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Thread: Sportscar Trophy - Sebring Post Race

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    Default Sportscar Trophy - Sebring Post Race

    Jason Lundy
    iRacing co-admin
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    I would like to apologize to everyone who heard that unfortunate exchange between James and I during practice. He made a remark, I made a snarky reply and shortly afterward, I left the practice. All of this was the result of a simple misunderstanding between us. He came up on me quickly and I was in the process of following my normal racing line rather than allowing him a little extra room to make a clean pass.

    After I left, James wrote me a very gracious apology and I apologized in return. Certainly the last thing either of us wanted was to spoil everyone's fun with snapping at each other. But the issue between us is resolved with no hard feelings on my end and hopefully on his as well.

    However, I'm reconsidering my participation in this series. I realize that the P1s are in the series for the remainder of the season, but I have a lot of problems with them. In my limited appearances, several times it's only been sheer luck and the skill of the proto driver which prevented a collision with my car. This is my problem because it seems that I require a little more processing time than most to see the car coming up behind me and choose whatever evasive moves might be necessary.

    In the case of the incident this evening, I did not see James' car at all until it was by me. That is not an acceptable situation for cars overtaking me and so I believe it would be best for me to withdraw for the time being. I hope that at the close of the season, the league might consider changing the proto over to a DP. I drove for several hours at the Daytona 24 with no issues because these cars do not have the massive speed difference of the P1.

    I still plan to participate in practices to some extent to keep off the rust and if I feel comfortable racing again, I may return. Thanks again to James for the very nice message, and cograts to the winners.

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    What a night of racing it was for me!

    Practice: Practice is practice and I've learned that you never fully put out what you're capable of during practice sessions. It just make the fast guys faster. Fortunately for you all, this was not what I practiced last night. Haha!

    Quali: I had been practicing offline for the two weeks that we've been off because of the new build release. In early practice, I was able to touch the 1:56 lap times (full league fuel), but barely. I figured that this would be somewhat acceptable for race pace. Then the unthinkable happened, 1:56's were nowhere to be found as the time approached for race night. Even in the session practice the best I could manage was a 1:57.0 and I thought to myself, what happened? Well, fortunate for me in quali I was able to lay down a 1:56 all be it in the upper range as I saw Jason and Jimmy dip down into the mid range. Good enough for 3rd place on the grid (so to speak, until the inverted grid placed me P2 to start).

    Feature Race: The start of the feature race went pretty much as expected for the first few turns. The Puffin boys behind Ricky and me, I was expecting a full on assault of them over-taking us into the hairpin. That didn't happen. So I settled in behind Ricky who was leading the GTE field until the unfortunate bit him and he spun. This put me in P1 with Jason all over me and unrelenting. The good thing about league racing is that you learn to trust the people you race with fairly quickly. Jason's a good chap and races clean and fair so although he was placing tons of pressure on me, I felt relaxed enough to just drive as fast as I could. Jason behind me had me driving well past my limits and that's hard for a guy like me to be on the edge 100% of the time. It's an age thing. Or maybe it's a 50 years old thing. LOL! None the less, the 56's were coming at a steady clip with Jason behind me until on one lap, we had an LMP behind us and overtaking going into "Cunningham" (Turn 10). I went wide to let the LMP by and got into the pebbles on the outer parts of the racing surface and the ole' Ferrari went for a loop allowing Jason to get by.

    This is where things got interesting. Jason started to pull away making me think he may have had some speed in reserve while battling with me. Hmm, let's have a talk about that Mr. Lundy ;-) Then Jimmy, whom we had managed to pull a 20 second gap on while racing early on closes his gap to 4.5 seconds on me. Was I really slowing down that much? I decided to pit more so to get my bearings about me in order and take a break from the high energy I was spending trying to drive the wheels off of the car. Jimmy pitted in right behind me but overshot his pit stall by a bit. Or so it seemed as I thought I saw him back up into the stall. So I took off but Jimmy was right behind me again with a 2.5 second gap. Needless to say, all this going on, I truly started to lose energy and the ability to drive consistently. Jimmy ultimately got passed me then he and Jason started to pull away. I just didn't have anything left towards the end there. For some odd reason and I'm sure he might post what happened, on the penultimate lap, Jimmy slowed and then subsequently disconnected. Was it fuel? Was it hardware? I'm not sure. But his disconnect meant I would inherit P2 for the finish.

