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    A bit over a month ago, I found out about the online iRacing racing team, Overtake Motorsports (OverTake Motorsport Team Page), chose to apply as a driver, and was accepted with a completely understandable and respectable 1 month probationary period.

    During this month, I've received some fantastic help with setups and driver coaching that has resulted in me being on the cusp of getting 3,000 oval iRating in iRacing and has led to me being more competitive than ever in official oval series events to the point where I feel like I can achieve that elusive first oval official win.

    More importantly, I've met some fantastic individuals that share a ton of camaraderie and are always glad to help with whatever needed for the team to succeed as a whole. They motivate me every day to perform the best to my ability and this has made racing in iRacing that extra bit more special.

    Earlier this week, I was given the fantastic news that I have passed this probationary period and am now a fully-fledged driver for the Overtake Motorsports Online Sim Racing Team. Needless to say, I'm overjoyed that I have been given this opportunity and can't wait to see what the future holds.

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    Congratulations, Mark on earning the respect of your peers. Always a good thing, and certainly part of why you and I are both here at CMS too.

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    Nice job Marc!
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