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Thread: Time Trail: June - Assetto Corsa - Feldbergring - Porsche 908LH

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    Good time, and congrats, Christopher.
    Never did get time to log any more laps but without time to tweak and test I was close to my threshold anyways.

    Looking forward to this month's time trial and will be watching to see what is to come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Snow View Post
    ...sure! Just as soon as you share all your "Rocket Start Off the line" settings and tips...!

    Nah, just kiddin'.

    Lessee...the first thing I did was stiffen up the diff to 70/70...which was too much, so I eventually backed it off to 50/50.

    Second...I think I softened the springs on all four corners to deal with the bumps...

    Next...probably backed the brake bias toward the rear until it started to go around too quickly. I think I'm around 53/52 (front).

    [I kept the same gearstack as the default, that I do remember]

    Lessee...I probably upped the tire pressures at both ends a pound or two (not clear yet with AC on what my target should be here) 27F/29R? Pretty close to that, I think...

    ALLIGNMENT: This is where I probably made the biggest difference. I reasoned that this was time-trial and not a distance run (and so I'm not, nor is my team paying for the tyres/tires) I went with a toe in that got me about +.20 at the rear. I also reasoned that the three slow left hand hairpins were the three key corners and that it was therefore important to circle each of them as quickly as I aligned the front wheels to -.10 or a bit more, the same way I had often done in rFactor1. So: -0.10 F, +0.20 R. Pretty similar to what I might have done for rF1.

    Then on top of that I also stiffened up the rear ARB (roll bar) to the max...(I think I ended up with max rear, mid front) going along with the theory that, when dealing with a bumpy track, you stiffen the rollbars and soften the springs as much as you can get away with.

    There is probably something else I've forgotten, but that's about it for now....


    So let's hear about your startline clutch control and slider settings....

    Given that I may be the single worst (relatively competent otherwise) sim-racer in history coming off the line, I can use even the barest raw bone you are willing to throw my way.

    I STINK (coming off the line)! And am badly in need of deodorant!!!
    Thanks for the info, I'll try to reproduce your setup and give it a shot.

    As for the start tips, I really don't do anything special, I clutch in and put it in first gear after the 2nd red light, full throttle when the last red light comes on, my eyes on the lights and release the clutch as soon as the lights go off.

    The only thing is that I make sure that the gearing is set up optimally for the start.

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