    Overall, this was the most fun I've had in a long time on the iRacing service. Aside from the other night in a GT Sprint race where I got spun to last place and had to work my way back up to finish P4, this was by far fun, intense and very rewarding. Thanks for the great time.

    Side note/thought: Last night I noticed that our numbers have dwindled a little bit more. People showing up then not racing or just not showing up at all. Now, I'm not an admin of this league, but am a member and I have to say that I "THOROUGHLY" enjoy racing with you guys each week. And I know we all have real lives to live, however I do also think that when we all made the decision to sign up for this league that we had all anticipated that we would set aside some time on Wednesday nights to come out and race, hang out and just shoot the breeze with each other. I really miss all of the guys coming out to race. I guess what I am saying is if there is anything I can do to help bolster our participation numbers, I'm available to assist. I really like this league and all of it's members. I hope that we can gain some numbers back again.
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    I didn't practice until race night, but thankfully this track comes up often in the IMSA series so I had seat time in the Ford Vacuum Cleaner

    Everyone in GTE was putting down some pretty quick times in practice, but I couldn't put a clean lap together to catch Jimmy. So when I actually did put a good lap (and I still left time on the table, crap) I was shocked to go into P1. I was absolutely sure Jimmy would have bettered it by session's end but it was just enough.

    Once the race got underway in earnest, I kept applying pressure Ken, but he did a great withstanding it. Our pace was very good so there was no need to force the issue, especially with a lot of laps left. Coming out of Sunset about 10 laps in, I got great run on Ken and decided to go down the inside and was past for a moment, but he carried more speed on the outside and maintained his position. Unfortunately, he spun in the marbles. From there I focused on maximum mileage, getting an extra lap out my Ford's tank, which would prove crucial later.

    With just a few minutes to go, I made a stupid mistake braking for Sunset, half-spinning and cutting my lead from 7+ seconds to just 2. Jimmy latched on and put me under pressure. On the final lap, I went way past my brake point, trying to cover any late dives by Jimmy since he usually is better on brakes (no more high friction pads for you!) but got way too loose as I tried trailing off the brakes. Bummer, I thought as my teammate rocketed away. But then, he ran out fuel a few corners later


    As for the season, is it time to eliminate the Prototypes? I really enjoy having them and managing the faster traffic, but with just 2-3 cars in that class, it might more sense to remove them and replace with the 911 RSR.

    Anyways, thanks to all the guys who race week in, week out! The season has been fun for me so far!
    Jason Lundy
    iRacing co-admin
    Never give up, never surrender!

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    Points are updated (qualifying points have been revised, based on low turnout. 5 for first, 4 for second etc.).

    I didn't have much time to practice for this one, even with the extra week. First world problems, so we'll just leave it at that.

    Thankfully, Drew had a setup that required zero adjustment from me and I got some laps in Tuesday night on my own. Sebring is probably my third most familiar track, so that helped, even with it being at night. James hosted a public session that night and I got some much needed practice with traffic.

    I didn't see a whole lot of lap times from sessions, but what I did see made me excited for the race; there were many drivers with similar lap times (and I was one of them!)

    I felt really solid in qualifying, but I left a lot on the table and I was frustrated with that. My optimal for the session was a second quicker than my actual fast lap. (I got some vindication in the race with a PB on lap 9!).

    I was surprised to have started on the outside of row 1, but we have some gentlemen racers and then Peter and Kris appeared to have connectivity issues, necessitating a start from the pits. (Hat tip for the wave-bys). I got a good run on Fred coming out of Le Mans and took the lead for the first lap. I would lead one more before I had a half spin (curse this Audi's disdain for curbs!) in Cunningham and then got sloppy in Tower, too. But that was the last of my adventures. I spent the rest of the race focused on running clean, consistent laps and that's ultimately what I did and I feel pretty great about the race, especially picking up another podium.

    Shout out to Kris for throwing down quick laps and a fast pace. Had it not been for connectivity issues early, he had a shot at class win. Also like to give a nod to Drew for the 0x!

    Congrats to Mr. Tarbox, Lundy and Lidkea for the class wins.


    On a personal note, I quite like the Prototypes, but I understand dwindling numbers might make it hard to run, especially if there are people who do not like them enough to stay away. It's been really disheartening seeing the fields shrink, especially with two of my closest competitors stepping away in the last two races. I miss [all of] you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z_Stig View Post

    Anyways, thanks to all the guys who race week in, week out! The season has been fun for me so far!
    Whole heartedly agree. I really like the challenge and added ingredient of figuring out where to let the proto pass you while keeping up your lap time.
    I'm wondering if those who are having challenges with the protos are not running the Relative black box? As soon as I see a red proto coming I can see how many seconds he is behind and then just gauge the next couple of corners, hold my line and they go flying by. Watching the relative screen you will never be surprised and they will never just come up on you.

