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Thread: Opala '86, Velopark (Round 3) Penalties

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    Default Opala '86, Velopark (Round 3) Penalties

    Review Final

    Previous Penalties
    - T Boynton -- NQ
    - M Tenes -- NQS&G
    - R Soucy --- NQ
    - Tyler Alan 2-race probation (pending)

    Penalties Served This Race
    - T. Boynton served his penalty.
    - R. Soucy failed to serve his penalty. Severe Warning , driver has to serve in next race or will be DQ'ed from results.

    RACE 1

    Formation Lap

    No issues


    - G Lalonde -- 4 wheels off exiting T2, safe re-entry, Caution
    - J Hamilton -- 4 wheels off exiting T2, safe re-entry, Caution
    - J Regan -- loss of control exiting T3, causing minor contact w/ E Bomfin (no damage). Severe Warning for car control.

    RACE 2

    Formation Lap

    - J. Miller, Caution for stalling on the grid and delayed start.


    - R Soucy, 4 wheels off exiting T2, safe re-entry, Caution

    Penalties Summary

    - M. Tenes NQS&H
    - R. Soucy NQ w/severe warning has to serve penalty next race
    - J. Regan Severe Warning
    - Tyler Alan 2-race Probation​ (pending)
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