we had a good field show up, as well, making for a lot of action. In race one, I looked in my mirror, saw Jerry catching me, and did everything I could do run good laps. Was to no avail, however, as he stayed with me lap after lap until I finally hit one of the esses in the wrong gear, spinning out of his way. But after a handful of laps, I could see Ronnie up ahead, and thought I'd try to catch up with him. Did so (finally!) and we had us a great race until, with two laps to go, I hit the curb wrong, spinning out of his way. I knew I had a ton of time to get the car pointed in the right direction, so I tried to spin it around. Unsuccessfully. (note to self, turn the damned wheel when you do that, you old fool!). Hit the opposing wall as a result, destroying my front end and giving myself a flat RF. That last lap and a half was true comedy for me.
    In race two, Marcelo Temes and I had a great time, a tight contest, and I only beat him because he hit the gas too hard exiting a turn. Since I'd never raced him, as I had never raced Ronnie either in the previous race, I was grateful that there was so much racing respect shown by everyone involved. (Norm, you'd be proud -- your standards are still upheld, bud!)

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    Since I now have a clutch pedal, I'm not on Auto-Clutch anymore so... I'm missing shifts... almost one a lap.
    So, Long story short, early on, I damaged the car in both races.

    I got myself a barely used G29 for 250 Canadian (185 US). They are 400$ here. Goes great but it's a whole new ball game... re-learning how to drive.

    21st century wheel & pedals!

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