    Anyways, great race last night and congrats to all podiums and finishers.
    Couldn't quite find my same pace in qually but half way through the race figured out why and found that speed again. Unfortunately Kris and Peter started from the pits but with the acceleration zone etc. they were able to enter with the green lights and then slot in behind us after T4 rather than wait for us to pass and play catch-up.

    Head down and tried to drive hard and consistent. Didn't have to make any passes, just inherited the lead as those infront had small babbles. Built up enough of a gap I had less pressure entering and leaving the pits and rather than risk it, just filled right back up, so fuel was not an issue.

    Happy to get the win and really Happy Liam continued his podium earnings this year. 3 Can Ams in the top 5!!

    Can't wait for my home track next week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z_Stig View Post
    As for the season, is it time to eliminate the Prototypes? I really enjoy having them and managing the faster traffic, but with just 2-3 cars in that class, it might more sense to remove them and replace with the 911 RSR.
    IMHO, yes, but the P1 drivers should be polled on the question since it affects them the most. And add the Ferrari GT3 to fill the other empty slot.

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    I had no idea what fast was all week, as I was the only one in the group practices I recognized... Like Ken, I was dipping into the 56's, with a 56.5 as my PB in this car/track combo - but I was sure I was at least .5 seconds off someone here because I usually am. Jumped into practice last night and there was a little #1 by my name (albeit by about one hundredth of a second), so I was feeling pretty good about the race. Was a little tired, but I was sure I could shake it off with the adrenaline at start time. Boy was I wrong...


    Fast forward to Lap 1, Tower turn. In all my races at Sebring, night time or day, I've had problems hitting tower turn on lap 1 of a race. I always find a way to hook the corner and lose it in some degree of idiocy. Last night proved no different. I spun, and kept it off the wall, but I was nosed into nowhere, so I fumbled and bumbled to get it righted and going again just in front of the first place GT3 Audi. At that point I was 12 seconds behind Jason, who was chasing Ken like he had stolen his watch. Try as I may, they kept pulling away by some tenths each lap because they were being smart and drafting each other before starting to battle for position.

    Two laps later I caught Ricky's scent. He must have had a spin because he went from P1 to right in front of me really quickly. I chased him for a little bit, noticing he was having some troubles at the exit of LeMans - which I took advantage of a few laps later and got by him. I pulled away a little bit from Ricky, but I had serious trepidations about whether I could contend for the top spot or not. "Just run your race, Jim. Control what you can control and forget the rest." I found my rhythm, set myself mentally for a recovery drive and started to it. I would lose a couple tenths to the tandem ahead - and then I'd find a way to enter what Paul Gerrard calls "zero steer", where the car would 4 wheel drift on apex and slide right to track out with a bit of a flick. I have to admit, that feeling is one of the purest emotions I have ever experienced. My mission in life is to find that feeling in my real car. Absolutely amazing!

    By the time I got around Ricky and pulled a comfortable distance ahead, I spun it again in Sunset Bend. "What an idiot!!" Fighting full-tilt with every fiber of my being, I kept it off the wall a second time - but I was now almost 30 seconds behind the leaders of Jason and Ken. Then fortune struck! Ken has a spin dealing with P1 traffic and the gap dropped back to 5 seconds. I could all-of-a-sudden smell blood in the water and my drive to drive came back instantaneously. "Wear him down, Jim. Patience and pace will get you where you want to be." When my low fuel light came on, I was holding onto a 4 second gap to Ken. I tried to keep a visual with him so I could pit on the same lap and keep the pressure up. Luckily, we hit some GT3 traffic and he decided to pit, so I followed.

    My lollipop guy was inside Ken's bumper, so I wasn't sure where to stop in my box. It was a little far back and I had to pull up, losing about a second, but nothing too major compared to my other shenanigans. I took fuel and came out about 2.5 seconds behind Ken, and only 9 seconds behind Jason!! "Race on!", I thought. I was reeling in Ken by a couple tenths a lap, and there was enough time to be pragmatic about my pass. Two spots on the track I was gaining: The 2-3-4 complex, and in LeMans. Both led to straights, but the hairpin was a much better draft opportunity for me, as I could make that stick easier than through Sunset. I ended up starting a run into the hairpin, and continuing all the way down to tower corner - sticking the outside and sealing the deal to get around Ken. Superb drive man, I'm not sure I could have held out in front of Jason as long as you did. Well done to stay ahead so long! You are a force out there.

    Just before I was able to navigate around Ken, Jason had a bobble and ended up right in front of us again. Because of that, Ken and I were gaining a bit and with 7 minutes to go I was 1.2 seconds behind 1st place. "Boy have we come a long way!!", my inner monologue shouted, trying not to jinx my recovery drive. I kept finding little personal moments of greatness and managed to close the gap to just .2 seconds going into the last lap.

    Final Lap, T1:

    Expecting to fight Jason with everything I had to try and pressure him I broke early into one hoping to close in the short chute. I saw Jason has a pretty wide line into 1 all night, but this time it seemed excessive. He radioed to let me know he got loose, and I had just lucked into my first main race win of the season. "Alright Jim!! Way to effing go! You plowed through adversity, and through the competition to triumph through a track you love but, hates you in return." I am Jack's swollen sense of pride and accomplishment. I put it in cruise mode and started winding my way one more time through the airfield... When seemingly out of a nightmare, I hear a sputter and find a significant loss of power...

    "No, this can't be...", followed by the rest of the stages of grief flashing by in about 2 minutes flat.

    I came ill-prepared with data to the race, used Jason's fuel numbers, and padded his numbers for just in case reasons like what happened. I have no idea how, but I ran out of fuel for the second time this season. The first time was at the line @ the Glen, and luckily I finished without ruining my race. This time, not so lucky. It not only cost me two positions - but pretty much put me on the chopping block for any hope of a championship contention. I'm beside myself upset right now. It's one thing to make a mistake during a race when tensions are high and emotion can drive decision. There is no excuse for poor planning and failure to implement a game-plan.

    FWIW Paul, You don't have to apologize to us for working out stuff with James over the mic. We are all in there to live with and learn from each other. Stick to your guns when you have an opinion, and be willing to accept others' and nobody will judge you. I think I"m the most offensive SOB in voice comms at any given time (and I apologize for speaking like a sailor to parents, children, and SO's of our racers in advance if anyone is using speakers... ) so don't feel like you're causing problems for anyone. We all had a discussion about the actual incident and came to an amicable conclusion after everyone reacted and calmed down, so please feel free to stay in the conversation next time!

    I know Paul Darling said he was sick last night, but that's still only 3 drivers that are showing up regularly in the P1 class. I hate to ask them to step down from that class, but at this point I think we need to have the discussion of whether it's more harm than good for us to keep the class around... Then have the discussion about if that change is made, how do we mitigate loss of points and transition those drivers fairly to a lower class.
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    This fuel calculator might be of good use to you and others.

    Kutu Apps

    Fuel Calculator

    Requires you to run the server.exe while using the web based fuel calculator. It speaks to you during the race. Nothing for you to do but enter the fuel number it spits back at you. I have used this fuel calculator without ever having a fuel shortage for about 8 months now.

    It gives you:
    1. Fuel usage per lap in liters or gallons (It reads what unit of measurement you're using from iRacing)
    2. Laps left for fuel in tank
    3. Amount of fuel needed at pit stop

    You can also set it to announce right at the start/finish line or as I do, 15 seconds afterwards so as not to interfere with my spotter. There are choices of different voices, etc. also. You can play with the settings by clicking the little cog wheel in the top right of the fuel calculator window.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackcat77 View Post

    In the case of the incident this evening, I did not see James' car at all until it was by me. That is not an acceptable situation for cars overtaking me and so I believe it would be best for me to withdraw for the time being.
    Paul do you run with your 'Relative' Black Box on? I have a button mapped which allows me to scroll through all of the black boxes - even though 99% of the time I just leave it on the Relative screen. With this I can always see when a prototype is coming up to lap me and 'get myself ready' for a pass. They will always show up in red on the screen with their distance behind you so you will know how approx. how soon until they are passing you.

    Do you also run with the virtual mirror? I find it also really helps keeping any surprises away. Anyways just trying to help, as I have not had any issues with them passing. I stick to the racing line and just make them go around. Any incident s I have viewed has always been because the GT goes off the racing line and the promo is already going there to get by and they contact. Just my 2 cents.

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